Konami Pre-Show Product Overview

ICE Totally Gaming 

ExCeL Centre 


February 2018 

Konami Gaming, Inc.’s 2018 ICE lineup is characterized by a strong mix of progressive bonus games and popular base game releases across its expanded Concerto™ SeleXion® lineup. On February 6 – 8, an estimated 30,000 guests at ICE Totally Gaming will have the opportunity to discover a record variety of progressive game developments spanning symbol-trigger, linked, wheel-spin, mystery-trigger, pick ‘em, and more, designed to attract and engage players with top entertainment. Games like Cai Lai Si Ji™, Lucky O’Leary Jackpots™, and Castlevania™: Valiant Guardian™ are arriving to the 2018 ICE show with a strong momentum of proven performance and exciting bonus game features. Konami stand #S6-110 will also showcase the company’s first curved multi-game cabinet with the launch of SeleXion on Concerto Crescent™. 

Konami’s popular SeleXion® is bringing the industry’s most agile and customizable multi-game technology to a record variety of Concerto cabinets for players across the world to enjoy. During ICE 2018, Konami is showcasing SeleXion on Concerto upright and Concerto Slant™, as well as 43” single-screen Concerto Crescent™ and Concerto Stack™. SeleXion’s robust processing power  gives players the fastest game change speed and an optimal interface to enjoy a fun mix of their favorite games in one spot. Operators can custom select up a mix of game themes on a single machine, as well as a progressive bonus. 

SeleXion’s expansion to Concerto Crescent and Stack provides international operators a versatile solution to feature a rapidly expanding library of single screen game releases from Konami. New single screen titles like Lotus Land Deluxe Wild™, Dragon Fury™, and Pharaoh’s Fury™ can all be featured on one machine. Casinos can deploy an entertaining variety of the latest games on one of the most popular multi-game platforms globally. 

Power Boost Inferno™ (LAP) 

Concerto upright & Slant 

Power Boost Inferno is Konami’s newest original linked progressive and will be showcased at ICE 2018 on Concerto for the first time. Players increase their odds for the Supreme jackpot up to 10x through selected extra credit bet contributions. When the mystery-trigger feature is awarded, a wheel with 3 levels of increasing prizes emerges from a lava inferno. According to bet level, players have a number of assigned pointers that spin around the wheel. With each spin, every pointer will land on a credit prize, progressive prize, or level up to the next level. The bonus continues until all pointers have claimed a prize, with the Supreme jackpot as the center top available award. 

Smash Smash Festival™ (LAP) 

Concerto upright & Slant 

Bursting with fun fiesta flare and colorful celebration, Smash Smash Festival is another original linked progressive development featured at the Konami booth. Instead of traditional metering progressive prizes, this game progresses the number of available prizes in the jackpot pool with each mystery-trigger selection until a player is awarded the Smash Time bonus to redeem all prizes in the central pot. All jackpot amounts are fixed, and odds of achieving the mystery trigger increase with higher extra bet levels. 

Luxury Jackpots™ (LAP) 

Concerto upright & Slant 

Luxury Jackpots is a 4-level linked progressive that is compatible with most any KP3® Platform base game and features an attractive $10,000+ maxi jackpot. This mystery trigger progressive showcases a pick ‘em bonus that allows players to match 3 symbols to determine their progressive level award. Each jackpot level is represented by luxury items of increasing value including a sports car, speed boat, and private jet. 

Fortune Streams™ (SAP) 

Concerto upright & Slant 

Fans of Konami’s virtual coin-pusher progressive Jackpot Streams™ can now enjoy that same excitement and anticipation with new Asian-inspired art elements in Fortune Streams. When the 4-level mystery progressive feature is triggered, twin dragons breathe flames onto the lower reels and a spinning drum is revealed to determine the random prize slot locations. Coins then cascade onto the screen, pushing additional coins and jackpot tokens toward the player as they watch to see which prize will become their awarded cash bonus. Extra bet amounts and increment rates are operator configurable, and Fortune Streams can be conveniently combined with most any KP3+® platform base game including Chili Chili Fire™ and Dragon’s Law Twin Fever™. 

Lotus Land Deluxe Wild™ 

Concerto Crescent & Stack 

The recognizable white tiger from Konami’s top-performing Lotus Land™ is making its return with a new tall 6x5 reel format designed to showcase surprising multiplier game play on Crescent and Stack. During the free games, wild symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4 transform into random multipliers, and can even trigger a bonus re-spin feature for additional wins. 

Dragon Fury™ 

Concerto Crescent & Stack 

Dragon Fury is a Multiple Lines® 7-8-8-8-7™ title for Crescent and Stack with a unique bonus that dramatically increases the number of high-value dragon symbols across the reel sets during the free games according to the number of trigger free game symbols, up to 241 dragon symbols for 6 trigger symbols. Dragon Fury can also be configured to include a mystery-trigger, 2-level standalone progressive bonus. 

