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About J Carcamo & Associates

Created by casino marketers for casino marketers.

J Carcamo & Associates is a marketing consulting firm comprised of experienced marketing and branding professionals with decades of executive-level operational experience from some of the world’s top casino companies, along with extensive consulting experience as the practice leaders of key firms supporting the casino industry for more than 40 years. We offer complete project management with both strategic and tactical support. We partner with you to build and position your brand, helping you reach potential customers during their “I want to know” and “I want to go” moments.

Creative services need to scale for your needs and not ours. We understand that there are times you might just need an extra set of strategic or creative minds. Sometimes, you just need a fresh point of view. We are a casino marketer’s best friend. We are specialists in projects – remarkable creative, quick turnaround, and on budget.

We believe marketing is the heart that beats energy throughout the organization. Developing this lifeblood requires that we think beyond the logo to each limb, nerve, and sense. Brands are more than colors and strokes of a pen that create a logo. We work with your team to understand your vision and understand your customers (or targets) to develop the tools – be it creative or team development - you need to bring your brand to life.

We know that there may come a time when even the most successful brand may need a jump start. It may need minor cosmetic surgery, a bit of physical therapy, or major surgery. We can help you rebuild and rejuvenate your brands to be the life of the party once again.

If you are ready to change your view of marketing and build an identity that resonates with consumers and build a team that produces a tangible ROI, we are prepared for the challenge. Let’s talk about YOU.

Casino Marketing Boot Camp was a natural evolution of our desire to help casino marketers become key members of any operations team. We provide the kind of specific training needed in the field of casino marketing. Virtual or in-person, we keep groups small to provide as close to one-on-one focus as possible. Custom-tailored for your market demands, we want to help you create some of the most vital marketers around.

Latest News

New! Registration is now open for Casino Advertising Masterclass

Casino Marketing Boot Camp's popular virtual training for casino advertisers is open for registration. The weekly sessions begin January 17, 2023, and will take place on Tuesdays for 8 weekly discussions on media, creativity, and utilizing your database to drive your advertising decisions. 

The sessions are taught by founder Julia Carcamo and Adele George of AM George Marketing & Advertising. Office hours are offered to aid students with the lessons. 

"Taking what you might have learned about advertising outside of a casino environment and making it fit isn’t always as easy as we would hope," said Carcamo. "Casino advertising managers spend days worried that their budgets will get cut while they watch others stay the same (or even increase) as the demands of the market increase. The fact is advertising done well can be just as valuable as any of the other tools casino marketers use. Because advertising is typically targeted at new customers or those not already in our databases, the reinvestment on an advertising-driven visit can often be lower."

The course is designed to solidify the role of advertising in the casino marketing landscape to be better and smarter than the average advertiser.

More information and a link to a downloadable syllabus and registration information can be found at https://casinomarketingbootcamp.com/casino-advertising/.


NEW ORLEANS, LA (NOVEMBER 14, 2022) – Casino Marketing Boot Camp founder Julia Carcamo is pleased to announce that planning for the 5th signature event is well underway.

“The changes we incorporated into the 2022 event and the subsequent regional gatherings have helped us to create a program that is even more valuable to casino marketing pros and the operations they represent,” said Carcamo.

The agenda for 2023 will continue to offer the basic building blocks of casino marketing. “The biggest hit by far has been the interactive and immersive approach to sessions,” continues Carcamo. “In my follow-up discussions with attendees, I could see this approach added attendees in the internalization of these topics, allowing them to implement much of what they learned during the event upon their return to their casino operations.”

Attendee feedback continues to focus on the benefit of the small group setting providing a way to understand the industry from experts and from each other.

Casino Marketing Boot Camp has expanded its offerings beyond the annual gathering. It is now offering events such as the highly successful Winning Influencer Marketing and Mastering Casino Data series and masterclasses on Casino Advertising and Building an Iconic Casino Brand, along with regional and custom Boot Camp events. New for 2023 will be a webinar series on the changes to advertising channels and a marketing Boot Camp designed especially for senior leaders.

