MONTREAL, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ("AXES" or the "Company") announces the appointment of Serge Beauchemin to the Board of Directors. Mr. Beauchemin will serve as head of the Technology, Information and Security Committee.

Serge Beauchemin is the Managing Partner of AQC Capital, a venture capital investment firm well known in Quebec for its partnership with the Anges Québec network. Mr. Beauchemin has a solid track record as an entrepreneur. At the age of 22 he co-founded 3-SOFT, one of the largest resellers of Microsoft products in Canada. The company was sold when it exceeded 75 million in revenue. His passion for entrepreneurship then led him to invest in several companies that became well-known in Quebec, including Strøm Spa, BonLook, Devolutions, Toast-Avanti and others. His business acumen and human-centric values were demonstrated to the public during his participation in the TV show "Dragon's Den" in French on ICI Radio-Canada for six consecutive seasons.

"AXES is a flagship investment in AQC Capital's portfolio," said Serge Beauchemin. "Its global reach and strong presence within the international committees that determine the standards and regulations in the industry make AXES a world leader in its niche. I am very happy to join the board of directors to contribute to the growth and acceleration of a company founded in Quebec with very strong international potential."

"We are delighted that Serge accepted to join the AXES Board of Directors," stated Guy Crevier, Chairman of the Board. "AXES is in a pivotal moment in its growth. Serge's experience and expertise will be invaluable assets to the future success of AXES."