Fourth Quarter 2020 Highlights:

• Orion Starwall Off to an Encouraging Start with over 300 Games Installed as of December 31, 2020

• Domestic Active Unit EGM RPD Increased 8% Year-Over-Year to Approximately $27

• Installed Base of Industry-leading Table Game Progressive Products Increased by 127 Units Sequentially

• Received our Provisional Michigan i-Gaming Supplier License in December and AGS Content Currently Live

• Generated Positive Operating and Free Cash Flow for the Second Consecutive Quarter

• $111.7 Million of Available Liquidity as of December 31, 2020

LAS VEGAS, March 4, 2021 - PlayAGS, Inc. (NYSE: AGS) ("AGS", "us", "we" or the "Company") a designer and developer of equipment and services solutions for the global gaming industry, today reported financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2020.

AGS President and Chief Executive Officer David Lopez said, “2020 was a year full of unprecedented challenges, the likes of which required the unwavering commitment of a passionate, loyal, and hardworking team to successfully overcome. To that end, I am extremely honored by and thankful for the tireless efforts put forth by so many of our AGS team members to ensure we not only survived the COVID-19 pandemic, but put ourselves in a position to emerge a stronger, more resilient company.”

Lopez added, “Looking beyond the many challenges faced throughout the year, one of the bright spots, to the extent there was one, is that the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the pace of life. As a company, we used this time to refine our strategy and improve our operating efficiency, with a keen focus on three key areas; people, product, and processes. As a result, I believe we are better positioned today to achieve success across all three of our business segments than at any other point in our company’s history.”

AGS Chief Financial Officer Kimo Akiona added, “I am incredibly proud of the way our team came together throughout 2020 to face the unprecedented operational and financial hurdles introduced by the spread of COVID-19. Not only were we able to nimbly streamline our business to preserve liquidity at the onset of COVID-19, but we opportunistically shored up our balance sheet in May and successfully ramped operations as our casino operator partners gradually brought their businesses back online. As I look ahead to 2021, I believe our strong liquidity position, improving product portfolio, and organizational alignment position us to achieve improved financial performance”

Fourth Quarter 2020 Financial Results

• During March and April and continuing through mid- to late-May, nearly all of our customers closed their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the actions taken by governments and businesses to contain the virus. COVID-19-related measures continued to impact our customers’ businesses throughout the fourth quarter, pacing the majority of the year-over-year declines in the metrics presented above, including revenues, (loss) income from operations, net (loss) income, and Adjusted EBITDA.

• Consolidated revenue totaled $46.6 million compared to $77.8 million in the 2019 fourth quarter, representing a year-over-year decrease of 40.1%. The year-over-year decline reflects the COVID-19 pandemic’s negative impact on our customers' operations and, subsequently, our gaming operations revenue and EGM unit sales.

• We estimate approximately 90% of our 16,268-unit domestic installed base was active as of December 31, 2020. Internationally, we estimate approximately 36% of our 7,985-unit installed base was active as of December 31, 2020.

• Gaming operations revenue, or recurring revenue, totaled $40.0 million compared to $51.6 million in the 2019 fourth quarter. The year-over-year gaming operations revenue decrease reflects the impact of COVID-19 on our EGM and Table Product recurring revenue streams, partially offset by higher Interactive segment revenue, as compared to the prior year. Recurring revenue comprised 85.7% of our total revenue compared to 66.3% in the prior year, reflecting the relative resiliency inherent in our gaming operations business.

• Our 2020 fourth quarter net loss of $17.2 million declined as compared to net income of $1.4 million in the 2019 fourth quarter. Lower net income year-over-year reflects the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our operations, coupled with higher interest expense related to our incremental debt financing, which we closed upon in May 2020.

• Total Adjusted EBITDA (non-GAAP)(1) decreased to $21.3 million compared to $37.3 million in the 2019 fourth quarter. A year-over-year decrease in our EGM adjusted EBITDA, which we largely attribute to the impact of COVID, was partially offset by higher adjusted EBITDA in our Table Products and Interactive segments, as compared to the prior year’s quarter.

• Total Adjusted EBITDA margin (non-GAAP)(1) decreased to 45.7% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to 47.9% in the prior year, reflecting the impact of normalization in our operating cost base to support the anticipated recovery in our revenues from post-COVID lows.

(1) Adjusted EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA margin are non-GAAP measures, see non-GAAP reconciliation below.

EGM Quarterly Results

Domestic Gaming Operations (2)

• Domestic gaming operations revenue totaled $34.1 million, compared to $41.6 million in the prior year’s quarter. The year-over-year revenue decline reflects the impact of COVID-19-related capacity restrictions and casino closures and, to a lesser extent, a decline in our installed base compared to the prior year period.

• As of December 31, 2020, nearly all our customers' properties in the United States and Canada were reopened, with most operating under some type of capacity limitation. We estimate that more than 14,500, or approximately 90%, of our domestic EGMs were active at the end of the 2020 fourth quarter.

• Our domestic EGM installed base decreased by 2,100 units year-over-year, primarily due to the strategic pruning of approximately 1,200 lower-yielding Integrity units. Additionally, approximately 500 lower-yielding IL VLT units were removed from the base in the fourth quarter of 2020 as part of a planned end of lease term sale. Excluding the Integrity and IL VLT removals, our installed base decreased by approximately 350 units year-over-year, predominantly driven by COVID-19-related floor reconfigurations.

• Domestic EGM revenue per day ("RPD") decreased to $23.26 compared to $24.97 in the prior year period, reflecting the impact of EGMs that were not active in the quarter and thus did not contribute to EGM revenue, but were included in the calculation of RPD.

• Excluding EGMs that were not active during the period, Domestic EGM RPD increased 8% year-over-year to approximately $27, supported by growth within our premium-leased unit installed base, the strategic pruning of lower-yielding units, a resilient core gambling customer, and reduced supply of active EGMs.

International Gaming Operations

• International gaming operations revenue decreased to $1.8 million compared to $6.0 million in the prior year period. The year-over-year decline reflects the impact of measures implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as temporary casino closures and capacity restrictions, on our business. Additionally, in contrast to the United States, Mexico has not provided any type of fiscal stimulus to support its post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

• We estimate approximately 36% of our international EGMs were active at the end of the quarter. Mexico continues to require operators to follow strict protocols that include deactivating adjacent machines and cleaning machines after each is played.

• Our international installed base decreased by 512 units year-over-year as a result of permanent casino closures in Mexico and COVID-19-related floor reconfigurations.

Equipment Sales

• EGM units sold decreased to 283 units in the fourth quarter of 2020, primarily attributable to business disruptions related to COVID-19 as noted above and reduced customer budgets for EGM purchases. Additionally, we faced a softer new opening and expansion calendar, as compared to the prior year.

• Domestic ASP remained stable at $18,035 compared to $17,833 in the prior year period.

• We sold units into 17 U.S. states and one Canadian province, with Virginia, Nevada and California emerging as our top three sales markets.

• The Orion Curve accounted for 37% of units shipped in the quarter.

Product Highlights

• Installed an additional 246 premium, lease-only Orion Starwall games, increasing our installed base to over 300 games at quarter end. Starwall games continue to perform well and operator interest remains steady.

• Installed over 175 Orion Curve cabinets in the quarter, increasing our total footprint to over 370 units as of December 31, 2020.

• Completed our first sale of Historical Horse Racing (“HHR”) units into the Virginia HHR market.

(2) "Domestic" includes both the United States and Canada.

Table Products Quarterly Results

• Gaming operations, or recurring, revenue totaled $2.4 million compared to $2.7 million in the prior year’s quarter. Capacity limitations and other restrictions implemented at casinos to help combat the spread of COVID-19 negatively impacted the year-over-year comparison.

• Continued growth across all product categories, including side bets, premium table games, table equipment and, most notably, progressives, drove a 13.0% year-over-year increase in our installed base. We estimate approximately 80% of our installed base was active at quarter end.

• Equipment sales revenue increased 81.7% compared to the prior year period. The year-over-year improvement reflects an increase from sales of protective VisiDeal Shield plexiglass player dividers and other parts to help our casino customers operate safely in the current environment.

• Our installed base of table game progressives grew to over 1,500 units, representing a year-over-year increase of 235 units and quarterly sequential growth of 127 units.

• Interest in our all-inclusive site license offering, the AGS Arsenal, continues to build as our customers look for additional ways to improve operating efficiency. We were live with six licenses as of December 31, 2020.

Interactive Quarterly Results

• Total revenue increased 27.0% year-over-year to $1.7 million, while Adjusted EBITDA totaled $0.3 million, marking a $0.7 million improvement versus the prior year.

• Interactive achieved positive Adjusted EBITDA for the fourth consecutive quarter. Continued growth within our real-money gaming ("RMG") business and consistent social gaming performance, coupled with cost savings from the restructuring of our social business in prior periods, helped to drive improved profitability within the segment.

