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Key Personnel

Earle G. Hall - Chief Executive Officer
Marc-André Bédard - Chief Financial Officer
Nicolas Tremblay - Chief Technology Officer
Rose Bridle - Chief Operating Officer

About AXES.ai

AXES is the Global Gaming Industry’s cashless pioneer and FinTech Innovator. AXES is a real-time IoT, Blockchain and Big Data Cloud Information Management System that eradicates fraud, theft and illicit activities to focus on performance. The AXES Cloud streams deep, rich data from Governments, Casinos and Route/Street Operations in more than 40 countries from every type of gaming machine to generate actionable intelligence and enhanced performance. The AXES APP Store offers a wide range of proprietary and third-party apps to empower its prestigious clientele with next-generation, affordable Apps to generate and leverage new and incremental revenue sources. AXES is the future of casino information management TODAY. 


The AXES cutting edge cloud-based solution has the lowest total cost of ownership of all Cloud Information Management Platform in the industry.



It requires 3 core components.

The Blackbox - Installed directly in each slot machine, the BlackBox securely and automatically collects, stores and communicates data, ensuring that your mission-critical information is always accessible for efficient operational management.

AIMS - The AXES Information Management System (AIMS) is a cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of a gaming operation. AIMS performs player, marketing, operations, security, reporting and all other requirements for efficient operations.

LID: Local Integrity Device - The LID is the answer to unreliable Internet and completely redundant local cloud services. The LID ensures that the mission critical transactions such as ticket in, ticket out are locally redundant so that cloud availability is never an issue.

For more information about AXES, visit AXES at www.AXES.ai 

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Latest News


LAS VEGAS, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AXES.ai ("AXES" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the release of Sovereign, the land-based casino environment's first fully integrated, autonomous cashless platform.

Sovereign offers an integrated platform with full TiTo, SmartCard, Cashier, Credit Push to Gaming Machine functionality as well as kiosk connectivity and of course, the Butler Open/Closed Loop Cashless App. Sovereign integrates into the current casino environment or can be operated completely in parallel or even without a casino management system. AXES Media is also integrated with Sovereign to create new and accretive revenue source from media and publicity.

Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES.ai mentioned, "AXES understands that casinos must migrate to cashless rapidly and navigate through the important constraints of their current legacy systems. Sovereign bridges that gap to ensure you can adapt to the rapidly evolving cashless market without delays and constraints of traditional systems.

Rosalinda Bridle, Chief Product Officer of AXES.ai added, "The Industry needs a cutting-edge, full-service cashless platform to capture new market niches and player behaviors. Sovereign is just that. Sovereign adapts to all environments to ensure casinos can migrate rapidly and easily to cashless. Our mission is to make the evolution to cashless a revolution."

For a demo, simply write sovereign@AXES.ai and we would love to share our excitement!


AXES.ai is pleased to announce several key appointments to its management team.

Rosalinda Van Rooyen has been promoted from Chief Operating Officer of AXESnetwork to Chief Product Officer of AXES.ai and will oversee all creation, design, build and rollout of fintech, media, apps and AXES products as a whole. Rosalinda has been with AXES for three years and has made an incredible contribution in all aspects of the success and acceleration of AXES on a global scale.

Ian Brown has been appointed as Chief Information Officer of AXES and will be responsible for leading all research, development, product and technology. Ian's fintech, B.I and technology design expertise is enviable. He was instrumental as the CTO of AXES Apps and is now at the helm of designing the future of AXES.ai which incorporates AXESnetwork and AXES APPS.

Danielle Parsons has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of AXESnetwork and will be responsible for all commercialization, installation, and customer service. Danielle has had an extensive and successful career in both start-ups and large organizations with a focus in gaming. Her experience with Adobe, Aristocrat, GAN and Joingo (acquired by Sightline) will enhance AXES capability to scale and accelerate.

Jacob Verret has been appointed Chief Information Security Officer. Jacob's expertise in fintech corporate security ranges from LightSpeed to Deloitte where he led teams to ensure information security was priority number one. His latest challenge at WorkJam made him a perfect fit for this strategic role to ensure AXES continues to lead in this critical corporate priority.

