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Key Personnel

Dino DeGregorio - President
Steven Michels - Executive Vice President
Louis (Lou) DeGregorio - Consultant/ Advisor
Craig Ghelfi - Senior Consultant/Advisor
Bruce Meyer - Consultant / Advisor

About Shark Trap Gaming and Security Systems

Shark Trap™ Gaming & Security Systems (ST) started with the premise that technology had advanced to the point where it should be possible to develop a system for detecting all forms of marked cards, and that such a system could be offered to the casino industry in an automated, unintrusive, reliable, cost-effective platform that would transcend table-game security.

The first challenge was to fully define the marked card problem. To address the main questions surrounding this vast and illusive topic, ST embarked on a ground-breaking study that carefully examined the marked card problem from every conceivable angle.

Research then commenced in the computer vision field. Across the board, whether it was the sophistication and capabilities of cameras, sensors, lighting components, processors, memory, data management, or analytics, the computer vision field was exploding with advances and innovations.

To house the necessary card-marking-detection technology, it was immediately apparent that shuffling machines were best suited for the job. After talking with several operators to get their feedback about the pros and cons of today’s shufflers, their invaluable input became the starting point for developing a complete line of random-selection shufflers, each with one or more attributes specifically designed to address various wide-spread concerns.

Finally, it was determined that shufflers working together and sharing data was the ultimate way to ensure accurate results. The idea of a server-based system of networked shufflers was advanced, and after many months of research, several technical conclusions began to evolve in the following areas:



  • the best technologies for detecting all forms of playing card anomalies
  • the best analytics for evaluating, detecting, and confirming the data
  • the best system for communicating the results to management, surveillance, and security personnel

Enter Shark Trap™ Gaming & Security Systems.


"After three years of extensive research and development, and after only a few months of sharing the Shark Trap project with industry insiders, the response has been overwhelming, so I wanted to pass along my sincere gratitude to the rapidly growing list of casinos and cardrooms that have offered to field-test and place shufflers, and who have expressed a can’t-wait enthusiasm for the Shark Trap system.

The good news is that we've recently finalized everything (design, manufacturing, etc.) needed to move forward on all fronts. The expectation is to be filling shuffler orders as soon as mid-2018 while continuing to advance our proprietary Shark Trap technology in ways that will unquestionably change the way the industry operates and protects table games.

We welcome you to join our mailing list for any major updates/developments by sending your contact information to info@sharktrap.com."

Lou DeGregorio
Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, LLC

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Latest News

**Shark Trap Receives Approval for Revolutionary Poker Shuffler, Announces Upcoming Additions to Shuffler Line**

Las Vegas, NV – Shark Trap, a forefront innovator in shuffling technology, is thrilled to announce that it has received approval for its latest product, a state-of-the-art poker shuffler. This pivotal development signifies a key advancement in the evolution of Shark Trap's product line, augmenting its already popular single/double deck shuffler tailored for Blackjack games.

Engineered to meet the dynamic requirements of poker rooms globally, Shark Trap's new poker shuffler strives for maximum efficiency and reliability. Featuring an advanced shuffling mechanism, it ensures a randomized shuffle every time, bolstering game integrity and instilling trust among operators and players alike.

"It is an exciting time at Shark Trap as we continue to develop our product line. The poker shuffler is a perfect fit for any poker room and reimagines the shuffler for poker games," said Dino DeGregorio, President of Shark Trap. "Our dedication to innovation has led us to create a shuffler that not only meets the gaming industry's expectations but surpasses them. This approval underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of shuffling technology."

Furthermore, Shark Trap is excited to announce that it will be expanding its product line even further later this year with the introduction of a high-speed novelty shuffler and a multi-deck shuffler. These upcoming additions are designed to complete the shuffler product line, providing a comprehensive range of solutions that cater to all types of card games and operational needs within the gaming industry.