• RMG revenue increased 49.8% year-over-year, supported by the continued introduction of our EGM content into the European RMG market, our fourth quarter 2019 launch into the New Jersey market, and our second quarter 2020 launch into Pennsylvania. We also believe COVID-19 stay-at-home measures supported our quarterly performance.

• In December 2020 we received our provisional Michigan i-Gaming supplier license and our content is currently live within the state.

Liquidity and Capital Expenditures

As of December 31, 2020, we had $111.7 million in total liquidity compared to $43.2 million at December 31, 2019. The total principal amount of debt outstanding, as of December 31, 2020, was $622.5 million, predominantly comprised of $621.1 million in first lien term loans, which mature in 2024.

As a precautionary measure to increase the Company’s cash position and facilitate financial flexibility in light of uncertainty in the gaming industry at the time resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, in March the Company borrowed $30.0 million under the revolving credit facility and in May issued an additional $95.0 million in term loans. In connection with the new term loans, the Company negotiated a financial covenant relief period through December 31, 2020 related to its net first lien leverage ratio financial covenant and implemented a revised calculation of EBITDA to be used in the net first lien leverage ratio for the first three quarters of 2021. In October, we elected to fully repay the $30.0 million previously drawn down on our revolving credit facility.

Total net debt, which is the principal amount of debt outstanding less cash and cash equivalents, as of December 31, 2020 was $540.8 million compared to $520.6 million at December 31, 2019. Our Total Net Debt Leverage Ratio increased from 3.6 times at December 31, 2019, to 7.5 times at December 31, 2020, see Total Net Debt Leverage Ratio Reconciliation below(3).

Capital expenditures decreased by 19.1% year-over-year to $14.1 million in the current period, in line with our plans to conservatively manage the use of our cash and only invest in those projects that will provide the highest return on our investment. The current quarter capital expenditures were primarily comprised of $3.4 million in intangible capital expenditures, including capitalized internal software development costs, and $8.7 million in growth capital expenditures, which reflects costs associated with the placement of additional units into our leased installed base.

(3) Total Adjusted EBITDA and total net debt leverage ratio are non-GAAP measures, see non-GAAP reconciliation below.

Complete release with spreadsheet is posted at

Fantini Emerging Insights
Interviews with the Gaming Industry’s Leaders
PRESS RELEASE of March 3, 2021                                             
Legendary gaming innovator and American Gaming Association Hall of Fame
member John Acres discusses the next wave of technology he is
bringing to the industry and his plans to take Acres Technology public.
Acre’s interview:

Previous videos in the Emerging Insights series feature
Rush Street Interactive CEO Greg Carlin, Bluberi CEO Andrew Burke,
Eclipse CEO Tim Minard, Galaxy Gaming CEO Todd Cravens,
Entercom CEO David Field, Tekkorp CEO Matt Davey and
Axes Network CEO Earle Hall.

This is an ongoing service and more videos will be posted throughout the year.

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IGT PlaySports Retail and Mobile Technology Earns Critical State-Wide Approval


LONDON – March 3, 2021 – International Game Technology PLC (“IGT”) (NYSE: IGT) announced today that it is positioned to expand its sports betting enterprise in Nevada with the recently achieved Nevada regulatory approval for its PlaySports platform for retail and online sports betting. With this approval, IGT’s next-generation sports betting technology stack is approved for deployment throughout the State, enabling more casino operators and their players to benefit from the most widely used sports betting platform in the U.S.

“Achieving Nevada Regulatory Approval for our PlaySports technology enables IGT to extend our sports betting expertise to our many, long-time customers throughout the State and notably differentiates IGT from many other B2B sports betting platform providers,” said Enrico Drago, IGT PlayDigital Senior Vice President. “IGT’s PlaySports platform is equipped with a high-performance betting engine that delivers an exceptional player experience, an integrated Player Account Management module that enables operators to drive player acquisition and retention through bespoke offers and promotions, and a modular design that enables our PlaySports customers to scale their offering with new market opportunities.”

IGT initiated the required Nevada field trial process for its PlaySports technology at Boyd Gaming properties in August 2020 and is currently powering Boyd Gaming’s entire sports betting enterprise in the State.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 – Inspired Entertainment, Inc (“Inspired”) (NASDAQ: INSE) is pleased to announce it has partnered with Playtech plc (LSE: PTEC) to integrate more than 100 of its best-known online and mobile game titles into the Playtech Games Marketplace.

Bolstering Inspired’s games distribution network, this partnership will enable Inspired to make its key games available to Playtech’s growing list of licensed operator customers via the Playtech Open Platform. Offering seamless configuration, the Playtech Games Marketplace will provide licensees with access to Inspired’s premium content on one unified platform.  It also offers operators a breadth of valuable insights and actionable intelligence to create the optimal player experience.

Serving content for an array of player tastes and preferences, the integration includes a diverse range of Inspired’s premium online and mobile games. Under the agreement, the collection of games includes more than 100 of its highly popular, legacy titles as well as its most recent high-performing games, such as: Reel King Megaways™, Centurion Megaways™, Gold Cash Free Spins™, Bonus Island™ and Vegas Cash Spins™, among others.

Claire Osborne, VP of Interactive at Inspired, said: “Playtech is a leading technology company in the gaming industry. It offers Inspired an exciting opportunity to increase our distribution network and brand exposure among a very valuable audience, across new and existing strategic markets. With plans to deliver more of our top titles throughout this year and beyond, we look forward to building a long and prosperous relationship with Playtech.”

Andrew Muir, Commercial Manager at Playtech, said: “Inspired’s growing portfolio of innovative online and mobile games content will undoubtedly strengthen our games offering. We have a growing list of customers across numerous markets whose content requirements differ significantly, from varying themes and graphics to mechanics and general gameplay. Inspired’s content covers multiple bases that will boost our customers’ games rosters across all our regulated markets. We’re thrilled to be adding Inspired to our flourishing list of distinguished content partners.”

To view Inspired’s growing collection of online and mobile games, head here:

The original Fu Dai Lian Lian™ Dragon and Panda game versions are player favorites and proven performers. Now Aristocrat Gaming™ is giving the fun a boost with new games on a new cabinet: Fu Dai Lian Lian Boost Peacock™ and Boost Tiger™, both on the MarsX™ Portrait cabinet.
Boost Peacock and Boost Tiger raise the bar on innovation again with a combination of three metamorphic features with true persistence – another industry first from Aristocrat. Three bags – Prosperity, Longevity, Jackpot – are shown prominently under the jackpot displays. Symbols on the reels fill each bag, adding to the excitement of achieving a mystery bonus.

While they share the three metamorphic features with true persistence mechanic, each game has unique features for wide player appeal. For example, Boost Peacock focuses on improving the win values of features, while Boost Tiger focuses on improving feature frequency.
Players chase the mystery boost bonuses: Prosperity, Longevity, and Jackpot. In Boost Peacock, Prosperity Boost offers 150-line free games with wild stacks and reel growth. Longevity Boost offers free games with x5 wins. In Jackpot Boost, players collect jackpot name letters to win that jackpot.

In Boost Tiger, Prosperity Boost offers 100-line free games with mystery wilds. The Longevity Boost feature has free games have a 2x or 3x multiplier. In Jackpot Boost, players collect jackpot name letters to win that jackpot.
Boost Peacock and Boost Tiger are medium-high volatility with frequent feature frequency, have group selectable denom, and a 50-lines configuration.
Jackpot levels are grand, major, minor, and mini, and Boost Peacock and Boost Tiger link to existing Fu Dai Lian Lian games for added cross-floor excitement.
For information, contact your Aristocrat representative at (702) 270-1000.

March 2, 2021

Fourth Quarter:
- $885 million in revenue and $96 million in operating income from continuing operations includes highest Global Lottery revenue and profit performance in two years
- Cash from operating activities of $255 million; combined free cash flow of $191 million in line with prior-year level
- Net loss of $220 million, includes $155 million non-cash foreign exchange loss; combined Adjusted EBITDA of $321 million driven by high profit flow-through of Global Lottery same-store sales growth and benefit from cost-saving actions

Full Year:
- 2020 revenue from continuing operations of $3.12 billion reflects resilience of Global Lottery, including double-digit same-store sales growth in North America in the second half of the year and growing contribution from Digital & Betting activities
- Cash from operating activities totaled $866 million and combined free cash flow was $576 million, among the highest levels in five years
- Reduced net debt by $71 million as reported, $433 million excluding unfavorable foreign currency impact

"The solid results we achieved for this pandemic-impacted year have given us momentum into 2021. They are a result of the vision, agility, and discipline of the IGT team as well as the distinct advantages of our diverse portfolio," said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT. "We also made important strategic progress. The Company undertook a comprehensive reorganization to sharpen our focus on our core competencies and drive structural operational efficiencies. This provides a clear path to increasing shareholder value as we build on our leadership positions with a stronger revenue and profit growth profile."

