LAS VEGAS, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ("AXES" or the "Company") is pleased to announce it has appointed Roman Czubak as its Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Roman has a deep, rich background in gaming systems and the gaming industry as a whole. His over twenty years with Novomatic including Manager of the Octavian Division as well as his time as Chairman of the International Gaming Standards Association are but a few of his extraordinary accomplishments in his illustrious career. His education, expertise and experience are globally recognized in the gaming industry, and he is considered as an Industry Veteran.

"AXES is growing fast and requires a structured and process based approach to software, cloud and IoT development," stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO at "Roman is a seasoned leader with an incredible understanding of what systems should be. His expertise will structure and focus our rapidly growing team to maintain high productivity whilst we acquire more products. It is so exciting to have Roman join AXES at such a pivotal time and the whole team is thrilled to welcome him."

"As Chief Innovation Officer, it is very exciting to have Roman join us and the timing could not be better," stated Nicolas Tremblay, CIO at "The rapid growth of our fintech, media, business intelligence and other product lines requires us to structure our development cycle and separate innovation from production. It will be a true pleasure to work with Roman and benefit from his experience and expertise."

"AXES has redefined the gaming experience from the ground up," stated Roman Czubak. "The cloud-based, low local footprint is this most secure and lowest cost solution in the land-based market. The app store centric philosophy at AXES is quite refreshing as operators only pay for what they need and use instead of spending outrageous amounts of money on a monolithic system. I am very excited to join this forward-thinking, visionary team that has a mission to fundamentally transform our industry."