"The core strategic advantage of AXES is its people," stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES.ai. "We are a people company first, that thrives on ingenuity second and makes great products third. These appointments will accelerate our mission to make our industry safer and more fun. I feel blessed that such amazingly competent people choose AXES and our quest to improve our Industry."


LAS VEGAS, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AXES.ai ("AXES" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with Cyprus-based Fintech Blueberry Payment Solutions to offer the AXES European client base an integrated Open Loop cashless eWallet. The Blueberry Payment Solutions eVoucher, eWallet, Card, and IBAN Cloud Account is already integrated with the AXES Butler Closed Loop eWallet, Loyalty, Rewards and Engagement APP, for Merchants and Clients.

"AXES has the most advanced, secure and complete closed loop cashless platform in the global land-based gaming industry," stated Rhyan Bridle, Founder & CTO of Blueberry Payment Solutions. "The Blueberry Payment Solutions platform, technology, licenses, IP and certifications will empower AXES European Clients to instantly transfer funds to their AXES closed loop wallet and to AXES Casino Float Accounts. This powerful partnership will rapidly evolve the fintech performance and possibilities of the land-based gaming industry, and we are very excited to offer the power of the Blueberry Payment Solutions to the AXES client base."

"Blueberry Payment Solutions is a perfect fit for AXES," stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES.ai. "Blueberry Payment Solutions truly understands that a casino eWallet is a personal player to casino relationship based on loyalty, engagement and rewards. We are grateful to Blueberry Payment Solutions for having customized their product offering to align with our strategy to support our European AXES clientele to ensure they have the most powerful engagement strategy in the global land-based casino gaming market. We look forward to evolving our product base with Blueberry Payment Solutions as we integrate multiple forms of payment, funding and financial instruments"

ABOUT Blueberry Payment Solutions
Blueberry Payment Solutions is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) authorized for the distribution of e-Money. Offering an alternative banking platform, Blueberry Payment Solutions, allows the community a safe place to send, receive, hold and invest, with absolute confidence and reliability. The all-encompassing platform empowers merchants, corporations, and end-user clients to perform their day-to-day payments and banking operations. Blueberry Payment Solutions draws on the adroitness of cloud technology to guarantee the highest security and availability of its solution. Currently, in 11 countries, Blueberry Payment Solutions has an offering for both land-based and online merchant services, ensuring the power of personalized banking is not compromised.

For more information, contact https://blueberrycard.eu/

AXES is the Global Gaming Industry's land-based cashless pioneer and FinTech disruptor. AXES empowers governments, casinos and route/street with highly secure, real-time data collection to fuel alerts, events, analytics, cashless and infinite other apps in the AXES APP Store. AXES harnesses the power of blockchain cloud technology to ensure the highest security, speed and availability of any platform in the Global Gaming Industry. With offices in seven countries and clients in more than 40 countries, AXES is the only 100% independent system provider in the land-based gaming industry, providing quantitative actionable intelligence and applications. AXES is the future of casino information management TODAY.

For more information, contact info@AXES.ai


MONTREALApril 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AXES.ai ("AXES" or the "Company") announces that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of a state-of-the-art cloud-based media management platform. This platform will replace the current media screens AXES has deployed globally and connect them to a cloud-based management system for media, automated ad placement and information management.

The platform, to be branded AXES.TV, boasts the ability to build, schedule, manage and track all interaction with patrons as well as to broadcast general publicity, client information and offers to their patrons. The platform connects to all major technology-driven ad placement agencies to offer AXES the ability to broadcast publicity and generate new and accretive revenue for AXES clients. AXES.TV will be fully integrated with the AXES Fintech strategy and will include a frictionless experience between its mobile app (Butler), cashless media screens and kiosk screens with a personalized media experience for each patron.

"This is a quantum leap for AXES interactive strategy to ensure our clients can directly engage with their patrons" stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES.ai. "This acquisition will empower AXES clients to offer interactive publicity to tailor a patron's experience to receive, in real-time, communication, marketing and publicity relevant to each person. Moreover, this new product base will fuel the AXES anti-money laundering and responsible gaming surveillance system and further advance the artificial intelligence base for detection and awareness."