The launch of these innovative products underscores Shark Trap's emerging status in pioneering change, redefining industry benchmarks for game fairness, operational effectiveness, and player contentment. Every offering is crafted to prioritize ease of use and flawless compatibility, guaranteeing a consistent and seamless gaming journey throughout.

For more information about the poker shuffler and the forthcoming high-speed novelty and multi-deck shufflers, please visit www.SharkTrap.com.

About Shark Trap

Shark Trap stands at the vanguard of shuffling technology solutions, committed to enriching the gaming experience through relentless innovation and excellence. Emphasizing reliability, efficiency, and integrity, Shark Trap's comprehensive product line is tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of the gaming industry, promoting fair play and operational superiority in casinos worldwide.

Contact Information

Dino DeGregorio


Shark Trap 



Join Us at G2E 2023: Unveiling the Future of Card Shuffling Technology

Join Us at G2E 2023: Unveiling the Future of Card Shuffling TechnologyLas Vegas NV – As the gaming world converges on G2E 2023, we are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to visitors, partners, and gaming aficionados. Join us at our booth, where we will be showcasing the cutting-edge of shuffling technology, guaranteed to redefine your gaming experience.World Premiere: The Multi-Deck ShufflerWe are proud to announce the debut of our new multi-deck shuffler. Designed to perfection, this revolutionary device ensures optimal shuffling efficiency, game security, and a seamless player experience. Be among the first to witness its capabilities in action.Experience The Ready For Market Shark Trap Super Shuffler First-Hand
But that's not all! Guests at our booth will have the unique opportunity for hands-on experience with our GLI-approved and recently Nevada-approved single and double deck shufflers. Experience firsthand the blend of innovation and reliability that our shufflers bring to the table, setting new industry standards.
Be Ahead of the Curve: Orders Now Open for Market-Ready Products In response to the immense anticipation, we're excited to announce that we will be taking orders for our market-ready products right at the booth. This is a prime opportunity for businesses and stakeholders to be among the first to integrate Shark Trap Super Shufflers into their casino floor.
Why Visit Our Booth?Exclusive Preview: Be among the first to experience our latest innovations before they hit the market.Expert Interaction: Our team of specialists will be on-site, eager to discuss the technology, answer any questions, and provide live demonstrations.Stay Ahead: Equip yourself with insights and tools that will keep you at the forefront of the gaming industry.
About Us
Shark Trap is a pioneer in shuffling solutions, dedicated to bringing innovative technologies to the industry. With a legacy of excellence, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and setting new standards for the global gaming community.Visit Us at G2E 2023Location: 3420To learn more or schedule a personalized demo, please contact Dino DeGregorio (dino@sharktrap.com)Let's shape the future of gaming together. See you at G2E 2023!

Shark Trap's Revolutionary Card Shuffler Completes Successful Field Trial and Receives Approval in Nevada.

Nevada - June 13, 2023– Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems LLC, based in North Las Vegas, a
leading innovator in card shuffling machines, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the
field trial for its groundbreaking card shuffler, the Shark Trap Super Shuffler. Following this
achievement, the company has received official approval for distribution in the state of Nevada.

Designed to enhance the efficiency and versatility of card shuffling in casinos, the Shark Trap Super
Shuffler offers unprecedented functionality for various card games, including single deck, double deck
blackjack, and novelty games. With its state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, the Shark
Trap Super Shuffler revolutionizes the shuffling process, ensuring fair play and optimal game flow.

During the field trial, the Shark Trap Super Shuffler exceeded all performance expectations and received
overwhelmingly positive feedback from both casino operators, staff and players. The trial showcased the
shuffler's superior reliability, speed, and accuracy, making it an indispensable addition to any casino
floor. "We are thrilled to announce the successful field trial and subsequent approval for distribution of
our Shark Trap Super Shuffler in Nevada," said Dino DeGregorio, President of Shark Trap. "This
milestone validates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge shuffling solutions that enhance the
player experience while optimizing casino operations."