"We generated $866 million in cash from operating activities during the year, among the highest level in five years, primarily driven by resilient Global Lottery performance and rigorous cost and invested capital controls," said Max Chiara, CFO of IGT. "Liquidity improved more than $300 million to over $2.7 billion. As a leaner, stronger Company, we expect leverage to return to pre-pandemic levels in the next 12-18 months."

Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Key Highlights:

Generated $866 million in cash from operating activities and $576 million in combined free cash flow during 2020; cash flow performance especially strong in the back half of the year
Achieved $500 million in 2020 temporary cost savings/avoidance
Launched OPtiMa business efficiency program and accelerated timing with $200M+ in targeted savings to be achieved in 2021
Implemented a simplified global organizational structure focused primarily on two business segments: Global Lottery and Global Gaming
Announced agreement to sell Italian B2C gaming businesses for €950 million

Global Lottery:
Delivered highest quarterly segment-level revenue and Adjusted EBITDA in two years in the fourth quarter; full year same-store sales up 7% in North America including the strongest annual growth for instant tickets and draw games in seven years
Awarded long-term contracts with the Czech Republic, Poland and Nebraska lotteries following competitive bid processes in 2020
In 2020, signed two-year contract extensions with the New York, Tennessee, and Minnesota lotteries; seven-year contract extensions with Western Canada Lottery Corporation and, more recently, with the Jamaica lottery

Global Gaming:
Sequential stability in Global Gaming revenue and profit in the fourth quarter; KPIs stable to improving
2020 product highlights: growing acceptance of cashless solutions with Resort Wallet™ launched at Resorts World Catskills and, more recently, obtaining Nevada regulatory approval; entered Historical Horse Racing market; launched Peak family of cabinets
Strong double-digit growth in Digital & Betting for the year
Fourth Quarter 2020 Financial Highlights:

The Company's B2C gaming machine and sports betting activities in Italy have been classified as discontinued operations due to the pending sale of these businesses. Unless otherwise noted, results presented in this release are from continuing operations.

Fourth quarter results reflect the continued, global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Total revenue of $885 million compared to $1.04 billion in the prior-year period

Global Lottery revenue totals $630 million, up 11% from the prior year
Double-digit same-store sales growth in North America with a return to growth in Italy
Reduced by $19 million catch-up adjustment for unspent advertising in Italy
Global Gaming revenue of $255 million, down 46% from the prior year
Impacted by pandemic-related casino closures and operating restrictions
Sequential stability with the third quarter supported by stable to improving KPIs
Digital & Betting service revenue rose nearly 55% compared to the prior year; overall increase of 4% includes impact of non-recurring software sale in the prior year
Operating income of $96 million, up from $40 million in the prior year

Goodwill impairment of $99 million in the prior-year period
High profit flow-through of Global Lottery same-store sales growth
Global Gaming impacted by pandemic-related decline in revenue
Benefit of disciplined cost-saving actions across segments
Net interest expense of $101 million, in line with prior-year period

Provision for income taxes of $73 million compared to $2 million

Higher valuation allowances on deferred tax assets in the current period
Income taxes paid of $51 million versus $77 million in the prior year
Net loss attributable to IGT was $242 million versus $168 million, driven by higher non-cash foreign exchange losses, primarily on Euro-denominated debt instruments

Net loss attributable to IGT per diluted share of $(1.18) compared to $(0.82)

Adjusted EBITDA of $295 million versus $365 million in the prior year

Net debt of $7.32 billion compared to $7.39 billion at December 31, 2019; reduced $71 million as reported, $433 million excluding unfavorable foreign currency impact

Full Year 2020 Financial Highlights:

Year-over-year comparisons reflect the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Total revenue was $3.12 billion versus $4.03 billion in the prior year

Global Lottery revenue of $2.16 billion, down 6%, demonstrating remarkable resilience
Global same-store sales stable
Steep recovery in second half driven by double-digit North America same-store sales growth
Global Gaming revenue was $951 million, down 45%, as the pandemic caused protracted casino closures and operating restrictions around the world
Operating loss of $107 million compared to operating income of $478 million in the prior-year period

Impact of lower revenue
Goodwill impairment of $296 million in the current year compared to $99 million in the prior year
Benefit of disciplined cost-saving actions across segments
Net interest expense of $398 million versus $411 million in the prior year, on lower average cost of debt

Provision for income taxes of $28 million versus $131 million in the prior year

Pre-tax loss in 2020 compared to income in 2019, in addition to higher valuation allowances on deferred tax assets in 2020
Income taxes paid of $89 million compared to $197 million in the prior year
Net loss attributable to IGT was $898 million compared to $19 million in the prior-year period, driven by higher non-cash foreign exchange losses, primarily on Euro-denominated debt instruments, and goodwill impairment

Net loss attributable to IGT per diluted share of $(4.39) versus $(0.09)

Adjusted EBITDA totaled $1.01 billion compared to $1.45 billion

Cash from operations was $595 million compared to $907 million in 2019, relatively resilient despite pandemic impact, on solid Global Lottery financial results and diligent invested capital management

Capital expenditures of $255 million versus $377 million in the prior year, reflecting focus on cash cost savings during the pandemic

Cash and cash equivalents of $907 million as of December 31, 2020, versus $655 million as of December 31, 2019

Cash and Liquidity Update

Total liquidity increased over $300 million compared to December 31, 2019, due to strong cash flow generation
At December 31, 2020, liquidity totaled $2.72 billion, comprised of $907 million in unrestricted cash and $1.82 billion available under revolving credit facilities

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Comparability of Results

All figures presented in this news release are prepared under U.S. GAAP, unless noted otherwise. Adjusted figures exclude the impact of items such as purchase accounting, impairment charges, restructuring expense, foreign exchange, and certain one-time, primarily transaction-related items. Reconciliations to the most directly comparable U.S. GAAP measures are included in the tables in this news release. Constant currency changes for 2020 are calculated using the same foreign exchange rates as the corresponding 2019 period. Management uses non-GAAP financial measures to understand and compare operating results across accounting periods, for internal budgeting and forecasting purposes, and to evaluate the Company's financial performance. Management believes these non-GAAP financial measures reflect the Company's ongoing business in a manner that allows for meaningful period-to-period comparisons and analysis of business trends. These constant currency changes and non-GAAP financial measures should however be viewed in addition to, and not as an alternative for, the Company's reported results prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP.

New program enhances operator efficiencies, player safety

LONDON and LAS VEGAS, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC ("IGT") (NYSE: IGT) and Scientific Games Corporation ("Scientific Games") (NASDAQ: SGMS), today announced that they have signed a cross-licensing agreement for patents related to cashless slot gaming technologies. Under the agreement, Scientific Games and IGT will be able to offer patented cashless gaming technologies from the companies' combined portfolios of casino management systems solutions to the U.S. gaming industry. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

As a result of this agreement, operators will now be able to unlock the industry's most compelling portfolio of cashless gaming technologies. By combining the strongest features of each Company's cashless gaming patent portfolio, IGT and Scientific Games are providing a solution for the gaming industry to quickly increase adoption of cashless technology.

"This cross-licensing agreement provides casino operators access to the gaming industry's most compelling portfolio of cashless gaming technologies. We have made significant R&D investments over many years to develop this comprehensive suite of intellectual property in the cashless space. It makes revolutionary improvements to the player experience and represents the greatest advancement in cashless payments since the introduction of Ticket-In, Ticket-Out (TITO)," said Renato Ascoli, IGT CEO Global Gaming. "Cashless gaming is here to stay, and this strong portfolio of cashless IP can help casino operators ensure the safety of players by reducing cash handling and points of contact with slot games, while considerably improving casino operating efficiencies."

"At Scientific Games, we continue to find ways to extend the benefits of our innovative cashless technology. This new program allows SG and IGT to combine our leading IP for the benefit of our customers, and our industry," said Matt Wilson, CEO, Gaming Business Unit Scientific Games. "Consumers are increasingly comfortable using cashless technology, and they will continue to expect this option to be available on the floor. We're excited to partner with IGT to make it easier for operators to deliver for their players."

Through the agreement, each company will have immediate access to the other party's cashless gaming patents.  

Annual Recurring Revenue Per Unit is Estimated to be at least $1,500 per year.

HAMDEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 1, 2021-- TransAct® Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TACT) (“TransAct” or “the Company”), a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, today announced that it has secured a new BOHA! ® agreement with a regional convenience store operator. The company expects to deploy the BOHA! system to over 40 locations in support of their privately-branded and third party fresh food offerings.

“TransAct’s BOHA! Solutions have rapidly become an industry leader for c-store operators as they continue to expand into freshly prepared & pre-packaged foods,” said Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies. “We are thrilled to have another customer recognize the immense power of the BOHA! platform, and look forward to working and growing with them.”

