As the evolution of social media continues to shape the online community, several non-traditional advertising digital trends have started to cultivate. Some of the most popular are social media hashtags, Snapchat filter campaigns, and the use of live streaming. All of which have the potential to provide interaction and engagement with your target audience.  

Since the dawn of Twitter, hashtags were at the forefront of social media marketing and advertising. At Buzz, we love the use of hashtags because they allow companies to jump into conversation with potential customers and enhance their experiences. In addition, hashtags provide an extended reach to the social media community outside of friends, followers, or subscribers that the company’s post may not have otherwise reached. Hashtags categorize your posts and keep your customers ‘in the know’.   That is why it is clever to create a fun hashtag; it could entice your customer to use, and ultimately create promotional awareness.   

Snapchat has changed the game. It provides an even more personal experience between app users. With ‘audience filters’ and ‘geo-filters’, advertisers have the ability to promote themselves through targeted filters based on particular interests, age, gender, and more, paving the way for an extremely efficient advertising experience.  Snapchat is able to foster a widened organic reach from users sending Snaps of company filters to their friends.  

Live Streaming
Finally, live streaming provides a more personal and authentic presentation allowing advertisers to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their latest products. That is why many of our clients schedule a live stream on their social media platforms. Plus, live streaming also creates a community of engagement and reach, where company representatives may interact and respond to questions with their target audience. 

What we know…
The constant innovation of digital media will continue to improve the customer and advertising experience. The Buzz Creative Group can help your organization with strategic planning, creative production, digital placement and evaluation. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you.  

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