Consumers are increasingly opting for contactless environments and choosing not to keep physical money on hand. To cater to this demand, the gaming industry is shifting to deliver an alternative, cashless experience that many guests now prefer. Cashless gaming has the power to give patrons the freedom of digital ticketing and uninterrupted play while allowing casino operations to tap a more cost-effective, secure payment method on the floor.

With the help of Global Payments Gaming SolutionsDownstream Casino Resort (Quapaw, Okla.) has successfully enabled the use of VIP Mobility, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless casino gaming, on its casino floor.

Traditional forms of wagering and betting leave casino operators and their patrons with an inconvenient, expensive and insecure experience. However, VIP Mobility transforms casino gaming to provide a seamless and secure player experience from funding through cash-out. Patrons can quickly create digital TITO tickets on their mobile devices, easily pair their device to any slot or table game by scanning a QR code and reload funds right from their phone. Once playing is complete, guests can immediately retrieve funds, ensuring play is never interrupted to get cash.

“Consumers are choosing to go cashless in virtually every aspect of their daily lives, so funding play on the casino floor should not be any different,” said Christopher Justice, president of Global Payments Gaming Solutions. “With VIP Mobility, Downstream Casino Resort is equipped with the tools needed to cater to consumer demand while ensuring patrons enjoy convenient and flexible gaming options to boost their experience.”

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