Connect with the Fastest Growing Segment in the Economy

In advance of Hispanic Heritage Month, J Carcamo & Associates announces the acquisition of the Hispanic marketing and engagement Venture, espNOLA.

The face of America is ever-evolving, and today's consumer is multicultural, representing the majority of expected growth in the US. More importantly, as the second-fastest growing ethnic group since 2000, Hispanics account for the largest multicultural segment and one of the most significant opportunities for businesses today and in the future.

J Carcamo & Associates has absorbed the joint venture, espNOLA, to provide marketing and engagement with this valuable segment to clients. Hispanic consumers are a perfect match for most businesses. These digital-first, innovative buyers are increasingly diverse and affluent. While much can be said about demographics, their impact and spending power are undeniable.

"As a first-generation child of immigrants, I was able to see the transformation of this segment into a powerful buying force," says marketing consultant Julia Carcamo. "As a casino marketer, I've operated in markets where the Latino community was a prime demographic. Now that I have the opportunity to work in multiple jurisdictions, I see more clearly the opportunity to engage with this growing, acculturated group of people."