Pharaoh’s Fury™ 

Concerto Crescent & Stack 

Filled with a fascinatingly mysterious Egyptian theme, Pharaoh’s Fury is another 7-8-8-8-7 game for Concerto Crescent and Stack that will be shown at ICE 2018. Pharaoh’s Fury also has an available progressive bonus option and carries a free game feature with bursts of extra wilds across the reel sets according to the number of trigger symbols. Additional free games can be won during the feature, and tally below the reels for redemption after the first set of free games is completed. 

Great Moai™ 

Concerto upright & Slant 

With inspiration from the monuments first created by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island thousands of years ago, Great Moai brings these remarkable carvings to life with surprising effect. In this original math game for upright and slant, Moai statues appearing in the top screen shoot down to the lower reels to become either full-reel wilds or full-reel wilds with 2x multipliers. In addition, upon arriving to the reels the full-reel Moai symbols randomly hop toward reel 1, increasing anticipation of even greater line win combinations. 

Red Fortune™ 

Concerto upright & Slant 

One of Konami’s newest standard 5-reel games includes a free game multiplier mechanic with total wins up to 27x. Featuring a rich pay table and eye-catching Asian art elements, Red Fortune gives players 2x and 3x wild multipliers during the free game feature for big win combinations. Multipliers appearing on the same line combination are multiplied together. 

Sparkling Roses™ 

Concerto upright & Slant 

A series first propelled to success by its debut title The Dawn of the Andes™, Konami’s Multiple Lines 15 REELS™ games are showing continued popular momentum with the addition of Sparkling Roses. Sparkling Roses features 15 independent reels in a 3x5 grid and an Xtra Reward® feature that randomly awards bonus multipliers throughout primary play. This combined with Action Stacked Symbols® across all 15 reels provides ample opportunity for big-win excitement. 

Konami’s Cai Lai Si Ji™ series is among the top performing progressive games arriving to ICE 2018. Featuring brilliant Asian-style art elements, this 4-level standalone progressive bonus can occur anytime a wild symbol appears. A Chinese scroll opens to reveal 12 mystery gold blossoms, which players match to determine their award. Cai Lai Si Ji spans a collection of custom base games including Wealth of Dynasty™, Winning Animals™, Power of Riches™, and more. 

All are part of Konami’s ULTRA REELS PRIME™ series, which awards wins based on left to right adjacent symbol combinations and features 243 possible ways to win. Showcased on Concerto Slant and upright, Cai Lai Si Ji has shown strong global performance and popular momentum across a variety of markets. 

Konami’s newest available progressive series uniquely combines multipliers, random credit awards, free games, and a big hit jackpot prize to give players a variety of win opportunities at higher odds as they increase their bet amount. Celestial Sun Riches™ and Celestial Moon Riches™ are all-new ULTRA REELS® series games that feature a selectable Strike Zone™ area to activate additional bonus opportunities. Players can increase their extra bet amount to further expand the Strike Zone, where every wild eclipse symbols transforms to random 2x or 3x multipliers and each sun or moon symbol awards a wheel bonus if the free game feature is triggered. 

During the wheel bonus, players have the chance to win credit prize awards, additional free games, 3x or 5x wild multipliers, and the big jackpot. The free game feature begins directly after the wheel bonus and all wins are doubled during the free games. Celestial Sun Riches and Celestial Moon Riches are available exclusively on Konami’s Concerto cabinet lineup, including Concerto upright and Concerto Slant. 

For the first time at ICE Totally Gaming, Konami is showcasing its Castlevania™ themed video slots for guests to explore. Based on the iconic video game series first popularized in the 80’s, Konami’s Castlevania games invite players to explore enchanting new territories, battle beasts, and take on fierce monsters across the 43”canvas of Konami’s Concerto Crescent curved screen cabinet. 

Authentic art, animation, and music from the series are found throughout, with multi-mystery bonus adventures that bring the legend of Castlevania to life. Konami is bringing the excitement and valor of this classic video game to casinos with two premium debut themes—Castlevania: Valiant Guardian™ and Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love™—each featuring iconic heroes from the series as they venture through exciting new quests with fun slot play experiences. 

Players are on the hunt for the leprechaun’s shining pot of gold in Konami’s new Lucky O-Leary Jackpots™. Available for Concerto Crescent and Stack, this 7-8-8-8- 7 game includes a 3-level progressive jackpot chance, with increasing odds at higher bet levels. Players can win a maxi, major, or mini jackpot by collecting specially-activated wild pot of gold symbols of blue and red. During the free games, Lucky O-Leary awards over 240 additional wilds, according to the number of four leaf clover trigger symbols collected.  ###