The Shark Trap Super Shuffler's advanced technology ensures a truly random shuffle, reducing the
potential for card manipulation and enhancing the overall integrity of the game. Additionally, its
customizable settings allow operators to adapt the shuffler to their specific game requirements, further
enhancing its versatility and compatibility.

For more information about the Shark Trap Super Shuffler or to initiate the process of incorporating this
game-changing technology into your casino floor, please contact us at sales@sharktrap.com. The Shark
Trap team is eager to provide detailed product information, answer any inquiries, discuss the numerous
benefits of integrating the Shark Trap Super Shuffler into your gaming establishment. The team will also
help you learn about distributor options in your area.


About Shark Trap:
Shark Trap is a provider of innovative shuffling solutions for the casino industry. With a commitment to
excellence and a focus on advancing technology, Shark Trap continues to push the boundaries of
shuffling equipment, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance both player experiences and casino

Shark Trap Gets Field Trial at Boyd's Orleans

January 25, 2023

Shark Trap received the green light from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to go live with a field trial.

This will take place at Boyd Gaming's Orleans Casino in Las Vegas.

Shark Trap Gets NGCB Field Test Approval

Shark Trap Gaming and Security Systems has received approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, authorization for an administrative field trial of Shark Trap’s electromechanical super shuffler.

Updates will follow as the trial commences.

All inquiries should be directed to Dino DeGregorio (Dino@SharkTrap.com)

Shark Trap Exhibiting Shufflers with Aces Up at Global Gaming Expo 2022

Las Vegas, NV. October 08, 2022

Shark Trap, in partnership with Aces Up Gaming, will exhibit an upbeat lineup of Shufflers – Single Deck- Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack & Novelty to coincide with a new progressive system, and game titles.

These products can be viewed at booth 3823 from October 11 to 13, 2022. 

Shark Trap Gets First Sale Out of North America

Shark Trap announces its first sale outside of North America, having shipped its shufflers to Evolution Gaming Latvia SIA.

The shufflers with be used with evolution’s Live casino in studios located in Europe and North America, which is one of the fastest-growing casino segments.

For information on Shark Traps' products call +1-702-249-4466 or visit www.sharktrap.com.


Shark Trap Displays New Super Shuffler at NIGA

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems announced they will showcase the new Super Shuffler in booth 1770 with distributor Aces Up Gaming while at the National Indian Gaming Associations' Trade Show.

The show takes place April 19 - 22 at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California.

Shark Trap's Super Shuffler Receives GLI Approval

Shark Trap would like to announce that the company’s Super Shuffler has received the GLI approval for GLI-29 jurisdictions and the State of Nevada.

According to Dino DeGregorio, this now allows us to move into specific markets such as California Tribes, California Card Rooms, Nevada, Colorado, and various other jurisdictions. We will be engaged in installing in gaming corporations that have casinos in multiple states. The installs will proceed immediately as our potential customers have long waited for these important approvals.

Shark Trap Super Shuffler at G2E Las Vegas


Shark Trap will be demonstrating our new smart shuffler at G2E in Las Vegas, October 4 through 7. During the show we will be taking orders for delivery in December. Shark Trap will be in booth #3914 with Aces Up Gaming.

Stop by our booth at the show to see the Shark Trap Super Shuffler in action or visit us at www.SharkTrap.com.

Shark Trap is a GLI approved, revolutionary, high-tech shuffling machine, offering a table-game platform that will increase productivity, reduce card costs, and attain never-before-realized levels of game protection.
The Shark Trap Super Shuffler comes ready to work right out of the box and requires no table modifications. With our technology, all that is needed to start a game is to remove machine from its box and plug in power.

Shark Trap Super Shuffler features
• Reduced Shuffler Footprint
• No Table Modifications are Required to Start Using Shark Trap
• Increase productivity, reduce card costs
• True Random Number Generator
• Automatically detect issues in a single or double deck or determine the right cards and the correct number of cards
• 1 shuffler can do the work of 3
• Deals All Popular Novelty Games
• Pai Gow Poker
• Double Deck & Single Deck Blackjack

Shark Trap Attending NIGA


Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems is proud to announce that it will be in Booth 534 at NIGA Tradeshow from July 19-23.

