Noah Acres Discusses Cashless Technology in Global Gaming Business Magazine (GGB)

Acres’ Foundation casino management system provides a proprietary pathway to that credit meter, he says. “We connect directly the machine’s primary SAS port and have the ability to change the game’s credit meter on command. We consider ourselves the last piece of pipe that connects to the game. Our system can interface to any payment processor—Sightline, Everi, Marker Trax, Global Payments, etc.—and move money from the wallet to the game. We can even support multiple payment processors simultaneously," explains Noah Acres, chief operating officer of Acres Manufacturing.

In September, Acres Manufacturing launched the Acres Wallet, a single-interface solution that combines the cashless function with data gleaned from the loyalty function of the Foundation system. “In addition to a cash balance, the Acres Wallet can also hold all the player’s points, free play, updated line of credit or any other store of value relative to the gaming experience,” Acres says. “The Acres Wallet provides a thrilling peripheral experience during live play. Because the wallet is able to update in real time with every spin of the slot machine, points and credit meter balances are updated in real time. The casino can send in-app messages to the player relative to their play, and can even bonus players within the Acres Wallet.

“In addition to cashless, our wallet provides an entire experience. Real-time data allows in-app marketing and even features bonuses that can be linked to any game in the house.”

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