AXES Obtains Two Puerto Rico Gaming Suppliers Licenses

AXES.ai, the Global Gaming Land-Based Industry’s Cashless Pioneer and FinTech Innovator, announces that it has been granted two key Gaming Supplier Licenses by the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission (PRGC).

The Slot Machines in the Route Service Industry License and the Casino Service Industry License are essential to obtain the authorization to commercialize in Puerto Rico. AXES will now offer and integrate its Regulatory Monitoring System, its Casino Management System and its Route Management System in the Puerto Rico market. 

“The Puerto Rican market is one of the highest potential markets in the USA”, stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES. “The PRGC is focused on creating a world-class, legitimate gaming market, and AXES is very excited to have obtained these two gaming supplier licenses at such a strategic moment. AXES offers a fast, affordable and powerful path to legitimacy, transparency and traceability through data monitoring, cashless, responsible gaming and anti-money laundering to name but a few of the hundreds of applications and functions in the AXES Cloud. We are very excited to offer our expertise and applications to this promising market.”


AXES is the Global Gaming Industry’s cashless pioneer and FinTech Innovator. AXES is a real-time IoT, Blockchain and Big Data Cloud Information Management System that eradicates fraud, theft and illicit activities to focus on performance. The AXES Cloud streams deep, rich data from governments, casinos and route/street operations in more than 40 countries from every type of gaming machine to generate actionable intelligence and enhanced performance. The AXES APP Store offers a wide range of proprietary and third-party apps to empower its prestigious clientele with next-generation, affordable Apps to generate and leverage new and incremental revenue sources. AXES is the future of casino information management today. 

For more information about AXES or to request a demo, visit AXES at www.AXES.ai 

AXES CEO to Deliver IAGR Keynote on the Future of Compliance

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Annual Conference will take place September 13-16 in Boston, USA. Earle G. Hall, CEO of AXES, will be delivering the first Keynote on How Big Data will Reshape Compliance & Regulation.

“IAGR is the world’s most prestigious association for driving innovation and fostering international cooperation among regulators,” stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES. “It is an honor for me to speak to such a reputable and distinguished audience of global influencers and policymakers. We are at a tipping point, information availability, reliability and accuracy will make the difference in our industry. I am humbled to share my vision and the path to embracing big data to create a more secure, transparent and integral industry."

IAGR’s annual conference brings senior international gambling regulators and industry stakeholders together to hear from leading speakers, discuss known and emerging issues and connect and share knowledge about regulatory policy and practice, the latest research and industry developments and trends. IAGR 2021 stands apart from the increasingly crowded annual calendar of gambling conferences because it’s the representative body for gambling regulators and provides a voice and mechanism to help inform and shape regulatory policy and practice. 

For more information about the IAGR conference, visit www.iagr2021.com.

AXES launches the Beat the Streak Jackpot application on their IoT Platform with Quick Custom Intelligence

Quick Custom Intelligence (“QCI”) and AXES jointly announced the release of Beat the Streak (BTS) Jackpot. BTS captures and analyzes game patterns and outcomes to deliver customizable winning and losing streak prizes per game, bank, location and/or wide area progressive to increase player loyalty and engagement while creating new and accretive revenue for the casino. BTS is built on the proven AXES IoT platform to deliver real time streak responses (Jackpots).

“Beat the Streak is the most exciting jackpot innovation I have seen in our Industry in many years,” stated Earle G. Hall, CEO of AXES.  “Game volatility can cause a very negative player experience. Rewarding streaks removes this inherent gaming risk, because game volatility is offset and replaced by excitement and even a life-changing moment. BTS is an application built on the proven AXES IoT platform and delivers a real time experience by reinventing the gaming experience with this cutting-edge jackpot to our clients worldwide. 

“With over 30,000 games worldwide running in real time, AXES provides a truly unique innovative platform not seen before in the gaming industry,” said Mr. Andrew Cardno, CTO of QCI.  Mr. Cardno went on to say, “Launching this unique guest jackpot experience with innovative partners like AXES, affords QCI the opportunity to develop industry-leading technology for our customers that is customizable and drives customer’s time on device and casino profits.”