More information on Casino Marketing Boot Camp can be found online at www.casinomarketingbootcamp.com.

Connect with the Fastest Growing Segment in the Economy

In advance of Hispanic Heritage Month, J Carcamo & Associates announces the acquisition of the Hispanic marketing and engagement Venture, espNOLA.

The face of America is ever-evolving, and today's consumer is multicultural, representing the majority of expected growth in the US. More importantly, as the second-fastest growing ethnic group since 2000, Hispanics account for the largest multicultural segment and one of the most significant opportunities for businesses today and in the future.

J Carcamo & Associates has absorbed the joint venture, espNOLA, to provide marketing and engagement with this valuable segment to clients. Hispanic consumers are a perfect match for most businesses. These digital-first, innovative buyers are increasingly diverse and affluent. While much can be said about demographics, their impact and spending power are undeniable.

"As a first-generation child of immigrants, I was able to see the transformation of this segment into a powerful buying force," says marketing consultant Julia Carcamo. "As a casino marketer, I've operated in markets where the Latino community was a prime demographic. Now that I have the opportunity to work in multiple jurisdictions, I see more clearly the opportunity to engage with this growing, acculturated group of people."

Fractional CMO Leadership is the Solution for Your Growing Casino

J Carcamo & Associates has added a fractional product to aid casinos in growth mode and those in transition.

Are you in the middle of a search that’s taking just a little longer than you hoped? Maybe you’re looking for guidance to lead and develop a maturing marketing team. Or, perhaps you need someone to lead marketing during a period of growth, transition, or acquisition.

The rise of the “as a service” model is growing. If you can get the best software and tools on-demand, why not your marketing leadership? A fractional CMO is made for you if you’ve ever wondered how to get top-level marketing to your smaller operation.

A fractional CMO arrangement is designed to drive meaningful results. The input can aid in team and talent assessment.

More importantly, we can hit the ground running because we’ve been in various situations, large and small.

You get executive experience without the costs associated with a full-time resource.

We limit our engagements, so we don’t shortcut our attention or services to you.

Best of all, pricing can be customized to your needs.

Want to know more? Call or email us.

Webinar Series Returns with Mastering Your Casino Data

Casino Marketing Analytics Series

Four webinars to answer your questions to master your casino data and analytics, even if you’re not a data scientist.

Casino Marketing Boot Camp's continuation of its popular series of webinars restarts this summer with a four-part series focused on casino data, along with the introduction of a new coach, Andrew Engel, chief data scientist at Rasgo. Engel's first session will occur at 2:00 pm CST on Thursday, July 28, 2022. Engel promises "we will define the terms you are hearing and reading about to help you cut through the hype and understand how these techniques can be applied to casino marketing and where they should not."

In Engel's follow-up session on August 11, 2022 he will share the common traits of the most successful organizations and explain how to give your data science projects the best chance of success.

Two subsequent sessions will be led by veteran Boot Camp coach Dan White of Dan White + Associates. Each session is designed to improve decision-making for casino marketers and executives. White's August 25, 2022 session will delve into casino executives' information overload and how to manage it to provide clarity. His subsequent session on September 15, 2022 will cover cognitive biases and errors arising from data.

Registration is free. More information at casinomarketingbootcamp.com


J Carcamo & Associates to Sponsor Casino Marketing Conference

J Carcamo & Associates has partnered with Shank Marketing to sponsor the breakfast offerings at the upcoming Casino Marketing & Technology Conference at South Point Casino on July 12 & 13, 2022.

"This conference has traditionally been a must-attend for other marketers and me," said Julia Carcamo, president of J Carcamo & Associates. "So, when the team at Raving offered us an opportunity to become a part of the event's return to the casino conference schedule, we couldn't pass it up."

"There have been several changes at the property marketing level. This event will allow us to meet new marketers and reconnect with old friends," she continued.

