The Buzz Creative Group has a LOVE for logo and brand development. We deeply understand the importance it holds on many levels – from the marketing strategy, to the consumer connection, followed by making a lasting impression.

Because a logo acts as the first impression for your customer’s experience, it’s important to take time and dissect your core strengths and personality. Understanding your target audience[s] and market[s], as well as your unique differentiator, is the start to building a solid brand. 

We’ve outlined a few key points that we use as a guide to make your logo and brand development process effective:
Style: understanding the organizational culture is important to portraying it correctly. Taking it a step further, we research our client’s audience and geographical area in order to match the best design style to your needs.

Simplicity: clear and concise is key. When developing logos for our partners, we understand the objective is to encompass the business’s identity and personality.  The simpler it is, the higher the odds that it will stand the test of time.  

Versatile: your logo needs to be able to work across many different mediums and applications, scalable to fit on multiple platforms.  Carefully crafting the elements such as, font, shape, size, and icons, allowing for versatility.  
We combine all of the above steps to develop a strong brand, just for you.  We are always proud of our work, and are dedicated to developing a logo and brand that communicates and exemplifies your mission.  

We’d love the opportunity partner with you. Contact us today!