At the Buzz Creative Group, we bee-lieve in the importance of developing all-star copy.  Our goal is to ensure we create a clear, yet actionable message in each piece of content we design.  To support this process, we’ve implemented guidelines that help us provide the best copy service for our client partners. 

1: Understand your target, speak to them.
The first and most essential step in our copy development process is to thoroughly understand your target audience. Copy is most effective when a message is pinpointed toward a single person or group, as opposed to developing a message that is geared toward the masses.  When writing, consider who is likely to be your audience and speak to them. 

2: Be clear…and concise.
Your message must be clear, concise, and geared toward the action you want your readers to take. For example, you may request that your readers to sign up for a newsletter, visit your property, or contact you via telephone call. Start by writing a solid ending, and then cut out information that may sidetrack the reader from taking action.

3: Find the deeper value.
Write down all of the facts or benefits about the topic, then pick the most compelling topics.  You must create a value statement that pertains to the reader. Paint a picture that relates to them, answer the why, and clearly communicate how the product or service offered is valuable to your target.

4: Test away!
This is the fun part… At Buzz, we put our copy in front of several eyes internally to catch any necessary changes.  This keeps our hive strong and helps us present the best work to our partners.  It is crazy how small changes such as font styles, sizes, or titles can weigh so heavy on the success of advertising copy.  We also take pride in A/B testing; targeting different messages to the same targeted audience. We then evaluate by measuring the effectiveness of each piece of content.

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you and help with all of your creative and copy needs!

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