We will showcase the shuffler which is a combination of 3 shufflers in one novelty game/single and double deck all in one unit. The units are tabletop and ergonomically suited for dealers.

We will be in the Aces Up Gaming booth who is our distributor in North America.

Shark Trap Gaming receives GLI certification on Double Deck Shuffler. Multiple Field Trials Next

Shark Trap Gaming is pleased to announce that the company has received GLI certification for the Double Deck Shuffler. The company now holds GLI certifications for Single Deck, Double Deck, and the Novelty Game shufflers.

This certification is a major milestone for the company as it allows the continued pursuit of bringing its revolutionary shuffler to market.

The next milestone for the company is rapidly approaching, field trials in live casinos. The company has chosen 2 locations in the State of Colorado that will be conducting the field trials simultaneously and installs are scheduled to take place once the State of Colorado lifts its COVID-19 table game restrictions.

In addition to the upcoming field trials, the company has finalized agreements with its supply chain partners, paving the way for the company to begin taking orders upon completion of the field trials.

The sharks will be in the wild soon!

If you are interested in learning more about getting Shark Trap Shufflers in your casino, please email your questions to info@sharktrap.com.


LAS VEGAS, NV. – July 11, 2019

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems has received CERTIFICATION for the first of its ‘super shufflers’ from Gaming Labs International (GLI). GLI successfully conducted all prerequisite tests on Shark Trap’s Novelty-Game Shuffler—essentially identical to Shark Trap’s Poker Shuffler and 1-2 Deck Blackjack Shuffler other than a few minor design/operational features.


LAS VEGAS, May 29, 2019

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, LLC, has submitted the first of its “super shufflers” to Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).  GLI will be testing Shark Trap’s Novelty-Game Shuffler, which is essentially identical to Shark Trap’s Poker Shuffler and 1-2 Deck Blackjack Shuffler other than a few minor design/operational features.

GLI’s primary objective will be to evaluate the ST shuffler for randomness.  We’re confident that the shufflers will pass GLI’s entire suite of tests because the ST shufflers are the first casino shufflers to incorporate 'true random number technology' (TRNG) instead of the industry standard, 'pseudo random number technology' (PRNG).  The advantage of a TRNG is that each seed for each random number is generated by physical phenomenon (hardware), resulting in true randomness.  The seeds for PRNGs are arithmetic-generated via software and are therefore deterministic. 

We will announce the results as soon as GLI completes the certification process.  

We are also busy completing the early design work for Shark Trap’s Round-to-Round Multi-deck Shuffler and its ground-breaking Baccarat and Punto Banco Security Platform, which offers unequaled game protection while eliminating the need for preshuffled cards!

More announcements are forthcoming as we continue our quest to offer Shark Trap’s line of “super shufflers” to an eagerly-awaiting industry.

Thanks for your patience . . . in terms of productivity, card costs, game protection, and innovation, I promise the wait will be worth it!

Lou DeGregorio

Making Progress and Picking Up Speed

Las Vegas - January 14, 2019 - Shark Trap is on the verge of several major breakthroughs that will be announced in 2019. With shufflers just weeks away from submitting to GLI for certification and patents filed for our revolutionary Baccarat and Punto Banco Security System—eliminates the need for preshuffled cards!—Shark Trap has finally forged ahead after an unfortunate delay due to a change in engineering firms.

Today, Shark Trap takes another giant step forward. We are proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Aces Up Gaming for the exclusive right to distribute Shark Trap’s complete line of super shufflers in the United States.

After several meetings with the principles of Aces Up Gaming, headed by their president, Charlie Drennan, we found them to be the perfect match for our shufflers and most importantly, our vision.

