Aruze Gaming America announces several changes to its organizational structure and their leadership team

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (10/03/2017) - Aruze Gaming America (“Aruze”) today announced several changes to its organizational structure and leadership team that will become effective October 3rd, 2017.

“Aruze is continually looking at adapting our organization in response to changes in the gaming market and personal situations,” stated Takahiro Usui, Aruze’s CEO and Chairman of the Board. He added that, “this revised management structure will more fully optimize the talents and passions of our individual executives.”

The organizational changes announced today include the resignation of Richard Pennington from his positions as President, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Financial Officer at Aruze. Mr. Pennington remarked that, “I am extremely proud to have been a member of executive management at Aruze for the last seven years. I truly wish I could continue for another seven years, but my personal situation makes that impractical.” Mr. Pennington, will continue his association with Aruze as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Senior Advisor to the CFO and CEO.

With Mr. Pennington’s departure, Eric Persson will assume the responsibilities of President and be added as a Member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Persson has also been appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer. “I’m excited to be a part of this opportunity and to utilize the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 18 years to take Aruze’s sales, marketing, and R&D to the next level.” Mr. Usui added, “Eric is a proven leader with a track record of success. I’m confident that he is the right person for these roles.”

Yugo Kinoshita, Aruze’s current COO and Member of the Board of Directors, will relinquish his responsibilities as COO to Mr. Persson and focus on finance, accounting, treasury, and strategic planning as Aruze’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategic Officer. In addition to overseeing Aruze’s strategic planning process, Mr. Kinoshita will continue managing its manufacturing operations. Mr. Pennington, Aruze’s former CFO stated, “Yugo is a great fit for this position; he is strategic, well educated, and a seasoned gaming executive.”

With these organizational changes, Robert Ziems, Aruze’s Chief Legal Officer will continue with his current responsibilities reporting directly to both the Board of Directors and the CEO. Mr. Ziems will assume the additional responsibilities of Corporate Secretary and become a Member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Ziems stated, “I feel fortunate to join a Board with complementary skill sets and 80+ years of gaming experience.”

Mr. Usui closed by pointing out, “Aruze exists to make gaming more entertaining for the player. These organizational changes enhance our leadership capabilities and gives Aruze the best opportunity to fulfill its mission.”