The Buzz Creative Group culture is centered around our Core Values. One of our key core components is to Live Passionately.

Identifying passion is vital in creative spaces. It enables innovation, empowerment, and inspiration. Having a passionate team provides positive energy to the workplace and helps progressive ideas flourish. By providing the most creative ideas and best service to our clients, it truly makes us feel like an extension of your marketing team.

We’ve asked our team to share something in their day-to-day they are most passionate about.

Check out their replies:

“I’m passionate about learning something new every day.”
Abby J.

Learning new skills from my fellow co-workers.”
Kaylee M.

“There’s deep passion watching hive teammates live by the Buzz Core Values. Nothing is more inspiring than witnessing people genuinely help each other, feel confident to bee themselves, or living passionately [at both work and home]. It pushes me to be better every day!”
Katie M.

“I’m passionate about learning new creative techniques. Whether researching tutorials or from team collaboration, there’s a million ways to get to reach the same destination and I love expanding and improving my skills.”
Kaitlyn H.

“I am passionate about trying new design styles and learning new techniques on a variety of different project types in order to push myself outside of my creative box and keep designs fresh and imaginative.”
Amber K.

“I’m passionate about collaborating with the team. Whether we are helping each other critique a project or helping each other push an idea further. We have so many cool perspectives in the barn and it is always awesome to see the team helping each other get the best out of each other.”
Gabe S.

“I find great passion in building genuine partnerships with team members and client partners.”
Jenna A.

“I’m passionate about finding creative new ways to reflect and express a range of emotion through my work, the team is a great motivator to stay inspired and continue pushing to find ways to connect with people.”
Isaiah O.

“I’m passionate about pushing my creative boundaries, getting uncomfortable by thinking outside of the box, and applying it to what I design. Buzz is so great at encouraging us to try new ways of doing things!”
Kristy R.

“I am passionate about defeating problems and doing the best work possible, every day!”
Jan S.