Aces Up Gaming brings several notable attributes and assets to the table. In addition to the obvious—licenses in virtually all US jurisdictions—they have a fierce, competitive mindset and desire to offer only the very best gaming products to the industry, an innate understanding of the industry, and an impressive suite of new games and progressive system that will compliment our shufflers.

Aces Up Gaming’s product development manager, Todd Taylor, had this to say about the partnership:

“I believe this is the most revolutionary gaming product in the last twenty years. To say it is a game-changer would be an understatement. It has the ability and capacity to be on every gaming floor in the world.”

A partnership with Aces Up Gaming is a pivotal step for Shark Trap and we are excited about joining forces and capitalizing on the synergy between our companies.

We expect the next important announcement to be GLI approval, which we anticipate to be a straightforward process, given that we’re employing the most sophisticated RNG technology ever implemented into casino shuffling machines.

Until next time, please be patient . . . Shark Trap is almost to the finish line.

Lou DeGregorio

New! SHARK TRAP 2018 UPDATE -GLI - Distribution - GC Baccarat System


Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, LLC, continues to make steady progress in their quest to introduce the world’s first ‘super shufflers.’ Shark Trap shufflers are ‘smart shufflers’ that offer many advantages over traditional shufflers including no-batch platforms (only one deck required for one-deck novelty games, not two decks; only six/eight decks required for baccarat, not twelve/sixteen decks), reduction in card costs, faster and more productive games, and the capability to detect all forms of marked cards and asymmetries.

Shark Trap is making three major announcements in advance of the 2018 G2E.

First, Shark Trap has begun the GLI approval process and anticipates certification on or about January 2019. Moreover, customers are waiting to field test the units.

Second, Shark Trap is on the verge of announcing an exclusive distribution/licensing partnership that will facilitate the placements of shufflers both in the USA and abroad.

Third, Shark Trap is releasing some of the details about its ground-breaking ‘GC-Bacc System’ for baccarat, which features their one-of-a-kind round-to-round shuffle (patent to be issued in early October, 2018).

Here are just a few of the features:

• The system will be the first to increase game speed and productivity with a new
delivery system that allows each card to be dealt from a flat, forward position, which
dramatically reduces dealing distance and therefore dealing movement for every card.

• The system provides operators with more options to reduce card costs than ever before,
especially in ‘squeeze games’ where the cards are discarded after every shoe.

• Unlike any other platform in the world today, the system offers absolute protection
against marked cards and asymmetries, and we can prove it!

• The system also offers absolute protection against the most dangerous, sophisticated,
and successful baccarat scams known to exist, and many more yet to be exposed.
Examples include peek scams, cutter scams, high-tech scams, and many more.

• Finally, Shark Trap’s ‘GC-Bacc System’ for baccarat eliminates the need for
preshuffled cards! Given that preshuffled cards have become an industry staple, this
proclamation will undoubtedly raise eyebrows, but it’s true: the ‘GC-Bacc System’
renders preshuffled cards obsolete!

Shark Trap employs the same operational technology in all of its shufflers, so following GLI
approval, the expectation is that the development process will begin to pick up speed. We also expect more industry-changing announcements in the very near future.


LAS VEGAS, August 1, 2018 - SHARK TRAP ™ GAMING & SECURITY SYSTEMS has engaged with Leardon Solutions to deliver completed products for GLI approval.

Leardon Solutions is a multinational product development and manufacturing company headquartered in San Diego, California. Leardon Solutions provides world class engineering, cost effective development and high-quality manufacturing for early-stage startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems Receives Trademarks

Staying true to its patent portfolio and trademark status, Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems received additional tademarks to verify types of shufflers that will be introduced. 


Catch'em in the Act™

USPTO Notice of Acceptance of AAU: U.S. Trademark SMART SHUFFLER™

USPTO Notice of Acceptance of AAU:U.S. Trademark SUPER SHUFFLER™


For more information visit www.sharktrap.com