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About Acres

Acres Manufacturing was founded by John Acres, the inventor of casino systems technology.

Since 1972, the Acres name has been synonymous with groundbreaking casino technology. In 1981, Acres started his first business, Electronic Data Technologies. EDT created a system that allowed casinos to track slot machine players by using loyalty cards, offering gamblers rewards based on how much they played.

He started his next business, called Mikohn, in 1986. Mikohn devised the modern progressive jackpot system in which slot machine jackpots increase over time, creating growing excitement for players. When Acres and his partner sold the company in 1989, Acres’ initial investment of $120,000 turned into $6 million.

His third company, Acres Gaming, invented a system in which slot machines awarded instant bonuses based on current or accumulated play. Acres Gaming took $17 million to reach consistent profitability; Acres sold it in 2003 for $143 million, and the casino industry has been at a technological standstill ever since.

Acres Manufacturing has revolutionized the casino industry again with Foundation Casino Management System.

Foundation is designed to reinvigorate an industry currently incapable of meeting modern consumer demands. Armed with a massive amount of real-time data, an adaptable credit meter on any game, and bonuses deployable to a player’s mobile device, casinos will be able to optimize every customer relationship and maximize long-term profitability.

Foundation has three main components.


Foundation is universally compatible with any modern slot machine, the GMI gathers 100% of slot machine data in real-time and can change the credit meter on command. A built-in expansion port allows legacy systems to interface, allowing casinos to operate foundation with no loss of functionality to existing technology.


The Bridge is the key to Foundation’s decentralized, ultra-reliable design. A single bridge connects up to 8 GMIs, allowing it command and control of up to 8 slot machines. A multitude of Bridges exist within the casino (# of slots / 8), each able to process millions of events each day. Casino data is safer and more secure than ever before. All data is encrypted and stores safely for up to 2 years in the event of power failure.


The Blender contains real-time data from every slot machine connected to Foundation. Here, external data sources can be interfaced, and credit meter commands can be sent to any game at any moment. Casinos possess unrestricted API access to their Blender environment and can siphon data into its own databases for storage. This structure enables casinos to own and control all of their slot data.


Foundation enables players to intuitively fund slots and tables via their mobile devices. Casinos can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing a single wallet solution across the entire operation. Layered with real-time data and bonusing capability, Foundation causes the mobile device to become an integral component of the player experience.                                                                                This best-of-breed solution is also the quickest and easiest path to cashless gaming for virtually any casino. 


Foundation reports any SAS meter change in real-time, giving casinos over 1000x more data than has ever been collected before. These metrics will reveal what really influences spend and loyalty decisions. Importantly, Foundation’s structure gives casinos all ownership and control over this data, allowing it to be interfaced to anything the casino wants.



Foundation is an incredibly powerful floor-wide bonusing system. Foundation can write credits, issue free play, change the paytable, initiate free spins, trigger bonuses and more! Leveraging massive amounts of real-time data, Foundation allows casinos to incentivize the right player the right amount at the right time.  Any trigger event – in machine or out – can trigger a reward credit to any game at any moment.  The same event can also trigger an entertaining “reveal” sequence or game onto any display, mobile device, or sound system. 


Real-time control of slot data and credit meters allow casinos to optimize each player experience for maximum profitability. And when interfaced to any other data source, casinos can service and thrill their players like never before. With Foundation, funds can be sent from a player’s bank account to any slot machine, an NFL touchdown can trigger a bonus and an unruly losing streak can be instantly mitigated in the interest of long-term loyalty.

FOUNDATION the future is now. 

For a personal presentaion contact Tricia Lee at tricia.lee@acresmanufacturing.com or visit   https://acresmanufacturing.com 

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Latest News

Acres Manufacturing Company Announces the Acres Wallet™


Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) today announced the launch of the Acres Wallet™, a game changing mobile experience that blends cashless payments with real-time loyalty and bonusing in a live casino environment.

“The Acres Wallet allows the player’s mobile device to serve as an extension of any real-time gaming experience,” said Noah Acres of AMC. “Players can fund their play, earn and redeem points and experience thrilling mobile bonuses on their own device. The Acres Wallet represents the beginning of a new era in casino gaming, and we are proud to unveil it.”