The complete system deployment will initially include the BOHA! Terminal, BOHA! Labeling Software, and proprietary BOHA! labels. TransAct estimates total annual recurring revenue per unit (“ARPU”) will be at least $1,500 per year, with one-time hardware revenue sales of at least $900 per location.

BOHA! is the first single-vendor solution to combine applications for Food Safety Labeling, Temperature Monitoring of Food and Equipment, Inventory Management, Timers, Food Recalls, Checklists & Procedures, Equipment Service Management and Delivery Order Management in one integrated platform. Each BOHA! solution combines cloud-based SaaS applications with hardware and accessories to deliver superior results for critical back-of-house operations. BOHA! offers a one-stop solution for restaurants and food service companies to address their current back-of-house operating requirements while providing a future-ready platform capable of addressing back-of-house operations.

For more information on the Company’s BOHA! ecosystem, please visit

IGT and Big Time Gaming pair iconic Wheel of Fortune slots brand with proven Megaways mechanic to create dynamic game for online and mobile slots players

LONDON, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC ("IGT") (NYSE: IGT) announced today that it has successfully rolled out the highly anticipated Wheel of Fortune® Megaways™ slots game on IGT PlayDigital's online game delivery platform.

Wheel of Fortune Megaways first launched in New Jersey, where the game set new performance records and drove significant player acquisition and retention for IGT's customers. Earlier this week, IGT also launched the game in approved jurisdictions throughout Europe, with additional go-lives planned for 2021 in online gaming jurisdictions around the world.

The Wheel of Fortune Megaways game was built specifically for online and mobile play, and pairs the most popular slots theme of all time, Wheel of Fortune slots, with Big Time Gaming's (BTG) highly successful, patented Megaways game mechanic. The action-packed game joins the IGT PlayDigital library of more than 140 exciting PlayCasino games that entertain online and mobile players.

BetMGM was among the first online casinos in New Jersey to offer IGT's Wheel of Fortune Megaways, developed by BTG. The game quickly became one of the online casino's most popular games in New Jersey based upon 2021 bets placed.

"BetMGM is committed to delivering a consistent, world-class gaming experience to our players. Since the addition of Wheel of Fortune Megaways to our gaming offering, it has catapulted to the top of our performance charts," said Matthew Sunderland, BetMGM VP of Gaming. "Particularly in combination with the Megaways mechanic, the quality and attraction of the Wheel of Fortune slots brand remains appealing to players across the United States."

"Big Time Gaming was honored to collaborate with the IGT PlayDigital team to bring the Wheel of Fortune Megaways online slots game to life," said Nik Robinson, Big Time Gaming CEO. "Applying Big Time Gaming's leading slots mechanics and pioneering game design to the iconic Wheel of Fortune slots brand that IGT has cultivated for more than two decades was an exceptional experience that resulted in a superior game."

"In partnership with Big Time Gaming, IGT PlayDigital created a spectacular online game by combining the legendary Wheel of Fortune slots brand with the Megaways game mechanic, which offers players one million ways to win in the Free Spins bonus," said Enrico Drago, IGT PlayDigital Senior Vice President. "In a time when digital gaming growth is critical to so many IGT customers around the world, delivering unique games such as Wheel of Fortune Megaways helps our customers drive performance and differentiate their game portfolios."

Wheel of Fortune Megaways is a six-reel, high volatility game that gives players up to 117,649 ways to win and an impressive one million ways to win in its Free Spins feature. During the title's base game, players have the chance for any wild symbol to morph into a Wild Megastack™ that is comprised of up to seven wilds that collectively can fill the entire reel. The vibrant game leverages familiar Wheel of Fortune sounds, symbols and imagery and gives players the chance to enjoy a new take on the player-favorite WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE! Wheel Bonus.

For more information and to watch Wheel of Fortune Megaways gameplay visit

The CEO of Australian slot machine giant Aristocrat Leisure Ltd, Trevor Croker, has revealed the company will roll out new responsible gameplay technology into the domestic market before the end of March after receiving approval from some state regulators.

Providing a detailed outlook for the year ahead to investors during Aristocrat’s Annual General Meeting on Friday, Croker said regulators in the Australian states and territories of New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT have now approved the first games to incorporate “Flexiplay” technology, which it plans to roll out during the current quarter.

“Flexiplay” allows players to voluntarily set time limits and quarantine winnings from being played down via the timer and piggy bank functions, he explained.

“We are preparing to place the first of these games in market in the first quarter of this year,” Croker said. “Our customers have been very supportive of ‘Flexiplay’. We look forward to learning more from the release of ‘Flexiplay’ and to applying the lessons to further product-based RG innovations in future.”

According to Croker, this second generation of responsible gameplay feature, which follows on from Aristocrat’s original “Bluegum” EGM product, was trialed in 2019 before recently gaining regulatory approval.

“Aristocrat is proud of our track record of investing in the development and testing of machine-based responsible gaming features,“ Croker said.

“This is just one example, but it speaks to Aristocrat’s approach in this complex area. We seek to lead, we strive to work collaboratively with customers and other stakeholders, and we focus on bringing forward commercially viable options that enhance player empowerment and choice.”

On the occasion of the SAGSE 2020 Awards, NOVOMATIC proudly won the award for the
“Best Electronic Roulette” as well as the “Best Land-based Progressive”.

Alan Burak, Vice President of Monografie, said: "The SAGSE Awards 2020 recognize last year’s
most outstanding companies, which have led this industry’s journey towards recovery. The whole
gaming industry has shown its strength, and adaptability based on social responsibility, health and
safety measures, and above all, innovation in every aspect: This is and will be the comprehensive
boost for the main players of the sector.”

The SAGSE Awards are based on an independent industry jury of over 2,500 votes from customers
and industry participants all over Latin America. 30 categories comprise the diverse industry
segments including land-based, online and lotteries, as well as many other industry players such
as media and gaming labs. This year’s award ceremony took place within the framework of the
SAGSE powered Play’n GO event at the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo on February, 24th.
NOVOMATIC was among the proud winners, with awards for the “Best Electronic Roulette” offering
including the NOVO UNITY™ II, Lotus Roulette™ and single player Pinball Roulette™ as well as
for the hugely popular THUNDERCASH™ Link as the “Best Land-based Progressive”. Both are
player favourites across the Latin American region.

Max Bauer, NOVOMATIC V.P. LATAM & Caribbean, said: “It makes me particularly proud to see
this recognition, knowing first-hand how diligently our teams in each country worked with our
customers to find the best configuration, placement and promotions for our THUNDERCASH™

Congratulations also came from the Austrian headquarters from the newly appointed V.P. Global
Sales, Jakob Rothwangl: “My congratulations and thanks to all our LATAM teams for their hard
work and dedication.”

Karen Sierra-Hughes Named Top Leader in Land-based and
Online Gaming Categories

LAS VEGAS (February 25, 2021) – Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) has been named Best Laboratory in the SAGSE Awards 2020. Additionally, GLI’s Vice President of Latin America & Caribbean Karen Sierra-Hughes was named a Top Leader in the Land-based and Online Gaming categories.
According to event organizers, the SAGSE Awards 2020 celebrate and honor the companies that have excelled in the past year, leading the industry's path to recovery. Winners were chosen via online popular vote.
“We are grateful to our industry peers for naming GLI the winner of the Best Laboratory category in the SAGSE Awards 2020, and we congratulate Karen for being named a Top Leader in both the land-based industry and online gaming categories,” said GLI President/CEO James Maida.

“During this challenging time for the world and for our rapidly changing industry, every GLI team member around the world continues to work hard every day to give our clients the confidence and critical local insight needed to explore new markets. We are honored and indeed humbled to be recognized by our industry peers for our work. We join our industry partners in being particularly grateful to Karen for her outstanding leadership in the dynamically changing and exciting Latin America and Caribbean region where she and her team has been known as the ‘go-to-people’ for the critical information needed to enter the LatAm gaming markets,” he added.

The SAGSE organization is well-known for the quality of the events they produce and for the many years they have dedicated to supporting the Latin American industry, especially during these unprecedented times where their virtual events brought us all together to keep us informed and hopeful for the future.

Late last year, GLI was named Best Test Lab in the Baltics and Best Test Lab in the Nordics in the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards 2020. Also, Sierra-Hughes received Latin American Gaming Hall of Fame’s prestigious Recognition Award at the 2019 Juegos Miami gaming conference and was listed in the 2019 iGaming Business Magazine´s 10 Most Influential Women List. In Latin America, the Caribbean, and around the world, GLI helps you meet your goals, plain and simple. No matter the platform, geography, or unique challenge, GLI gives you the assurance and guidance you need.? Get started at

Thursday, 25th February 2021 – Inspired Entertainment, Inc (“Inspired”) (NASDAQ: INSE) is pleased to announce the launch of Top ‘O’ the Bonus™, a classic Irish-themed 6×4 reel, 50-line slot game, available online and on mobile devices.

