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Casino marketing is our bread and butter.  With more than 10 years of casino agency experience under our belt, we are proud to say we understand the business.  We are a team of industry leaders in gaming, hospitality, destination and tourism advertising.  We understand the need for fast turn around and the importance of messaging for each project. You have direct contact with the designers and our leadership team when partnering with Buzz. Learn more about us HERE.

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Generate Your Buzz with Effective Direct Mail

In the midst of the digital age, the over saturation of internet marketing has only increased the success of traditional direct mail campaigns. We believe there are three particular factors that drive a successful direct mail campaign. 

1. Quality Creative: Quality creative is integral when it comes to direct mail. A thought-provoking, brain-stimulating image is essential to lengthening the time a potential guest will look at your mail piece, and boosts the likelihood of taking action on your campaign. In addition, it’s important to use colors wisely. For instance, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange evoke feelings of excitement and energy, while cool colors like blue, green, and violet induce feelings of calm. Therefore, you may consider vibrant, warm colors for casino campaigns opposed to tranquil, cool colors for spa getaways, wine tastings, restaurants, etc. 

2. Targeting: Analyzing your existing customers will allow you to expand your customer base and achieve a higher ROI. Understanding your demographics such as gender, age, income, leisure activities and more are crucial to perfecting your mail piece. Once your audience is known, use the proper medium to deliver your message and promotions. Postcards are very effective in many direct mail campaigns because it breaks down the barrier of opening the envelope, and delivers the message without the chance of it being deemed as, ‘junk mail’ and thrown to the wayside. On the other hand, sending a letter addressed to your VIP or top tier customers may also show exclusivity, which may promote your event or promotion well.

3. Measurable Call to Action: When all is said and done, a direct mail campaign cannot be effective and successful without a definitive call to action. It is more than likely that the reader is skimming through your mail piece, therefore it’s important to provide valuable information. In this message, ‘Ask and you shall receive,’ could not serve of any higher importance. For whatever purpose your direct mail campaign serves, a call-to-action is the final step to ensure a successful and effective direct mail campaign. 

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you.  The Buzz Creative Group can help your organization with strategic planning, creative production, digital placement and evaluation.

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Social Media Advertising… Simplified

From creating hashtags to developing an entire campaign, the world of social media can be quite confusing. As social media continues to redefine effective advertising strategy through its use of complex algorithms, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date and in the know.

 Although daunting at times, our blog aims to add simplicity to the world of social media and to your next big campaign. Below you’ll find six handy tips we use at Buzz when posting to social media.

Understand your strategy

First off, begin your planning by truly understanding your particular strategy and objective. It is important to map out your social media campaign’s primary objective before diving in head first. Understanding your objective will help you decide what platform or platforms to promote on, where you will spend your advertising dollars, and your overall prioritization of tasks.

Choose your platform

Once you have your goals established, carefully select which social media platform you will target. When analyzing and selecting your platform, keep your target demographic in mind and particularly where you will have the best chance of reaching this audience. A great way to know which platform may work best is by simply looking at your competitors and seeing what has or has not worked for them. In addition, it is important to know which platform(s) perform well organically for you, meaning that you currently have an existing audience that engages in your posts regularly. An organically driven social media platform will help save you advertising dollars and extend your reach.

Focus on format

Next, make sure your ad format fits the social media platform you plan on utilizing. If you are promoting videos or images, YouTube or Instagram will most likely be your best bet, while the Twitter sphere is primarily based upon text.

Know your audience

If you’re looking further into depicting your audience, start by finding the middle ground of your audience.  Targeting your audience can be difficult and may take A/B testing to see results, especially while trying to make sure you maintain your brand voice and identity.   In order to define the middle group of your audience, you must know your core customers’ demographics.  Knowing these key demographics will allow you to test audience behavior within that specific group of people.  This can be based off of their location, if they travel to your location, or whether they just have a general interest in your market.

