Do you need help building your organizational brand voice and creating successful design strategy for your property? At Buzz, we specialize in strategic brand initiatives and find effective ways to communicate based on your goals.  We take pride in offering brand evaluations, target market studies, competitive analysis, strategic direction, and internal/ external execution.  Provided below are a few of the initial steps we take in order to successfully launch a brand.


Clearly defining your target market is one of the most important tasks.  It is the foundation for all marketing and advertising elements.  This will determine how you develop your particular ad campaigns and which platform you channel in on.  It is important to note that your target audience is not everyone.  Understanding and getting to know the particular niche your business dominates will bring success. After a full analysis of your target market, you may define your audience with A-B testing to find other pockets of guests that may be interested in visiting your property.



We are here to help you build a plan that embraces your target audience.  The Buzz team will take a look at the competition to ensure that we are going above and beyond their efforts, and to ultimately provide your property stands out among the rest.  Once we determine the route we are going to take with you marketing plan, we then ensure that absolutely everything is consistent across all mediums of advertising.  We want potential customers to see a billboard or digital ad and know that is your property without even a thought. 


Another major step in making sure your plan is successful is ensuring that it has the ability to quickly change and adapt with the market. Change is never-ending, whether it be the news or the weather, we understand how to make a swift change in the marketing plan in order to take full advantage. The gaming industry is so fast, and we understand the need for quick and efficient creative turnaround.  Our busy bees are always ready to jump on a problem and strategize a solution.

The Buzz Creative Group can help your organization with a brand launch, strategic planning, creative production, and more. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you.  

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