Giving players a chance to experience the luck of the Irish, Top ‘O’ the Bonus boasts elements of a classic slot with Inspired’s unique Free Spins bonus accumulator feature.

With its vibrant and colourful reels, the game’s bonus round is triggered by three or more scatters. Landing the bonus activates the “Pick Me” feature, revealing the Top ‘O’ the Bonus amount up to x100. The player then enters the Free Spins game with sticky wilds, which will accumulate wins until the player achieves a single win of greater than or equal to the Top ‘O’ the Bonus amount.

Claire Osborne, VP of Interactive at Inspired, said: “Top ‘O’ the Bonus has evolved from Inspired’s top performing fruit-themed classic, Big Bonus™. With its highly popular Irish theme and rich graphics, Top ‘O’ the Bonus has a solid math profile that we know players love. It features our innovative free spins bonuses to create an exciting, highly interactive and an entertaining experience for players, just in time for St. Patrick’s day!”

Top ‘O’ the Bonus is a medium volatility game with a return to player (RTP) rate of 95.61%, aimed at the casual casino player.

Head over to Inspired’s website to sample Top ‘O’ the Bonus here:

For all of Inspired’s other online and mobile games, head here:

Iconic Las Vegas Strip property converts to state-of-the-art CMS connecting slots, table games, and retail point-of-sales

LONDON, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC (IGT) (NYSE: IGT) announced that it is replacing a competitor's system with its state-of-the-art IGT ADVANTAGE® Casino Management System (CMS) at the iconic Circus Circus hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

"Circus Circus has continuously focused on delivering entertaining experiences for our guests, and our conversion to the IGT ADVANTAGE CMS will modernize our gaming floor, significantly streamlining our operations and helping to enhance patron loyalty and the overall player experience," said Stephan Angeles, Circus Circus Vice President of Finance. 

"By converting to the IGT ADVANTAGE system, Circus Circus is enhancing its efficiency and performance, while also ensuring long-term capacity for future growth as gaming technology and player preferences continue to evolve," said Ryan Reddy, IGT Senior Vice President of Global Product Management for VLT, Systems and Payments. "Our flexible, modular system, which easily integrates with third-party solutions, will transform Circus Circus' gaming technology infrastructure, helping them to grow their business while intensifying their focus on delivering highly engaging experiences to their patrons."

The IGT ADVANTAGE CMS leverages nearly three decades of performance in the field to help drive business outcomes and improve operational efficiency. The Circus Circus deployment, planned for Q2 of 2021, will connect all 1,100 machines as well as table games, and will integrate with the property's food and beverage, retail point-of-sale and hotel management systems.

The IGT ADVANTAGE CMS core delivery will include Patron Management, a powerful tool for building customized events and promotions; Machine Accounting, which streamlines and simplifies reporting; the EZPay ticketing solution; and Cage and Table Accounting.

The deployment will also include implementation of IGT's NexGen player tracking hardware, offering players a means to view account information, messaging, awards, and bonusing applications.

For more information, visit Follow IGT on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at, or watch IGT videos on YouTube at

Australian slot machine developer Ainsworth Game Technology Limited (AGT) has entered into a new five year US$35 million secured credit facility with the US-based Western Alliance Bancorporation, with the majority of the proceeds already used to pay down other debt.

Ainsworth said Friday that it has used US$28 million of the new facility to “extinguish all Company obligations under the prior revolving credit facility with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ Bank).“

The company’s United States subsidiary, Ainsworth Game Technology Inc, is listed as borrower of the new facility with its parent firms AGT Pty Ltd and Ainsworth Game Technology Limited serving as guarantors.

More information will be provided when the company releases its results for the six months to 31 December 2020 this Thursday. Ainsworth revealed earlier this month that it expects to report a loss of around AU$14 million (US$10.8 million), having previously recorded a loss of AU$43 million (US$33.8 million) for the year ended 30 June 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.
Investor Insights

Best Ideas from the Best Investors

PRESS RELEASE February 18, 2021


Penn Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Eric Green is a successful gaming investor with an eye for value and overlooked ideas.

Green shares his best ideas in an Investor Insights video interview produced by Fantini Research and sponsored by Global Payments Gaming Solutions.

Among Green’s best ideas:

• GAN, a platform provider positioned to capitalize on the growth in online gaming and sports betting.

• Golden Entertainment is a Nevada-focused casino, slot routes and tavern operator with a $20 stock yet likely to generate $4 a share in free cash flow next year.

• Bally Corp, a fast-growing regional casino operator also positioned to capitalize on sports betting and iGaming.

Green’s full interview:

Green’s interview is the second Investor Insights video. The service debuted last week with an interview with renowned investor Jason Ader, which can be viewed at

Investor Insights completes the portfolio of Insights video interviews - each offering a special perspective to investors and gaming executives.


CEO Insights, sponsored by International Game Technology features CEOs of leading gaming companies offering outlooks of their companies and for the industry. These interviews are posted at

Emerging Insights, sponsored by Everi Holdings, features CEOs of emerging companies and examines up-and-coming trends and technologies. All of the videos can be seen at

Public Policy Insights, co-presented with Spectrum Gaming and sponsored by Gaming Laboratories International, features leading regulators, legislators and others key to developing public policy for the gaming industry. These videos are at


For more information, contact Associate Publisher Ashley Diem at +1 302 730 3793 or

LAS VEGAS (February 18, 2021) – Advanced technology for players, operators, and slot techs combines with a new compelling game library to create an out-of-this world experience in Aristocrat Gaming’s™ all-new cabinet, the MarsX™ Portrait.
The original MarsX™ was a breakthrough in cabinet design and instantly became a favorite of players and operators alike. Now, with the MarsX Portrait, Aristocrat has created a new picture of innovation.

Advanced technology
MarsX Portrait boasts a wealth of advanced technology that creates a more intuitive and fun gaming experience. Gen9 components drive MarsX Portrait’s ability to spin fast, and the action plays out on the 43” curved ultra high-definition monitor, tall enough to allow for exciting growing reels action. And while the action may be hot, the MarsX Portrait never is, thanks to a specially designed chimney that redirects heat quietly away from both the player and critical components.
Technology for players
MarsX Portrait gives players an experience they have been craving. The curved screen is a 4k display capable of showing 16.7 billon colors for unsurpassed visuals. Sight meets sound with MarsX Portrait’s 4.1 Spatial KineticSound that creates a perfect soundscape for every game’s unique journey. A virtual button deck has a dynamic bash button and wireless USB charging. Players will also love the portrait’s game action, including growing reels, Cash on Reels, Hold & Spin, and multiple jackpot levels.
Technology for operators and slot techs
Operators and slot floor staff will appreciate MarsX Portrait’s super hi-def toppers and vibrant wedges that create visual destinations and attract players. Slot techs will love several innovations that are a dramatic leap forward in cabinet design. The virtual button desk is constructed of Corning’s Gorilla Glass® for a near indestructible quality, and the bash button design allows for quick and easy in-field replacement. The front door is positioned on hydraulic hinges, a patented electro-mechanical latch provides greater security with an embedded optic coupler, and a secondary power switch is located on the front of the cabinet door. MarsX Portrait addresses BVs and printers with dedicated cash drop doors, and a pop-up track for ticket printers.
Innovative new game library
Aristocrat created a new games library specifically for the MarsX Portrait, leading with three new game families. The Cash Across™ family was created for core players who thrill to the excitement of big wins, reel expansion, and jackpot potential. Launch titles are Horses of Helios™ and Savanna Lion™.
The player-favorite Fu Dai Lian Lian™ gets an added persistent boost mode to enhance the fun in FU DAI LIAN LIAN BOOST PEACOCK™ and FU DAI LIAN LIAN BOOST TIGER™.
The fun and excitement is tripled in the new Triple Grand Fortunes™ family of games with game titles Triple Grand Fortunes™ Fu Grand™, Triple Grand Fortunes™ Lu Grand™, and Triple Grand Fortunes™ Shou Grand™.

Dazzling Merchandising Package for Company’s Orion Portrait™ Cabinet Offers Operators Affordable Premium Package that Adds Dramatic Attraction and Game Immersion

LAS VEGAS – February 18, 2021 – AGS’ Starwall x Orion (“Starwall”) immersive video canvas reached a milestone this month, surpassing 350 games at 55 casinos across North America, delivering an affordable, premium integrated merchandising solution and Starwall-specific game content for the Company’s high-performing Orion Portrait slot cabinet.

AGS started taking orders for the Starwall in the spring 2020, and despite the global pandemic, the product has consistently performed above expectations and has won two innovation awards – the Silver Medal for ‘Best Slot Product’ in the 2019 Gaming & Technology Awards, and the Gold Award in the ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards 2020’.

