The Buzz Creative team partners with your marketing team to strategically advise and perfect your advertising agenda.  Within the confines of our red barn, our busy bees provide everything from branding, social media planning, animation and so much more.  Read on and understand a few buzzworthy secrets for successful advertising.


Step number one is to research your audience.  Once you have a general understanding of who your audience is, you can start to move forward and figure out the best ways to connect with them.  Great questions to start out with: “Who is your target market? How old are your customers? What is the gender mix?”


Next, discover where your target audience is searching or what they are reading. This is a great step when picking what platforms to place your advertisements. These platforms will articulate the type of creative you will need, so this step is essential in saving time down the road.


Now that you are in front of your target audience, you need to catch their eye with a well-designed advertisement. This is where the Busy Bees take flight and flutter their wings to perfection.  When looking into your design, we make sure the colors fit the brand and demographics of the audience.  Our number one goal is to always make sure the creative is legible, and customers understand the brand.


Perhaps, the most overlooked, yet important part of the advertising process.  We have the know-how and experience to evaluate and understand what creative and placement was most effective within your advertising strategy. By working closely with your team, we’ll evaluate data and make note of any shifts needed within your advertising plan.

By partnering with Buzz Creative, you can feel confident with your advertising. For any assistance, please feel free to give Lauren at Buzz Creative a call today at 563.258.7800.

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