Carcamo will be on-site for the event and hosting masterminds dinners with general managers and senior marketers, which she introduced to the event in 2019 before the event's cancellation in 2020. Attendees can arrange to meet with Carcamo in advance. Her conference calendar is accessible at https://meetings.hubspot.com/julia32, and she can be reached at (702) 682-8340.

New! CASINO MARKETING BOOT CAMP CONTINUES EXPANSION - Announcing New Gathering for Pacific Northwest Casino Marketers

June 21, 2022 (New Orleans, LA) – Following the sell-out of the annual Casino Marketing Boot Camp Signature Event and the launch of the first regionally-located event in Biloxi, MS, J Carcamo & Associates has set dates for an additional gathering in the Pacific Northwest. Casino Marketing Boot Camp Northwest will take place October 24-26, 2023, at Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort, located in the Seattle, WA, area.

"What has been most exciting about this particular event is that it is being produced at the behest of two of our JCA Collaborative associates, Justin Shank of Shank Marketing and Dan White of Dan White + Associates," says founder Julia Carcamo. "Both were Boot Camp coaches at our signature event, and both felt the casino marketers in the Northwest would appreciate having this type of unique gathering closer to them."

The new regional aspect will make it easier for casino marketers to travel to and from without much time away from their homes and work.

"Having developed many relationships in the Northwest with casino operators and working closely with Julia Carcamo, we're excited to bring the immersive Boot Camp experience to casino marketers in the area," said Justin Shank.

The agenda will include many topics on casino marketers' minds and general managers' minds. Additionally, and because of the expected addition of sports betting to many operators in the area, the agenda will also include lessons learned by other operators in their jurisdictions and the tools to help these marketers gain an advantage on the learning curve.

"Casino Marketing Boot Camp has a tremendous reputation for high-impact learning and education," said Dan White. "I'm thrilled to be working with Julia and Justin and bringing this wonderful program to the Pacific Northwest."

For the most current Boot Camp information, visit casinomarketingbootcamp.com.


June 2, 2022 (New Orleans, LA) - J Carcamo & Associates President Julia Carcamo is announcing the addition of customized Casino Marketing Boot Camp events to their product line.

"Custom Boot Camps are perfect for operators that want their team focused on specific challenges and solutions. We work with the leadership to determine the most important challenges they are seeing. Then we identify the subject matter experts that can best meet the needs," said Carcamo. "The format works much like our typical events except that the sessions are much more relevant to the operation. And because we do this on-site with the operator, they are able to include more of the team in the sessions regardless of title or department."

Industry Branding Leader Julia Carcamo, "Thrilled to be part of the Quick Custom Intelligence Community."

SAN DIEGO, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- J Carcamo & Associates and Quick Custom Intelligence ("QCI") announced that J Carcamo Associates has joined the QCI Community.  The QCI Community represents thousands of active QCI users. This community collaborates to provide innovative drivers to each other and to the QCI team. QCI is dedicated to listening to priorities from the community and doing our level best to deliver these in the product.

Julia Carcamo, casino branding industry leader, said, "Marketing brands used to be about creativity. The more creative you were, the more successful you could be. Today's brands are less about fun graphics and more about connecting with customers. Brands are only as meaningful as the stories that create the connection. Data is the oxygen that keeps those stories relevant. Having the tools that allow us to take the enormous flow of data that we have access to as brand marketers and turn it into a brand story that is easy to understand and communicate as well as actionable is invaluable for both marketers and brands."

CEO of QCI, Dr. Ralph Thomas stated, "Julia is a well-known branding expert in the industry and we know she will bring many innovative ideas to help us provide enhanced value. You can visit with Julia at select shows in the QCI booth."


After a long hiatus, Julia Carcamo is back on the air with a bi-weekly podcast, Drivetime Marketing, to give casino marketers quick tips, tricks and tools to aid their programs.

"After meeting with content experts, Mike McKiski and Landon Jones of MaxBet Media," says Carcamo, "I was convinced the podcast could be a valuable tool in sharing some useful tools for casino marketers. The original structure of the content that is easily consumed on your daily commute makes it very accessible, even if your commute is only to your home office."