The Acres Wallet™ interfaces with the company’s Foundation™ casino management system, which provides real-time gaming data and ability to change the slot machine’s credit meter on command. Casinos deploying the Acres Wallet™ can use it as a standalone mobile app or by importing elements of the Acres Wallet™ into the casino’s proprietary app.

“The Acres Wallet provides cashless transfers to any slot machine, table game or casino cage terminal,” said Noah Acres. In addition to cash, the wallet also stores free play, points, promotional vouchers or any other value category offered by the casino. “Our wallet automates the issuance and redemption of player incentives. Rewards can be issued directly to the player’s wallet, which can then be transferred to any live slot machine or table game.”

The Acres Wallet™ includes a new bonusing and loyalty platform that allows bonuses to be targeted, measured, and timed for deployment using advanced real-time player analytics. In addition, the bonusing platform can integrate any brand or personality into a casino bonus that integrates in real-time with any slot machine linked to Foundation. “We are working with brands, sports teams and influencers to offer their own bonuses, which can even become nationwide progressives offering huge prizes,” said Noah Acres.

About Acres Manufacturing Company

Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) is a leading casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of Foundation™, the first-of-its-kind casino management system. Foundation provides casinos with real-time data from slot machines and a direct interface to the credit meter on any slot machine. AMC was founded by John Acres, the inventor of casino systems technology. For more information on Acres Manufacturing Company and Foundation, visit acresmanufacturing.com.


By John Acres

It’s an understatement to say that casinos have been slow to adapt to mobile technology. Consumers use smartphones to find a ride, order groceries and coordinate their business and social lives; however, stepping inside a casino, is almost like travelling back in time to 2005.

Want to play a game of blackjack or try your luck on your favorite slot machine? You’ll have to use cash. Loyalty rewards are only earned by using a physical player card, and the most common marketing offers are distributed via direct mail. Yes, snail mail.

Advancing technology

Acres Manufacturing was founded to address the gambling and gaming industry’s need for modernization. Focused on delivering high-fidelity mobile integration to casinos, Acres Manufacturing is rapidly revolutionizing operations and marketing, resulting in more profits for casinos and a more fulfilling experience for players.

Using technology, casinos will be able to facilitate cashless gaming across their entire operation. Instant marketing offers will be deployed to players via their smartphones, and casinos will be able to direct prizes or jackpots to be paid to the slot machine or to the mobile wallet. Physical player cards will be decommissioned, and your phone – using the casino’s mobile app or website – will become your interface to the entire brand, from casino games to shopping, entertainment, dining and more.

Existing casino technology – the systems that track player spending for accounting and loyalty – is outdated. Very little player data is actually collected, and nothing is analyzed in real-time. As a result, any sort of real-time marketing is practically impossible. In addition, the little data that is gathered is stored in proprietary databases that simply cannot interface with many other applications.

Data is key

Our technology, Foundation, was created with the belief that data is the lifeblood of a 21st century business. Foundation is able to track all play in real-time and provides casinos over a thousand times more data than they’ve ever accessed before. Foundation gives casinos complete ownership and control of this data, which can be easily integrated with any other data source. Using Foundation, casinos can apply advanced AI to model player behavior and deliver a precisely timed and measured incentive when one is needed to sustain a long-term relationship with the player.

The player experience will be fast, fun and above all, personalized to reflect each player’s unique preferences and history.

In today’s casinos, only high rollers get personalized service. Highly paid casino hosts and entire marketing departments are designed to build personal relationships to lure high-value players into the casino. Using Foundation’s immense dataset, casinos can quickly and cost effectively offer similar experiences to lower-level spenders, many of whom will develop into higher level players.

Advanced ML algorithms

Foundation will also change in-game dynamics. Just as Amazon knows it’s time to order new toothpaste, Foundation allows casinos to know when a player might need an extra incentive or reward to extend the relationship. When a player faces an unruly losing streak that could jeopardize the long-term relationship, Foundation can intervene by directing a well-timed jackpot or bonus to be paid to the player’s game or mobile wallet.

The linchpin required to gain mass acceptance of the new mobile interface is the convergence of both the loyalty and payment experience. With loyalty integrated, casinos can create and deploy incredibly powerful real-time incentives. Adding payments allows players to hold a mobile wallet balance that can buy in or cash out of any slot machine or table game. The combination of these two elements is key to removing layers of friction and extending the relationship beyond the four walls of the casino.

