Aruze Gaming America Announces Josh Collins as Vice President of Sales

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, November 29, 2018 (PRNewswire) – Aruze Gaming America, Inc. (“Aruze”) is excited to announce Josh Collins as Vice President of Sales at AruzeAruze Gaming America, Inc. (“Aruze”) is excited to announce Josh Collins as Vice President of Sales at AruzeGaming America. As Vice President of Sales, effective November 12, 2018, Collins will oversee all sales functions throughout The United States and Canada.

“Josh is a true asset to Aruze and this promotion reflects his dedication and commitment to our continued sales growth and customer satisfaction. He has shown commendable performance by consistently exceeding sales goals while developing and maintaining strong relationships with our business partners. Josh’s extensive experience in the gaming industry proves he’s a leader in developing strategic sales plans, consistently exceeding goals, and driving a culture of success that builds a great customer experience. His ability to motivate his team has led to his and Aruze’s continued success,“ said Rob Ziems, President of Aruze.

Collins career in the gaming industry started in 2000 where he has worked in both casino operations and the supplier side of the business. For 8 years, Collins held positions in casino operations where he managed a highvolumeslot operation before moving to the supplier side of the industry. Collins joined Aruze in 2008 and has recently held positions as Director of Sales throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

“Ultimately, my goal is to provide quality products for our partners while making it a win-win for both sides. For a true partnership to work, both sides must feel good about what we are doing. I plan to work closely with Product Management in order to continue providing quality products for our partners.” said Collins. “Aruze is a great company with some of the best people I’ve worked with and I have no doubt we will be able to expand on that." Collins adds, ”Driving the company culture here at Aruze is very important to me. I want our team to love what they are doing as this directly reflects in how well we service our customers and perform in our jobs.”