Buzz Creative Group understands the hardship marketing teams are facing during this unprecedented time. It is difficult to know what types of events are safe for players and yet effective. It is essential to still create a “Buzz” on the casino floor and that is why we have come to the rescue by creating turnkey events that are able to be socially distanced, low budget, and all advertising needs are taken care of!

Below you can read more about some of the concepts we have created. We work directly with your marketing team to make sure these events are advertised properly and in front of the right guests.

Million Dollar Holler:

Spice up your monthly promotions by adding Million Dollar Holler! Have your players earn entries all month long for a chance to pick from the Customized Game Board and branded envelopes created by Buzz. This promotion is ready for immediate use and cash giveaways are scalable and tailored to your designated budget. We can assist with giveaway insurance.

Dinner with Elvis:

Dinner events are an easy way to make sure your guests are staying socially distanced and entertained at the same time. This works for a VIP event or it can be sold as individual tables with servers so there is no need for guests to gather around a bar. With Elvis’s birthday right around the corner (Jan 8), get your guests excited for this dinner with lively animations on your casino floor, fun direct mail, social posts and more! Buzz has a variety of Elvis impersonators so we can work backwards from your budget.

Dueling Pianos:

By combining the perfect amount of musical talent and comedy, Dueling Pianos creates a fun and memorable night out for all. Our piano players know how to read the room, feel the vibe, and ensure that the right show is dialed up each and every time. This can be a seated event in a lounge or show room where you can sell tables with 6 feet in between. We have virtual options for song requests and tips, so there is no need for your guests to walk around. Even if you don’t have a show room use those slot seats and create a unique and exciting vibe by bringing the concert straight to your casino floor.

Reach out today if you want help launching your next safe event! Give us a BUZZ.