Acres Partners with InfiGifts to Modernize Casino Gifting

Players Utilize Casino's Mobile App to Earn and Redeem Thousands of Gifts

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Acres Manufacturing Company ("Acres"), a leading developer of casino loyalty and other technology solutions, today announced the addition of Casino Science's InfiGifts to its Foundation™ App Store.

InfiGifts is an app-based continuity gifting and promotion solution that allows players to select and claim gift rewards directly from their smartphone. The interface between the InfiGifts app and Acres 'Foundation™ platform, the industry's first and only solution capable of both processing real-time gaming data and conducting cashless transfers to any slot machine, enables the InfiGifts experience to include real-time gifting and to incorporate lucrative merchandise into bonusing that is built-in to the casino's cashless app.

Casinos utilize continuity gifting to offer non-gaming merchandise rewards to players as a means to enhance loyalty. Marketing studies show U.S-based casinos spend as much as $2 billion annually on these gift programs. Historically, continuity gifting has presented operational challenges including requiring casinos to spend heavily on inventory, storage and extra staffing on giveaway days. InfiGifts removes these burdens by allowing players to redeem a wide variety of gifts via the casino's mobile app, which results in the item being shipped directly to the player's mailing address.

The partnership with Acres allows InfiGifts to be offered to casinos without setup or operational costs. Casinos only pay for the price of each gift a player orders.

"Our partnership with InfiGifts allows us to offer incredible value to any casino that deploys Foundation." said Noah Acres, "The casino industry has a significant, demonstrated need to modernize and InfiGifts is helping to address this through their tremendous upgrade for the continuity gifting process."

"Integrating to Foundation is an important step for InfiGifts," said Azam Husain, CEO of Casino Science. "With direct and instant access to real-time play data, we can offer the right gift to the right player instantly via mobile app."