Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Releases Revised Standard, “GLI-19 Standards for Interactive Gaming Systems V3.0”

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (July 20, 2020) – To further help the industry navigate the future of gaming, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) has released a revised standard, “GLI-19 Standards for Interactive Gaming Systems V3.0.”

The standard provides regulators, suppliers, and operators with additional clarity and best practices surrounding interactive gaming systems. GLI-19 V3.0 is available for download now at GLI-19 V3.0 accomplishes several goals, including:

Providing better clarity between technical requirements, which would be evaluated in the lab, and operational controls and procedures, which would be evaluated on-site post system install.

Aligning GLI-19 requirements with overlapping requirements contained in other technical standards. For example, alignment to game requirements within GLI-11 and reporting requirements within GLI-33 where possible.
Reflecting industry best practices and global standards while providing an appropriate level of prescription that is minimally disruptive to the industry.
Enhancing sections pertaining to operational controls and procedures, including periodic security testing to help regulators and operators create more efficient and alternative processes to monitor interactive gaming operations.

“Over the past several months, GLI has worked closely with various industry stakeholders including suppliers, operators, and regulators to ensure GLI-19 V3.0 represents the most highly developed set of technical requirements and practices available in the gaming industry. GLI-19 is especially important at this point in time with many jurisdictions across the globe looking to roll out Internet Gaming sooner than later,” said GLI Director of Technical Compliance Peter Wolff.

Multiple gaming regulators have already incorporated GLI-19 within their regulatory structure.

GLI is the only test lab that works with all global jurisdictions – existing and emerging – putting GLI in a unique position to help all stakeholders. The GLI-19 standard, and all standards in the GLI canon, are examples of how GLI can help in ways no other lab can.

Each standard in the GLI Standard Series is a culmination of industry best practices and is continually updated based on industry feedback. The GLI Standards are true industry standards in that they are created using a collaborative approach which involves thousands of gaming industry stakeholders.

These standards are intended to assist regulators by creating baseline technical guidelines which they can adopt and/or utilize in the manner they see fit. In addition to assisting regulators, the standards are of tremendous value to suppliers who use the standards as a guide in their design and development process, saving both time and expense.

GLI-19 and the entire set of the GLI Standards Series is available for free download at