Acres Manufacturing Company Announces the Acres Wallet™


Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) today announced the launch of the Acres Wallet™, a game changing mobile experience that blends cashless payments with real-time loyalty and bonusing in a live casino environment.

“The Acres Wallet allows the player’s mobile device to serve as an extension of any real-time gaming experience,” said Noah Acres of AMC. “Players can fund their play, earn and redeem points and experience thrilling mobile bonuses on their own device. The Acres Wallet represents the beginning of a new era in casino gaming, and we are proud to unveil it.”

The Acres Wallet™ interfaces with the company’s Foundation™ casino management system, which provides real-time gaming data and ability to change the slot machine’s credit meter on command. Casinos deploying the Acres Wallet™ can use it as a standalone mobile app or by importing elements of the Acres Wallet™ into the casino’s proprietary app.

“The Acres Wallet provides cashless transfers to any slot machine, table game or casino cage terminal,” said Noah Acres. In addition to cash, the wallet also stores free play, points, promotional vouchers or any other value category offered by the casino. “Our wallet automates the issuance and redemption of player incentives. Rewards can be issued directly to the player’s wallet, which can then be transferred to any live slot machine or table game.”

The Acres Wallet™ includes a new bonusing and loyalty platform that allows bonuses to be targeted, measured, and timed for deployment using advanced real-time player analytics. In addition, the bonusing platform can integrate any brand or personality into a casino bonus that integrates in real-time with any slot machine linked to Foundation. “We are working with brands, sports teams and influencers to offer their own bonuses, which can even become nationwide progressives offering huge prizes,” said Noah Acres.

About Acres Manufacturing Company

Acres Manufacturing Company (AMC) is a leading casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of Foundation™, the first-of-its-kind casino management system. Foundation provides casinos with real-time data from slot machines and a direct interface to the credit meter on any slot machine. AMC was founded by John Acres, the inventor of casino systems technology. For more information on Acres Manufacturing Company and Foundation, visit