AGS Senior Vice President of Sales Adam Whitehurst said, “The Starwall is an absolute showstopper, recognized by operators for its ability to activate just about any area of a casino floor with its vibrancy, its game synchronization, and its ability to deliver a theater-like experience to players. Whether it is installed in the middle of a casino or along a wall, the Starwall illuminates the casino floor.”

A first-of-its kind, the Starwall combines hundreds of direct-view LED tiles to create a seamless video backdrop measuring 8 ½-feet wide by 8 ½-feet deep. Fitting sleekly and securely with three-packs and six-packs of premium Orion Portrait games, the Starwall adds attraction through high-impact motion graphics and celebratory animations complementary to the game theme.

AGS launched the Starwall in Class III and Class II markets with its new 88 Tian Lun™ family – starting with Jade Wins Deluxe® and Golden Wins Deluxe®. The game titles offer the same proven player-favorite features that have made the classic Jade Wins® and Golden Wins® casino-floor top performers, while adding a thrilling bonus wheel.

And the Company is developing a robust library of follow-on Starwall titles, including new 88 Tian Lun titles Grand Ox Wins™ and Piggy Wins™, followed by Lucky Panda™ and Phoenix Magic™. Another new family, Golden Dragons™, will debut later this year, featuring AGS’ first player-selectable multi-denomination games.

Whitehurst said, “We are excited about the early Starwall performance and are confident that this is just the beginning of the potential for this product, with a strong lineup of new follow-on game titles and our development team’s focus on adding even more immersion and interaction with game-play from both a visual and audio perspective.”

NOVOMATIC continues the transformation begun last year by restructuring the Sales and Production Departments. All sales units are, effective immediately, bundled under Jakob Rothwangl's management, and the entire Production Department is now centrally managed by Walter Eschbacher. The focus is on increasing efficiency and amplifying synergy potential.

NOVOMATIC Executive Board Member Ryszard Presch underscores the decision: “We are using this pandemic to improve internal processes, and are restructuring the Production and Sales Departments as part of the transformation process we began last year. We are pleased to have Jakob Rothwangl and Walter Eschbacher, both experienced, long-term managers at NOVOMATIC, take over leadership in these important segments, and are certain their work will guarantee continuity and efficiency.”

The Global Sales Department will, in the future, focus on new customer acquisition and increasing international networking activities, while also improving upon the already excellent customer care for existing internal and external customers. The Production and Logistics Department will, for the first time, consolidate the Production, Purchasing, Logistics, and Custom Manufacture Departments for the electronics, joinery, printing, and plastics manufacturing segments, allowing for faster, more efficient processes.

Jakob Rothwangl, VP Global Sales NOVOMATIC AG: “I would like to say thank you for this wonderful new challenge and for the trust placed in me as I accept this opportunity to reorganize and optimize Group Sales. The top priority is to maximize customer satisfaction by developing and selling high-quality products and services perfectly matched to the needs of our customers and their markets.”

Walter Eschbacher, Director Production & Logistics NOVOMATIC AG: “The new Production & Logistics Department consolidates closely connected segments into a single department in order to react even more quickly to changing market requirements. My focus will be on establishing new production processes and making use of synergy potentials in order to shorten delivery times and therefore guarantee that the company and its Austrian production locations remain competitive.”

Jakob Rothwangl left the banking sector to join the NOVOMATIC AG Group in 2008. He worked for NOVOMATIC in the USA where, together with experienced industry managers Jens Halle and Rick Meitzler, now CEO of NOVOMATIC Americas, he helped to set up the sales organization as part of market entry in the Americas. As the Managing Director of NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions GmbH, Rothwangl was also heavily involved in implementation of a comprehensive restructuring program within that company. In 2019, he returned to NOVOMATIC’s headquarters where, among other things, he serves as Managing Director of a subsidiary and leads a variety of international projects.

Walter Eschbacher joined NOVOMATIC in 2012, and, as an authorized signatory, is responsible for the Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing, and IMS Departments. The Procurement Department and warehouse logistics processes were modernized under his leadership. In addition, the introduction of an IMS within the company led to an increase in material synergies between quality, environmental, and occupational safety management. The successful implementation or introduction of ISO certifications for quality, environment, and occupational safety, leading to a significant reduction in accidents at work at Gumpoldskirchen and other locations, was achieved under his leadership. Before joining NOVOMATIC, Eschbacher was a successful manager for well known Austrian corporations, including Liebherr Austria Holding and ENGEL Austria GmbH.

Contract with leading provider of gaming machines extended for further five years    


MOTO, the UK’s largest motorway service operator, is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with Playnation, part of Inspired Entertainment, a leading provider of gaming machines, who will continue to provide its entertainment services across all MOTO sites.   


Playnation has a long-standing relationship with MOTO, providing customers with some of the best adult gaming machines across the motorway service infrastructure. Given the success of this partnership and the proven popularity of their products, MOTO is pleased to extend this relationship for a further five years. Playnation will embark upon a full product refresh to upgrade their existing gaming offering and systems to enhance the customer experience.  


Peter Davies, Managing Director of Playnation at Inspired Entertainment adds:   


“We have a strong and long-lasting relationship with MOTO, and we are thrilled to renew our partnership. MOTO is a leader in their sector, and we are excited to continue to build our collaborative and strategic relationship that will bring best-in-class hardware, platform, content and innovation to the UK motorway service infrastructure.”    


 Nick Tatum, Moto Hospitality’s Chief Customer Officer commented: 


Moto are delighted to extend our current partnership with Playnation.  


Playnation offer a first-class product and service model and we look forward to providing our customers with leading products and game content across our motorway locations. 

LONDON – Feb. 17, 2021 – International Game Technology PLC (“IGT”) (NYSE:IGT) announced today that its omnichannel Powerbucks® Slots awarded back-to-back life-changing jackpots in January. Within hours of each other, two lucky online slots players won a combined total of more than CA$2.5 million in top prizes playing Wheel of Fortune® Exotic Far East on Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s

On Jan. 20, the first online Powerbucks slots player won CA$1,582,205 and a few hours later, another player hit the jackpot for CA$1,002,272.

“These back-to-back jackpot wins are unprecedented for IGT’s Powerbucks link, and the fact that these two players won playing the same game in the same online casino adds to the excitement,” said David Flinn, IGT Regional Vice President Canada, South and Central America. “Since going live in Ontario a little over a year ago, IGT’s award-winning Powerbucks link has awarded six million-dollar-plus jackpots to players. As the world’s first omnichannel wide area progressive game, Powerbucks continues to engage online players, build significant jackpot liquidity and deliver big wins to players throughout Canada.”


“It’s thrilling for us to be able to say players have won many prizes including these life-changing jackpots with IGT’s Powerbucks progressive,” said Wilma Chan, OLG Vice President of Product Management. “As Ontario’s only regulated online casino, we are proud offers a wide range of exciting games with industry leading customer processes such as play limits, where all proceeds benefit Ontario.”

IGT’s Powerbucks links the jackpot prize pool between gaming machines found in casinos with games available on mobile devices and desktop computers. Powerbucks slots has paid 24 jackpots of $1 million or more since its Canadian debut in 2016.

Seamless integration with IGTPay™ funding gateway offers players secure access to bank accounts for online, mobile, and land-based cashless gaming

LONDON – Feb. 16, 2021 – International Game Technology PLC (IGT) (NYSE: IGT)
announced that its subsidiary, IGT Global Solutions Corporation (“IGT”), has extended its
agreement with supplier Global Payments Gaming Solutions (“Global Payments”) to continue
enabling guaranteed Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank funds transfers through seamless
integration with IGT’s proprietary IGTPay™ payment gateway. The agreement extends IGT’s
previous agreement with Global Payments to a minimum term of five years.

Once a player registers with Global Payments’ VIP Preferred® service via IGTPay, they can
transfer funds digitally between their bank account and Cashless Wagering Account in a single
step, without having to enter their information for each transaction.

“Our solutions drive industry-leading gaming experiences,” said Christopher Justice,
president, Global Payments Gaming Solutions. “This agreement enables IGT to access our
VIP Preferred network, the industry’s premier way to provide gaming patrons easy and
convenient access to funding via bank accounts, providing a seamless and frictionless way to
access cash for gaming. More than 3.5 million patrons rely on Global Payments’ VIP Preferred
for simple, secure, and responsible play.”

“Players are more likely to embrace cashless technology when the experience is simple,
convenient, and offers a wide range of funding sources, including direct, secure access to their
bank accounts,” said Ryan Reddy, IGT Vice President, VLT, Systems and Payments
Products. “As cashless adoption continues to grow in the gaming industry, we’re proud to offer
Global Payments’ trusted and proven service to our customers and their patrons as an
integrated feature of our proprietary IGTPay funding gateway.”

