Email marketing is a powerful and great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. A great aspect of email is its use as a call to action, which aids in directing your audience straight to your website. Email marketing works at its best when it’s personalized and tailored specifically toward your customers. Check out some of the reasons why we find email marketing to be so effective.


            Email marketing allows businesses to reach a large number of people at a rate of next to nothing per message. It is essential to start campaigns that allow you to collect customer emails, so you have a great database to work from.


            Email marketing segmentation is crucial in creating a more personalized experience. When you segment your audience into lists, the tailored message resonates with your reader and provides a more targeted message. With the right segmentation and creative customization, you will have an email with a strong a call to action.  


            Email as a platform has already trained users to respond with either a reply, forward, sign-up, or external click. You can direct traffic to your website immediately and drive sales. This goes beyond just newsletters, and also includes email automation based on customer triggers.


            Once you have perfected customization and email artwork, it is time to measure your data. You can track everything from who opened the email to which links were clicked. It is very easy to see exactly how well your email campaigns have performed, and then gives you the ability to make adjustment to increase the effectiveness. A/B testing can reveal a great wealth of data about your subscribers as well. 

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