Capitalize on creative content

What do your ads look like?  Don’t jeopardize your targeted platform and demographic selection with unattractive creative content.  When posting and promoting on social platforms, it is important to ensure that your posts or images are not two wordy and have simple images.  By keeping your words nice and clean, typically in the center of your image, is what we have found to perform the best.  

Blend paid and organic

Another topic to touch on is to ensure that you blend your organic posts with your paid posts.  If a customer is browsing through Instagram and clicks on one of your paid ads that pops up, it is important that your homepage has a strong level of brand maintenance and identity throughout your other posts. 

By following our guidelines for social media advertising, you can feel confident in the social media world. For any assistance, please feel free to contact us today!

The Development Of All-Star Copy

At the Buzz Creative Group, we bee-lieve in the importance of developing all-star copy.  Our goal is to ensure we create a clear, yet actionable message in each piece of content we design.  To support this process, we’ve implemented guidelines that help us provide the best copy service for our client partners. 

1: Understand your target, speak to them.
The first and most essential step in our copy development process is to thoroughly understand your target audience. Copy is most effective when a message is pinpointed toward a single person or group, as opposed to developing a message that is geared toward the masses.  When writing, consider who is likely to be your audience and speak to them. 

2: Be clear…and concise.
Your message must be clear, concise, and geared toward the action you want your readers to take. For example, you may request that your readers to sign up for a newsletter, visit your property, or contact you via telephone call. Start by writing a solid ending, and then cut out information that may sidetrack the reader from taking action.

3: Find the deeper value.
Write down all of the facts or benefits about the topic, then pick the most compelling topics.  You must create a value statement that pertains to the reader. Paint a picture that relates to them, answer the why, and clearly communicate how the product or service offered is valuable to your target.

4: Test away!
This is the fun part… At Buzz, we put our copy in front of several eyes internally to catch any necessary changes.  This keeps our hive strong and helps us present the best work to our partners.  It is crazy how small changes such as font styles, sizes, or titles can weigh so heavy on the success of advertising copy.  We also take pride in A/B testing; targeting different messages to the same targeted audience. We then evaluate by measuring the effectiveness of each piece of content.

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you and help with all of your creative and copy needs!

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Lasting Relationships Keep Us Buzzing

With over 30 years of experience under our belts, The Buzz Creative Group is a team of creative experts within the gaming and hospitality advertising industry. By nature, we are a business that focuses on developing, launching, and sustaining brands by both enriching organizational culture and building lasting partnerships.  

During our decades of experience in the creation, design, and management of some of the most notable casino brands, we’ve learned valuable rules and practices pertaining to effective advertising. Listed below are just some of the factors that makes Buzz Creative Group an industry leader and award-winning casino marketing firm.

Well-Rounded Partners

The Buzz Creative Group is a uniquely positioned agency due to our capacity to work alongside your casino’s in-house marketing team.  We help build powerful brand strategies, promotional concepts, and insightful messaging with impactful designs. 

Mach Speed

Being born and raised in the industry, we understand that casino deadlines can be tight and need flexibility to change with the market.  From the development of your core-mailer/entertainment guide to the design of your restaurant’s menu, we have done it all. In addition to our lightning fast creative turnaround, we have a team of Brand Watchdogs that oversee your messaging and ensure your brand remains consistent across each and every medium. 

Media Matters

Not only do we work with your marketing team to build responsive advertising, we also have the ability to partner with your media buying team to ensure all projects hit every deadline. Buzz Creative Group has both a motion graphics team and a voiceover specialist in order to create and perfect your TV and radio spots. Plus, we also have the ability to provide digital advertising services upon request.

Buzz Creative Group is your one-stop shop for all creative and advertising needs.  We would love to have the opportunity to partner with you and assist with any of your creative needs.

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The Sound of Success - Putting the Rock in Hard Rock

As planning and development for Hard Rock Sioux City was underway in 2013, community research and data indicated that a need for entertainment within the four state region was evident. We saw tremendous opportunity within all aspects of creative, however, we knew entertainment was truly at the core of the already internationally established Hard Rock brand.


