A solid database is essential to planning events and promotions for your core customer, but the first step is getting visitors to actually signup. We’ve found it beneficial for properties to host new member signup campaigns in order to promote both new guests and to enhance the overall awareness of your campaign strategy.


Now that your property has successfully achieved new visitors walking through your door, it is time to put your membership program’s marketing campaign to work. By gathering information on the different types of visitors that come to your property, you are given the opportunity to create specific content and events that hit home to your type of customer. It is also very important to have their contact information as well in order to send offers through the mail, e-mail, surveys and more.


A new member campaign can be a fun and high-energy event with great incentives. Since this may be some of your customers’ first interaction with your property, it is important that your campaign builds a strong sense of loyalty.

Promotional Events

Events that have done well for our properties include giving out free play with signups or providing a percentage of money back for losses. This can be given back as free play or in monthly offers to equal the amount lost. If you want to take it to the next level, you can add giveaway items or a uniquely designed prize wheel with exciting signage for a larger event.

Buzz is here to help you every step of the way when launching new member campaigns. We’ve found that  eye-catching traditional and digital creative; is integral to all new member campaign results. Our hive is always buzzin’ with more ideas that can be tailored to any property. Contact us today!