While initial episodes will be host-read, Carcamo is looking forward to welcoming casino marketing pros to the podcast.

Drivetime Marketing is available for subscription on your favorite podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.


Julia Carcamo and Justin Shank to lead the discussion with casino social influencers

March 30, 2022 (New Orleans, LA) -- The annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention will be host to a conversation with the most powerful casino marketers: social influencers on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

Julia Carcamo, president and chief brand strategist of J Carcamo & Associates and the founder of Casino Marketing Boot Camp, will be leading a discussion featuring Justin Shank of Shank Marketing and casino social influencers, The Slot Cats and Kelly Koffler, and Brian Green, vice president/assistant general manager of Graton Resort & Casino.

"Organizers asked us to lead a discussion at last year's gathering," said Carcamo. "They see as we do that the role of casino influencers is only expanding."

This year's panel discussion will bring in an operations point of view and social influencer opportunities for slots and tables. "In a media world where social media content reigns supreme, casino gaming influencers are commanding armies of loyal followers to gaming floors around the world," says Shank.

Additionally, Carcamo will be leading a brand operationalization discussion later the same day. The panel includes Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel CEO JaNessa Bumgarner and Rolling Hills Casino & Resort General Manager Steve Neely. "The ever-increasing competition for the entertainment dollar makes it increasingly difficult for companies to sustain market leadership over time or differentiate their brand from a crowded marketplace. However, every casino has a secret weapon," says Carcamo. "A definitive brand identity expressed through guest and team member touchpoints can help build long-term relationships and maintain higher retention and profit margins. JaNessa and Steve are leading their teams while brand building for long-term growth."


Casino Marketing Boot Camp, a 360-degree view and training specifically designed for casino marketers, has successfully returned to an in-person format. "We knew it could be a risk to plan an in-person gathering, but we were pleasantly surprised by the demand," said founder Julia Carcamo. "We reached our maximum attendance far earlier than past years, forcing us to cut off registration."

Attendees have been providing overwhelmingly positive feedback and thoughts for the planning of future events.

The signature interactive nature of the gathering allows attendees to learn from thought leaders and peers. "I loved the collaboration, ability to ask questions, and the opportunity to get a lot of insight into what other marketers are thinking," said one attendee.

Casino Marketing Boot Camp provides year-round training, virtually and in person. 

Coming Next:

Casino Advertising Masterclass starting April 2022

Mini Boot Camp - The Digital Transformation of Casino Marketing, May 3, Biloxi, MS



February 16, 2022 (New Orleans, LA) -- The success and sell-out of the annual Casino Marketing Boot Camp has led founder Julia Carcamo, president of J Carcamo & Associates, to announce the launch of regionally-located one-day Boot Camp events for casino marketers.

“During the pandemic, we saw a real interest in getting as much information, tips, and tools to help casino marketers better understand their target audiences as well as an understanding of the evolution of marketing itself,” said Carcamo. “These trainings were held virtually, but in 2022, we’ve returned to in-person events, and the early sell-out of our multi-day Boot Camp in New Orleans signals the desire for marketers to collaborate and share best practices face-to-face.”

The new regional aspect will make it easier for casino marketers to travel to and from without much time away from their homes and work.

Coinciding with the start of the 2022 Southern Gaming Summit, the first regional Boot Camp event will take place on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at the IP Casino Resort located in Biloxi, MS, and will be focused on the Digital Transformation of Casino Marketing.

While most marketers have been using digital marketing tools for years, their importance in connecting with new and existing customers grew faster than many were prepared for. Additionally, traditional media has evolved to allow casino marketers to pinpoint the delivery of their messages, often down to the address level. All these changes continue to move at a quick pace. Carcamo’s goal for this day is to educate casino marketers on these new tools and give them the skills they need to elevate their marketing.

Additional regional dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

For the most current Boot Camp information, visit casinomarketingbootcamp.com.