Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Announces Multiple Promotions

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (April 13, 2021) – Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) has promoted dozens of team members throughout its global offices, across a wide variety of positions and job functions, and throughout the company’s strata.
Promoted to senior vice president are Christine Gallo, Compliance and Quality Assurance, and Kevin Mullally, Government Relations and General Counsel.
Promoted to vice president are Elizabeth Harrison, Human Resources; Mackenzie Haugh, Engineering; Sangeeta Reddy, Engineering; and Angela Zografos, Vice President, Legal, Corporate and Regulatory Compliance.
Throughout the company’s global laboratories, dozens of engineers have also been promoted.
The announcement is the latest in a string of news from the company celebrating promotions and new hires and reflects GLI’s continued commitment to its global team members at all levels as well as to the regulators, suppliers, and operators it serves.
“I am thrilled to announce these promotions and am equally excited that they are taking place in each of our labs around the world. These exemplary leaders are examples of what we mean at GLI when we say to clients that we are ready for what tomorrow brings. Each of them are ready to provide the critical local insights needed for our clients to explore new markets, meet any challenge, and ready to help our clients meet their goals – plain and simple. We are so proud of each of them for all they have achieved through their hard work and diligence and look forward to great things in the future,” said GLI President/CEO James Maida.
Through the worldwide challenges seen over the last year that affected all of us, GLI remained focused on developing our talent so each team member can form critical client partnerships, working to identify where and how to best meet our client’s changing needs. As part of work over the past year during the pandemic, the company invested in reshaping its leadership for the GLI of tomorrow with an even greater focus on customer service, client retention, internal team member growth and engagement, and world-class service delivery.
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