Global Payments, which processes approximately $5 billion in transactions each year, provides
IGT with one of four types of funding sources available to players through the IGTPay gateway.
In addition to bank account access, players can also access credit card, debit card, and eWallet
accounts to fund their Cashless Wagering Accounts. The IGTPay solution can include support
from IGT’s experienced Payments team, which provides all aspects of payment-related

IGT’s relationship with Global Payments began in 2016 as a digital funding transfer method for
IGT’s iLottery product offering. The relationship expanded in 2018 through its integration with
the IGTPay online payment gateway for its digital PlayLottery offering and has since expanded
across IGT’s digital verticals. It is now also available for land-based cashless gaming through
IGT’s turnkey Resort Wallet™ product suite, part of the IGT ADVANTAGE® casino management
system product family.

IGT’s Resort Wallet solution offers two flexible variations of IGT’s cashless offering for landbased casinos: cardless and carded. The player’s PIN-protected Cashless Wagering Account
can fund both variations either digitally through bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and
eWallets via IGTPay, or through cash deposits at the casino cashier, kiosks and slot machines.
With Resort Wallet cardless cashless, players use a mobile app to access their Cashless
Wagering Account, tap their smartphone on a slot machine to card in, and transfer funds
electronically to the game. For carded cashless, players use a loyalty club card to access their
Cashless Wagering Account, insert their card into a slot machine, and transfer the funds into the
game. Funds in the Cashless Wagering Account are securely maintained for the next play
session or property visit, and players can also transfer funds between slot machines onsite, as
well as between a casino’s other properties.

For more information, visit Follow IGT on Facebook at,
follow us on Twitter at, or watch IGT videos on YouTube at


About IGT
IGT (NYSE:IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We deliver entertaining and responsible gaming
experiences for players across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines
and Lotteries to Sports Betting and Digital. Leveraging a wealth of compelling content,
substantial investment in innovation, player insights, operational expertise, and leading-edge
technology, our solutions deliver unrivaled gaming experiences that engage players and drive
growth. We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and
regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the
highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has approximately 11,000
employees. For more information, please visit

About Global Payments Gaming Solutions
Global Payments Gaming Solutions, a division of Global Payments (NYSE: GPN), enables the
world’s gaming entertainment leaders to create amazing consumer experiences and maximize
spend across all of their physical and digital properties. Their complete suite of payment
solutions enables safe, secure and trusted cash access at the cage, on the casino floor, or
online. Learn more at


Inspired to Offer Retail and Online Virtuals through CAGE Sports to the Caribbean

NEW YORK and BETHESDA, Md.Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired Entertainment, Inc. ("Inspired") (NASDAQ: INSE) announced today it has entered into an exclusive agreement with The CAGE Companies (An RLJ Companies Majority Owned Company) and its subsidiary, CAGE Sports BV, to offer Inspired's multi-award winning virtual sports in CAGE's retail outlets and interactive channels throughout the Caribbean. CAGE is a prominent video lottery and video gaming terminal operator in the Caribbean and South America.

Inspired will provide its V-Play Plug & Play™ ("VPP") online and mobile product solution to CAGE's interactive channels through online platforms and its best-in-class virtual sports to retail venues throughout the Caribbean starting in 2021. VPP includes multiple custom sports variants for CAGE customers, including virtual cricket, which Inspired will be introducing for the first time as part of its VPP solution given the popularity of cricket in the Caribbean.

"The CAGE Companies have established themselves as the Caribbean's premier gaming route operator and Robert L. Johnson is a true visionary. We are looking forward to working with them and extending our partnership to deploy our leading content into the market," said Brooks Pierce, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inspired. "Our virtuals have proven popular in EuropeAsiaAfrica and North America and we see the Caribbean as an opportunity to showcase the strength of our overall offerings."

CAGE and its affiliates can also sublicense the products to third-party operators in the Caribbean.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer Inspired's leading virtual sports to our customer base in the Caribbean, providing an engaging betting experience and further complementing our sports betting business," said Robert L. Johnson, Founder of The RLJ Companies and Co-Founder and Majority Owner of the CAGE Companies. "With Inspired's virtuals, and cricket in particular, our customers' favorite sports seasons don't have to end and our retailers can enjoy the financial benefits of the extended season."

"We look forward to starting up our virtual sports operations in a number of Caribbean countries where CAGE Sports has existing licenses or management agreements during the late first quarter/early second quarter 2021," said Robert B. Washington, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of the CAGE Companies. "We are also excited about partnering with Inspired in creating new 'Caribbean Legends of Cricket' virtual sports games which we believe will create customer excitement in the Caribbean community and beyond," stated Robert B. Washington.

Inspired's pioneering virtual sports are popular worldwide, appealing to a wide variety of players through more than 40,000 retail channels and 100+ websites in 35 countries. Trailers and demos of the latest virtual sports offerings are available at

Facilities management extension includes ongoing delivery of draw-based and instant tickets system, lottery terminals, and associated services

LONDON, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC (IGT) (NYSE: IGT) announced that its subsidiary, IGT México Lottery, S. de R.L. de C.V. ("IGT"), has extended its agreement with La Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública ("LOTENAL"), Mexico's national lottery, to continue providing an integrated draw-based/instant ticket system, draw-based lottery terminals, a communications network, and additional lottery products and ongoing services. The agreement, effective Dec. 20, 2020, extends IGT's contract with the lottery to March 2, 2022.

"For the Lotería Nacional, the extension of the contract with IGT contributes to the certainty and security that we offer to our clients in a year of great challenges for all of us, which has also been a year of transition and internal transformation," said Mario Caballero Luna, LOTENAL Chief of Advisors.

"For more than three decades, IGT has provided our Lottery customer in Mexico with the expertise, technology, and services it has needed to generate results, which ultimately benefit social and health programs," said Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Lottery. "As LOTENAL navigates this transformational period, IGT's innovative, reliable, and proven technology will continue to be a key driver of its evolution."

IGT's ongoing services to LOTENAL include lottery game transactions and instant ticket distribution across 8,200 terminals nationwide. It also includes continuous development of new B2B retail channels; installation, repair, maintenance and monitoring of its total base of lottery terminals; retailer training; field service; call center operations and hotline management; a fixed-odds sports betting retail network; and marketing support to further enhance LOTENAL's overall product and game portfolio.

In 2019, LOTENAL merged with Mexico's Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública lottery, and the combined new organization retained the LOTENAL name.

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Fantini Research adds to the Insights video series with launch of Investor Insights, sponsored by Global Payments Gaming Solutions and Jason Ader as first interviewee.

NEWS RELEASE - February 11, 2021

Renowned investor Jason Ader of SpringOwl Asset Management inaugurates Investor Insights, the latest addition to Fantini Research’s portfolio of Insights video interviews focused on the gaming industry.

In his 20-minute interview, Ader discusses his highly successful approach to investing, his new SPAC, 26 Capital Acquisition, the SPAC phenomenon itself and his best investment ideas in gaming.

Investor Insights is sponsored by Global Payments Gaming Solutions, a division of Global Payments Inc.

“The heart of Fantini Research has always been serving investors, and it is appropriate that we inaugurate Investor Insights with one of the most successful value investors of our generation,” Fantini Research CEO Frank Fantini said.

“We are also proud to welcome Global Payments Gaming Solutions as a sponsor. As Jason says in his interview, payments is a growth industry, and we recognize Global Payments as a leader in that space,” Fantini said.

“High-quality investment opportunities play an important role in inherently moving the gaming industry forward,” said Christopher Justice, president, Global Payments Gaming Solutions. “As a trusted market leader, Global Payments is always pleased to work with Fantini to help identify investment opportunities to benefit the industry’s leaders, regulators and legislators and advance the industry. We are proud to co-sponsor Fantini’s Investor Insights series, kicking off with Jason Ader, a renowned investor and former Wall Street Analyst at SpringOwl.”

Ader’s interview is the first for Investor Insights in which accomplished investors present their best ideas. “We expect Investor Insights will become an important service to investors,” Fantini said.

Ader’s interview can be viewed at

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Public Policy Insights is co-presented with Spectrum Gaming. Industry leaders, regulators and key legislators discuss emerging legislation and regulation in gaming. Public Policy Insights is sponsored by Gaming Laboratories International. Interviews can be viewed at

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Partnership with Exacta Systems creates IGT growth opportunity, elevates gaming in Commonwealth

LONDON, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC ("IGT") (NYSE: IGT) announced today that it recently expanded its position in the growing historical horse racing (HHR) segment with the Company's first historical racing machine (HRM) deployments in Virginia. Through a distribution agreement with Exacta Systems, IGT is providing players at Peninsula Pacific Entertainment-owned gaming venues throughout Virginia with HRM-versions of their favorite IGT video slot themes such as Fortune Coin®, Solar Disc™ and Red Hot Tamales! ® on the Company's proven CrystalCurve® and CrystalDual® 27 cabinets.