Casinos can even forge relationships with other businesses to make the money in their mobile wallet spendable elsewhere. We see a future where casinos can begin to replace credit card points with chances to win cash prizes or other rewards for each dollar spent at a partner retailer. Using this technology, we believe casinos can become some of the most important brands in the consumer economy.


August 13, 2021


Foundation casino management system interfaces with Everi’s digital wallet.

Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) on Friday said its Foundation casino management system is enabling cashless gaming at Penn National Gaming, Inc.’s, new Hollywood Casino York in Pennsylvania.

Las Vegas-based AMC noted it previously installed Foundation at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course and the Meadows Racetrack & Casino in Pennsylvania.

Penn National said Foundation will continue to be deployed at its casinos, pending regulatory approvals.

The two parties said Foundation interfaces to Penn National’s mychoice wallet, which is powered by Everi Holdings, Inc.'s, digital CashClub Wallet, to transfer funds from player accounts to the game of their choice.The solution works on slot machines and table games throughout the casino floor.

In addition to cashless technology, AMC said Foundation provides a rich, real-time stream of player behavior data that is delivered through an open API that allows Penn National to understand and predict player behavior and preferences.

“We at Acres applaud Penn National’s efforts to constantly improve the player experience,” John Acres, founder of AMC, said in a statement. “Penn National’s technical team very quickly harnessed the power of Foundation to deliver cashless gaming.”

Todd George, executive vice president of operations at Penn National, added, “We are thankful for the hard work and collaboration with Acres and Everi in helping us deliver customer engagement technology. This partnership allows for our customers to safely and securely fund their favorite slots and table games cardless, cashless and contactless without the need to carry cash or go to an ATM.”

Acres Manufacturing Company is a provider of casino systems technology.

Penn National operates 43 properties across 20 states, providing retail and online gaming, live racing and sports betting entertainment. The company’s properties feature approximately 50,000 gaming machines, 1,300 table games and 8,800 hotel rooms, operating under brands such as Hollywood, Ameristar, and L'Auberge. Its wholly-owned interactive division, Penn Interactive, operates retail sports betting across the company's portfolio, as well as online social casino, bingo, and iCasino products.


Acres Manufacturing Company Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer

Acres Manufacturing Company Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer on the Heels of New Gaming Technology Called Foundation™

Software Application to Evaluate Every Hand of Poker, Maximizing Marketing to High-Margin Players

LAS VEGAS, July 13, 2021 – Acres Manufacturing today announced the launch of Optimal Poker Analyzer, a software application that allows casinos to maximize profit on video poker. The program applies advanced analytics from Acres Manufacturing’s newly launched Foundation™ casino management system to evaluate every decision made in video poker, enabling casinos to strategically optimize marketing and operations.

“Optimal Poker Analyzer shows the true value of every video poker player and ranks all players according to skill level and profitability,” said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing.  “Casinos can assign an individual marketing budget to each player, funded entirely by the value of the player’s errors.  With Optimal Poker Analyzer, casinos can specifically market to high value patrons with no risk of exposure to advantage players.”

Optimal Poker Analyzer works by interfacing to Acres Manufacturing’s Foundation casino management system, which provides granular data on every hand played. Accessing the actual card values as they’re dealt, Optimal Poker Analyzer instantly recognizes the optimal play strategy of each hand and grades the player’s actual in-hand decision as a deviation from the expected return of the optimal strategy.  

 Video poker is a staple in the casino industry, specifically in the high-frequency local markets like Nevada. Due to the skill factor involved, highly skilled players – known as advantage players – are able to achieve a positive expected return that causes casinos to lose money. These losses are increased when factoring marketing offers such as free play or other rewards that are designed to incentivize play. Many casinos have responded by adapting their video poker strategy by reducing the number of games and incentives offered.

 Approved for use in Nevada and other major jurisdictions, Optimal Poker Analyzer works on any game with Foundation installed and across all variants of video poker. Foundation does not require a floor-wide install.

For more details on Acres Manufacturing Group and Foundation™, please visit https://acresmanufacturing.com/