Gaming Arts To Feature A Historic Number Of New Games At G2E 2021

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- At G2E 2021, Gaming Arts (Booth 3353) will be showcasing its new and approved VertX™ Grand cabinet This new 49" portrait cabinet is state-of-the-art and serves as the flagship platform for Gaming Arts' new VertX™ line of cabinets. In conjunction with the VertX™ cabinet debut, GA proudly offers a full library of new and approved games ready for immediate release, only on the VertX™

Gaming Arts New Pub™ Series at G2E

The new VertX™ Grand creates a new standard in cabinet design. It's sleek and feature-rich cabinet is designed to stand out on any casino floor and its "best of breed" components have been carefully selected to maximize the gaming experience by balancing functionality, precision and entertainment. This exclusive library of new games for the VertX™ Grand includes eleven truly exciting and innovative themes designed to delight players while meeting the high expectations players everywhere have come to expect from Gaming Arts.

Leading off the new VertX™ library will be the Let's Spin™ series which are fast-paced new games that will bring out the true gambler in any player with their industry first game mechanics. The library also includes the new Pub™ series which provide players an exciting world tour of great Pubs across the globe from Kaleigh's Irish Pub to Isabella's Tequileria to Anastasia's Tavern to Sofia's Cellar. When the drinks start to flow, so does the player excitement and wins! In addition, Kung Fu Empress™ and Jackpot Go™ will also make their debut.

The new lineup of VertX™ games doesn't stop there. Gaming Arts' Casino Wizard™ electronic table multi-game, which has taken the country by storm with unparalleled performance will soon have a big brother, Casino Wizard VIP™. Casino Wizard VIP™ will include a greatly expanded game lineup with some of the most intriguing side bets available anywhere, all of which can only be found exclusively on Casino Wizard VIP™.

Many new games for the dual screen Phocus™ cabinets will also take center stage including the fast-paced Quick X™ series, Fortune Finders™, Cash Quest™ and Cyber Dragon™. Premiering as well are several new games for Gaming Arts' HaloTop™ wheel cabinet including the fun-loving Gumball Game™, the hilariously scary Spooky Spins™ and Fortune Flip™.

Jean Venneman, newly promoted to COO of Gaming Arts, commented, "This is a very exciting time for the company as we continue to expand into new markets with a host of new games and products and we fully expect the VertX™ Grand to continue this success and greatly increase placements. The initial response to VertX™ Grand has been tremendous, well exceeding early estimates. With over 200 units in backlog already and growing rapidly."

"I could not be prouder of the entire Gaming Arts family who have exceeded expectations in the creation of this wonderful new cabinet line along with a historic number of new games," Venneman concluded.

As the world leader in keno systems and high stakes bingo, Gaming Arts will also continue its tradition of innovation in these areas including the new TITO enabled and completely self-contained EZ Keno kiosk along with exciting new bingo offerings.