From inception to opening; strategy, creativity, and branding were at the top of our playlist. It was our responsibility to amplify awareness and as venue brands were created we knew we had to light a fire within the Sioux City community and throughout the outer market.


Just one example of how entertainment was established to meet market needs is Battery Park, Sioux City’s spectacular outdoor concert venue. This venue was branded with the promise to expect a sweet summer vibe and a killer entertainment lineup, all season long. Named in homage to Sioux City’s beloved Battery Building, Battery Park features artful design, headliner entertainment and community events. Events at Battery Park are open to all ages.

TODAY: Through venue-centric campaigns the Hard Rock Sioux City brand continues to be cohesive and highly impactful through traditional and digital outlets.

Read more about the story here.



What We Know:

Historically, Atlantic City has been viewed in a negative light due to a past riddled with illegal gaming and political corruption. In recent times, the increase of casino market saturation and an overall decline in property revenue has led to further adversity.

In March of 2019, Buzz Creative Group was approached to pitch ‘agency of record’ to the newly acquired and renamed Ocean Casino Resort, located along the historic Atlantic City boardwalk. Our team had several apprehensions at first. Not only did Atlantic City’s gloomy reputation stand in our way, but different investor groups had attempted to operate within the same property multiple times, most publicly under the name Revel, which was unsuccessful.

Still, we saw tremendous potential in the future of Ocean, so when this unique opportunity presented itself, we went for it. We were familiar with the new leadership team, and believed in their operational and programming potential. We were equally impressed by the property itself. The casino and hotel structures are both stunning, the layout is enormous; 130,000 square feet, 13 restaurant venues, two entertainment venues, multiple swimming pools and 1,399 hotel rooms.

Our Goals:

Take a previously failed property and join forces with their marketing team to shift the tide and make it successful. After conducting market research, we determined our focus was to:

1. Shift Brand Awareness 
2. Re-secure the Core Guest Database


A change in the name! The essence and truth of all brands is to live up to their promise. By repositioning the word CASINO before RESORT it served as a promise to show the public, and guests that Ocean Casino Resort is committed to keeping the casino player at the forefront.

To capitalize on this promise, we focused on developing the following creative campaigns:

BRAND VOICE: Reimagining and rewriting their Brand Story, Personality, Pillars.

BRAND CAMPAIGN: Launching a “NEW WAVE” brand campaign. There was a ‘New Wave of…’ Excitement, Gaming, Entertainment and Offers that was advertised on traditional and digital media.

DIGITAL PAID ADVERTISING: Simultaneously, as the new brand was being introduced, digital advertising strategies were being launched to capitalize on mass awareness.


The biggest marketing and advertising hurdle was the loss of trust the guests had in the property. Because of Revel, Ocean needed to reestablish their credibility; to communicate the doors are open, lights are on and their offers and points will be reinstated.

Initiatives included:

DATABASE OFFER DRIVERS: Establish a new core mailer layout that showcased more gifts and highlighted personalized offers.

“ALL-NEW WOW” PLAYERS REWARD PROGRAM: Targeting the casino guest core customer, the all-new wow program paired Ocean’s new branding along with national luxury brand partnerships to drive guests to sign-up and earn cruises, vacations, trips and vehicles.

PERSONALIZED DIRECT MAIL: Each piece of direct mail includes personalized variable so the guests knows their offers, and date range to redeem. This allows the property to strategically drive guests visits.

In just twelve months, Ocean Casino Resort became among the fastest growing casinos in the nation. The property posted record profits and net revenues with over 25% growth. Hear more from the Chief Marketing Officer, SVP.

Every rebrand story is different and we would love to assist you with revitalizing your brand presence. Contact us today!


As the popularity of social media continues to increase, so does the importance of User Generated Content [UGC]. UGC is content that portrays genuine, personal experiences and can’t be recreated by a brand alone. Read on for tricks the Buzz team uses to capitalize UGC to promote beneficial content. 

