Direct mail is a robust advertising tool and is even more powerful when personalized. Personalization has become easy to achieve with today’s technology and gives your guests the sense that you’re communicating with them on a one-to-one basis. Paired with branded creative from our Buzz Team, your audience is sure to look forward to opening their mailbox and receiving one of your direct mail pieces.

Personalization Grabs Attention

Direct mail has become very powerful with the rise of digital marketing, as it feels more sincere and personal than traditional advertising. This channel can be used when other areas of your marketing plans fall short. For example, if a percentage of your players stop opening your emails, you can create a direct mail campaign to get them reinvested in your property and your offers.

Personalization Will Target

Personalization has grown beyond just addressing your customer by name. Now, you can send relevant offers and events that will make them want to walk through your doors. By using variable data, you can target certain audiences for dedicated nights that match their purchasing preference or demographic, and also make offers more appealing.

Personalization Improves Guest Experience

Receiving personalized content simplifies your customers’ decisions. Instead of having to go to your property  website and look through your promotions calendar or events to find something to do on a Saturday night, you can provide them with a reason to visit your property. Depending on your player’s history, you can send them comped show tickets, free play, or a dinner.

Direct mail possibilities are endless, but it is important to find the schedule that is most fitting for your customers. Let us help come up with effective design and content. When paired with personalized offers your direct campaign can make an immediate impact. Reach out today!