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Key Personnel

Kristina Schmit - President
Joseph Schmit - Product Specialist 

About Meter Image Capturing

Meter Image Capturing is a revolutionary new system designed to reduce the time/resources spent on the monotonous progressive meter reading task. MIC is able to collect progressive meter data exponentially faster than typical methods commonly used in the industry today, as well as automatically provide this data to back-end audit/financial departments.

The Meter Image Capturing system, ran on an android compatible device, uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Voice Recognition (VR) as well as manual keypad entry to collect progressive meter data. Collecting progressive meter data electronically not only drastically decreases time spent reading meters, but also allows for instantaneous transmission to those who deal with this data. MIC is able to use technology to replace the archaic pen/paper method commonly used in casinos across the country.

Meter Image Capturing is designed to expedite the progressive meter reading process. The system allows for a revamped progressive meter reading experience, all the while being able to capture 100% of machines on any given casino floor. MIC's 3 collection methods provide flexibility for the user, who may adapt and use any of the 3 methods for any given situation. Once all progressive data has been collected, it may either be viewed online straight from our secure database, or transmitted by email via the MIC application system itself.

Meter Image Capturing was introduced to the gaming market in February 2020. Soboba Casino in Southern California was the first user of the system, though MIC now has several users spread across the United States. Clearly the Covid-19 situation was detrimental to the industry as a whole, but we are now back on track completing installations.

MIC is a perfect solution to the age old progressive meter reading problem. With MIC operators are sure to realize a reduction in time/resources spent reading progressive meters, while simultaneously increasing the accuracy/validity of the data acquired. In our experience, casino management loves the system, but those who actually complete scans/receive the data LOVE the system. MIC has the ability to completely revamp the way operators collect their progressive meter readings, resulting in lower costs and improved efficiencies.

Meter Image Capturing Videos and Product Demos

Latest News

Meter Image Capturing Enters Washington State

Meter Image Capturing is excited to announce recent partnerships with Muckleshoot Casino Resort, as well as Swinomish Casino & Lodge in Washington State. Both of these locations have ditched the pen/paper, and are now collecting 100% of their progressive meters electronically. If you are looking to save time/resources on your daily progressive meter reads look no further than MIC!

Meter Image Capturing Expands Its Customer Base

Meter Image Capturing has added two more users!

MIC has recently completed agreements with both Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, California, as well as Swinomish Casino in Anacortes, Washington. These properties are ditching their pens/paper and will be scanning progressive meters soon, vastly improving their efficiencies both for their floor staff as well as their back-of-house teams!

Meter Image Capturing Completes Another Installation

Meter Image Capturing has expanded its customer base!

The Peppermill Resort & Casino, along with its sister property The Western Village in Reno, Nevada are the newest users of the Meter Image Capturing system. These properties have ditched the pen and paper and are now scanning progressive meters, vastly expediting the progressive meter reading process. The newest operators in Reno will join Soboba Casino Resort in San Jacinto California as well as Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder Louisiana as users of the MIC system.