New! SHARK TRAP 2018 UPDATE -GLI - Distribution - GC Baccarat System


Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, LLC, continues to make steady progress in their quest to introduce the world’s first ‘super shufflers.’ Shark Trap shufflers are ‘smart shufflers’ that offer many advantages over traditional shufflers including no-batch platforms (only one deck required for one-deck novelty games, not two decks; only six/eight decks required for baccarat, not twelve/sixteen decks), reduction in card costs, faster and more productive games, and the capability to detect all forms of marked cards and asymmetries.

Shark Trap is making three major announcements in advance of the 2018 G2E.

First, Shark Trap has begun the GLI approval process and anticipates certification on or about January 2019. Moreover, customers are waiting to field test the units.

Second, Shark Trap is on the verge of announcing an exclusive distribution/licensing partnership that will facilitate the placements of shufflers both in the USA and abroad.

Third, Shark Trap is releasing some of the details about its ground-breaking ‘GC-Bacc System’ for baccarat, which features their one-of-a-kind round-to-round shuffle (patent to be issued in early October, 2018).

Here are just a few of the features:

• The system will be the first to increase game speed and productivity with a new
delivery system that allows each card to be dealt from a flat, forward position, which
dramatically reduces dealing distance and therefore dealing movement for every card.

• The system provides operators with more options to reduce card costs than ever before,
especially in ‘squeeze games’ where the cards are discarded after every shoe.

• Unlike any other platform in the world today, the system offers absolute protection
against marked cards and asymmetries, and we can prove it!

• The system also offers absolute protection against the most dangerous, sophisticated,
and successful baccarat scams known to exist, and many more yet to be exposed.
Examples include peek scams, cutter scams, high-tech scams, and many more.

• Finally, Shark Trap’s ‘GC-Bacc System’ for baccarat eliminates the need for
preshuffled cards! Given that preshuffled cards have become an industry staple, this
proclamation will undoubtedly raise eyebrows, but it’s true: the ‘GC-Bacc System’
renders preshuffled cards obsolete!

Shark Trap employs the same operational technology in all of its shufflers, so following GLI
approval, the expectation is that the development process will begin to pick up speed. We also expect more industry-changing announcements in the very near future.