Writing copy can seem a daunting task; something that many are unfamiliar with. Luckily, we have outlined four crucial tips to take into consideration to begin writing effective copy.

  1. First and foremost, your copy needs to be clear, concise, and never distracting from your overall message; make every word count. Developing a, ‘style’ of writing for your organization can be difficult and may present obstacles when trying to convey the tone and message to your readers. 

  2. When you begin writing, it is great to start from an outline or a list of a few main points you want to emphasize. Developing a structure before you get started ensures that you hit all of the key aspects to your topic and will assist with the fluidity and brevity of your message. It is also very important to ensure that you eliminate all unnecessary words and sentences. A great rule of thumb in order to avoid filler words is to write with more nouns and verbs, rather than adjectives and adverbs.

  3. As you write, ensure that your audience is aware of what you are talking about by using common language and spelling. It is important to note that copywriting is generally not the sort of writing where you show off your strong vocabulary with fancy words. Your writing should be conversational, natural, and to the point which will thereby help your audience understand your writing and your message. Always remember, an understated promise is much better than a screaming hype. Avoid busy sentences and stray away from overstating your topic and exaggerating your claims.  

  4. Once finished, try to rewrite some of your sentences to make them shorter. In some cases, it helps to take a short break between edits and revisions so that you come back with an open mind. It’s also generally a great idea to get another person to read through your draft to ensure that the topic is clear and concise. 

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