"As the historical horse racing segment continues to grow across the U.S., Exacta Systems is thrilled to partner with leading content provider IGT to ensure that players have access to the highest caliber game content and cabinets in the market," said Jeremy Stein, Exacta Systems CEO. "The recent deployment of IGT's historical racing machines in Virginia introduces a compelling, casino-style entertainment experience that is new to the Commonwealth and will help drive growth for our customers."

"IGT's distribution agreement with Exacta Systems enables us to pursue exciting new growth opportunities like those offered in Virginia's expanding historical horse racing market," said Nick Khin, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Gaming. "With IGT's performance-tested content and proven hardware portfolio, we can offer a steady stream of new HHR experiences that engage players and elevate the profile and success of the entire HHR gaming segment."

"Introducing IGT's exceptional HRM content and cabinets to our gaming venues throughout Virginia has been a welcomed addition to the quality of entertainment that we can offer our players," said Aaron GomesPeninsula Pacific Entertainment Chief Operating Officer. "As we look to drive growth and differentiate our offering, IGT's video slot-style HRM games captured our players' attention and brought some of the gaming industry's most popular slot themes to our gaming floor."

Virginia joins Kentucky as the second jurisdiction where IGT has deployed its HRMs.

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Annual Recurring Revenue Per Unit is Estimated to be at least $2,000 per year.

HAMDEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 11, 2021-- TransAct® Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TACT) (“TransAct” or “the Company”), a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, today announced that it has secured a new BOHA!® agreement with an international convenience store operator. The company expects to deploy the BOHA! enterprise system to over 350 locations in support of the rollout of their fresh food offering, and will eventually expand into over 650 locations across the US and Canada.

“We are looking forward to supporting our new customer and growing with them as they scale to achieve their fresh food goals,” said Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies. “Our BOHA! solution is the perfect tool to reduce the time and cost required to meet FDA compliance with grab ‘n go food, and this win is a great example of TransAct’s ability to quickly implement and grow the BOHA! system to meet an operator’s current and future needs.”

The complete system deployment will include the BOHA! Terminal, BOHA! Labeling Software, proprietary BOHA! labels, and TransAct Care. TransAct estimates total annual recurring revenue per unit (“ARPU”) will be at least $2,000 per year, with one-time hardware revenue sales of at least $650 per location.

This international convenience store operator is also expected to test the BOHA! Inventory and BOHA! Food Prep software in order to reduce food waste and improve operating margins. The company expects to begin trials of the additional software in the second quarter of 2021.

BOHA! is the first single-vendor solution to combine applications for Food Safety Labeling, Temperature Monitoring of Food and Equipment, Inventory Management, Timers, Food Recalls, Checklists & Procedures, Equipment Service Management and Delivery Order Management in one integrated platform. Each BOHA! solution combines cloud-based SaaS applications with hardware and accessories to deliver superior results for critical back-of-house operations. BOHA! offers a one-stop solution for restaurants and food service companies to address their current back-of-house operating requirements while providing a future-ready platform capable of addressing back-of-house operations.

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LAS VEGAS (February 9, 2021) – Fantini Research and Spectrum Gaming Group are delighted to welcome Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) as sponsor of Public Policy Insights, the leading series of video interviews addressing important, emerging issues affecting the US gaming industry.

“The heart of public policy in gaming is integrity. GLI is the industry leader in assuring integrity of products and services through its testing and certifications programs worldwide. Their participation with Public Policy Insights will help us all advance the cause of providing vital and timely information and understanding to industry leaders, regulators and legislators throughout the country,” Fantini Research CEO Frank Fantini said.

“We have long worked with GLI and its team of industry-leading professionals and having GLI’s support for this endeavor will go a long way toward advancing our collective goal of promoting best practices in public policy,” said Spectrum Managing Director Michael Pollock.

“In this changing time for gaming and the world, regulators, suppliers, and operators are exploring new platforms and technologies. GLI works hard to inform and advise on new gaming regulation and opportunities. We are proud to partner with Fantini Research and Spectrum Gaming Group to help bring the most current, valuable knowledge and data to policy-makers and to the gaming industry to help them navigate the future with confidence,” said Kevin Mullally, Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel at GLI.

Public Policy Insights was launched by Fantini Research and Spectrum Gaming in January with a series of video interviews looking into the legislative and regulatory outlook for this year.

The videos can be viewed at

Public Policy Insights joins CEO Insights and Emerging Insights produced by Fantini Research. CEO Insights features industry leaders discussing the outlooks for their companies and for the gaming industry. Emerging insights features CEOs introducing emerging companies and discussing up and coming industry trends. These videos can be viewed at and

CEO Insights is sponsored by IGT and Emerging Insights is sponsored by Everi Holdings.

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PRESS RELEASE February 10, 2021

Public Policy Insights

Interviews with Public Policy Leaders in Gaming


“Resilient and committed,” is how American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller describes the current state of the gaming industry in his Public Policy Insights video interview with Frank Fantini.

Miller also discusses several positives moving forward, including new priorities involving gaming by the new Biden administration, increasing COVID vaccine distribution and progress on raising the federal tax withholding threshold on player slot win.

Also discussed are the AGA’s efforts to support business and convention travel in the wake of COVID.

See Miller’s interview at

Public Policy Insights is co-produced with Spectrum Gaming and sponsored by Gaming Laboratories International. The series of
one-on-one interviews with public policy leaders is focused on legislative and
regulatory issues facing the gaming industry.

All Public Policy Insights? are at

Previously released in the series are those with Michael Pollock, managing director of Spectrum Gaming, Laura Briggs, director of public policy at Fantini Research and NCLGS President and Nevada State Sen. Keith Pickard.

Other Insights series:

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Questions about any of the video series can be addressed to Associate Publisher Ashley Diem at or at +1 302 730 3793.

GAN delivers uninterrupted technical performance with over 14 million bets processed on the day of Super Bowl LV and secures $3 million patent license revenue.

GAN Limited (the "Company" or "GAN") (NASDAQ: GAN), a leading full-service internet gaming software-as-a-service provider to the real money internet gaming and online sports betting industries, today announced that it delivered an all-time record 14.6 million settled online bets the day of Super Bowl LV, up 186% vs. last year’s event. Additionally, the Company reached an agreement with current customer Greenwood Gaming & Entertainment, Inc., trading as ‘Parx Casino’ ("Parx Casino" or "the Client"), to license GAN’s patented iBridge integration framework for 10 years.

Reflecting the strength and value of GAN’s intellectual property ("IP"), the agreement calls for Parx Casino to pay a total licensing fee of $3 million and implies a patent license of roughly $75 per reward card, validating a ‘per unit’ value of the patent. GAN has also agreed to amend its existing contract with Parx Casino, and will release the Client from exclusivity moving forward.

Dermot Smurfit, Chief Executive Officer of GAN commented: "GAN delivered uninterrupted performance for all our U.S. clients during Super Bowl LV, just as we did last year and the year before that. Yesterday, we experienced record all-time transaction volumes before, during and after the Super Bowl and look forward to leveraging the experience, technical data and knowhow to prepare for next year’s technical onslaught which we expect will see Super Bowl betting on GAN’s Platform taking place across perhaps more than a dozen States simultaneously. We’ve started the year with strong business and financial momentum and this patent licensing deal further validates our industry leading IP and sets a new bar for its value per reward card. Since we deployed our patented functionality in the U.S. for online gaming, those online customers who have linked their retail gaming loyalty cards to their counterpart online gambling accounts have generated in excess of 160% more Gross Gaming Revenue (online casino) and 140% more Gross Sports Win (from online sports betting) as compared to those customers who have not linked a loyalty card to their online gambling account. These results demonstrate not only the direct value of our technology and IP, but also the ‘stickiness’ of GAN’s platform to our customers."

United States Reward Card Opportunity

There are a reported 80 million unique American adults who regularly frequent casinos for retail gaming and who together possess 150 million individual Reward cards offered by more than 1,000 retail casino gaming properties located in 48 States. Certain major U.S. casino operator groups have tens of millions of card-carrying retail gaming patrons within their casino patron databases. These patron databases are frequently cited as a competitive advantage supporting the same retail casino operators’ launch of internet sports betting and/or casino gaming.

Dermot Smurfit concluded: "This is the second time GAN has licensed its patented iBridge Framework on a standalone basis and we believe the opportunity to leverage our intellectual property here in the U.S. remains large. We continue to be engaged in numerous conversations with both large and small casino-operators to partner with GAN in order to seamlessly connect their loyal reward-card carrying customers to their various online offerings. As a result, we believe we are on track to license our iBridge patent to additional U.S. casino operator groups in 2021 and throughout the patent’s remaining 13-year duration, which should help us drive long-term value for our shareholders."