At the Buzz Barn, we work alongside your marketing team to build insightful advertising with a targeted message to drive traffic to your property.  First and foremost, it is essential to have open communication across both teams.  Having a brief provides an opportunity to discuss the client’s direction and vision, as well as clarification on the objectives.  Below are some of the steps we take at the Buzz Barn in order to spark up ideas and provide a wholesome background to the campaign.

Purposeful Advertising

A brief is a great way to get started and build an understanding of the bigger picture. The brief helps clarify the objectives and expectations of a project with our clients.  It is a place where we discuss visions for the campaign and together come up with the best process to achieve their goals.  This is also an area where you can discuss design aesthetics such as fonts and colors to ensure it matches their identity.

We’re Fast

At Buzz, we are proud of our fast turnaround time.  Being in the gaming industry we understand the necessity for quick and efficient turnaround.  A brief can aid the facilitation of clear and concise communication.  A brief is started at the beginning of the design process and assists with defining the best course of action.  Working with clients during the briefing process brings clarity and a clear vision of their expectations.

Greater Quality

Having a high quality, well designed creative project that aligns with the company’s objective is a direct result from having a creative brief.  Let the brief act as a guideline during the design process.  It will improve the creative process and help build a trusting relationship with your team and clients. 

The Buzz Creative Group can help your organization with strategic planning, creative production, copy needs, digital placement and evaluation. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you.  

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