In the midst of the digital age, the over saturation of internet marketing has only increased the success of traditional direct mail campaigns. We believe there are three particular factors that drive a successful direct mail campaign. 

1. Quality Creative: Quality creative is integral when it comes to direct mail. A thought-provoking, brain-stimulating image is essential to lengthening the time a potential guest will look at your mail piece, and boosts the likelihood of taking action on your campaign. In addition, it’s important to use colors wisely. For instance, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange evoke feelings of excitement and energy, while cool colors like blue, green, and violet induce feelings of calm. Therefore, you may consider vibrant, warm colors for casino campaigns opposed to tranquil, cool colors for spa getaways, wine tastings, restaurants, etc. 

2. Targeting: Analyzing your existing customers will allow you to expand your customer base and achieve a higher ROI. Understanding your demographics such as gender, age, income, leisure activities and more are crucial to perfecting your mail piece. Once your audience is known, use the proper medium to deliver your message and promotions. Postcards are very effective in many direct mail campaigns because it breaks down the barrier of opening the envelope, and delivers the message without the chance of it being deemed as, ‘junk mail’ and thrown to the wayside. On the other hand, sending a letter addressed to your VIP or top tier customers may also show exclusivity, which may promote your event or promotion well.

3. Measurable Call to Action: When all is said and done, a direct mail campaign cannot be effective and successful without a definitive call to action. It is more than likely that the reader is skimming through your mail piece, therefore it’s important to provide valuable information. In this message, ‘Ask and you shall receive,’ could not serve of any higher importance. For whatever purpose your direct mail campaign serves, a call-to-action is the final step to ensure a successful and effective direct mail campaign. 

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