Acres Launches Precision Bonusing™ for its Foundation™ Casino Management System

Flexible Bonusing Platform and Easy Integration with Acres' Cashless Wallet Drives Casino Player Engagement and Revenue

LAS VEGAS, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Acres Manufacturing Company ("Acres"), a leading casino loyalty and technology developer, today announced the launch of Precision Bonusing™, a bonusing platform compatible with any slot machine connected to the Acres Foundation™ ("Foundation") casino management system. Foundation's market-leading technology uniquely allows casino operators to make any slot machine immediately cashless and bonusing compatible.

Precision Bonusing is a suite of bonus applications that utilize the Foundation™ system to connect to any slot machine. Each bonus application is highly configurable, allowing casino operators to adjust the bonus pay table, trigger events and even the theme and appearance of the player-facing bonus sequence.

"Precision Bonusing allows casinos to easily integrate their own branded content into exciting bonuses on the casino floor," said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing. "Our new bonusing application transcends outdated bonusing experiences by providing a fully customizable menu of rules and trigger events. Importantly, while legacy bonusing products deploy the same themes across multiple casinos, Precision Bonusing empowers casinos to differentiate themselves by integrating their unique brand identity into on-the-floor casino bonusing."

Precision Bonusing will debut at the Indian Gaming Trade Show and Convention (commonly referred to as NIGA) April 19-22, 2022, in Anaheim, CA. At the show, Acres will be demonstrating a multi-level progressive, a wheel bonus, and a first-of-its-kind mobile bonus that pays cash and non-monetary prizes directly to an app-based cashless wallet. Casinos can also create their own bonuses or implement bonuses offered at the Foundation App Store by Acres or through third party developers.

Bonusing increases casino excitement by giving players a chance to win cash and prizes beyond the pay table offered by the slot machine. The concept was pioneered by Acres Gaming in the 1990s but has not meaningfully evolved since the company's sale in 2004. As a result, casinos today still rely on the limits of 25-year-old systems hardware that permeates land-based casinos. With the introduction of Foundation™ and Precision Bonusing™ casinos can now deliver the types of real-time, data-driven, personalized experiences that tech companies have used to fuel their rapid growth.

Noah Acres added, "The lack of technological innovation is a key reason casino revenue growth has not kept pace with other tech-driven industries. Precision Bonusing enables casinos to reveal and send cash and other prizes to the player's mobile device, which is the platform of choice for the modern consumer. With the average US adult spending over four hours per day on a smartphone, Precision Bonusing's ability to interface a live gaming session to a player's mobile device empowers casinos to influence players wherever they go."