Power of the Hashtag

Hashtags encourage consumers to create and include your organization in valuable content.  Including your hashtag on other media forms is easy and will promote further social interaction. They also help categorize and are an easy, organic form of digital marketing.  

Incent your Content

Incentives add value to content and are a valuable way to encourage people to incorporate your hashtag and create valuable content. You’ll be surprised at the response rate when offers like free samples, gifts, discounts, etc. are paired with your post. Consumers are crazy for incentives.

UGC Showcase

Be sure to include User Generated photos on all digital media, social, website, billboards, mailers, etc. Doing so provides your audience a genuine connection to real people who love your property. It’s also a fun way to celebrate your favorite clientele.

Simply put, UGC is a powerful source for marketing teams if promoted properly. It also offers a creative, cost-effective way to enhance your social media, website, while optimizing your SEO and SEM.  

The Buzz Creative Group is here to help with your social media and any other advertising needs. Please feel free to reach out to us today here



Writing copy can seem a daunting task; something that many are unfamiliar with. Luckily, we have outlined four crucial tips to take into consideration to begin writing effective copy.

  1. First and foremost, your copy needs to be clear, concise, and never distracting from your overall message; make every word count. Developing a, ‘style’ of writing for your organization can be difficult and may present obstacles when trying to convey the tone and message to your readers. 

  2. When you begin writing, it is great to start from an outline or a list of a few main points you want to emphasize. Developing a structure before you get started ensures that you hit all of the key aspects to your topic and will assist with the fluidity and brevity of your message. It is also very important to ensure that you eliminate all unnecessary words and sentences. A great rule of thumb in order to avoid filler words is to write with more nouns and verbs, rather than adjectives and adverbs.

  3. As you write, ensure that your audience is aware of what you are talking about by using common language and spelling. It is important to note that copywriting is generally not the sort of writing where you show off your strong vocabulary with fancy words. Your writing should be conversational, natural, and to the point which will thereby help your audience understand your writing and your message. Always remember, an understated promise is much better than a screaming hype. Avoid busy sentences and stray away from overstating your topic and exaggerating your claims.  

  4. Once finished, try to rewrite some of your sentences to make them shorter. In some cases, it helps to take a short break between edits and revisions so that you come back with an open mind. It’s also generally a great idea to get another person to read through your draft to ensure that the topic is clear and concise. 

The Buzz team is more than happy to help with any of your copywriting needs. Reach out today!



Outdoor advertising is considered one of the most important advertising platforms to perfect. Potential guests are predominately untargeted as they bypass because they are unable to click, sign up, or opt-in. Therefore, it’s crucial to capture the attention of possible clientele and generate content that will remain in their minds even after they drive past an outdoor sign. 

The Buzz Creative Group has developed various guidelines in order to create both eye-catching and thought-provoking outdoor: 

Buzzworthy Guidelines: 

Five words or less:
 A person is typically on the move when they see a billboard, there is a limited amount of time to catch the attention of potential guests. In general, the average timeframe people view a billboard is five to six seconds. In this case, less is more. Provide a compressed message to ensure the legibility of your billboard.  

Secondary medium: Consider outdoor advertising a secondary advertising medium. It’s a great platform to use for brand building, but not as a stand-alone advertising source. Phone numbers and website URLs are generally ineffective on outdoor due to the brief amount of time mentioned in guideline #1. For more detailed conversations with your customers, turn to mediums such as print, TV, radio, and your property website.

Test the look: This can be a fun practice in the office!  Before sending your billboards for proof, there are two ways to test what your billboards will look like for those driving by: 

#1: Shrink the size of your creative to the approximate dimensions of a business card, print it, and hold it at arms-length. This will give you an idea of what potential customers will see while driving by your sign. 

#2: Print the outdoor creative on a full-size sheet of paper, tape it to a wall, then step approximately 30 feet back from the sign. Continue to move around the room and ensure that your billboard is legible and portrayed as you want it. 

These guidelines are simply a few steps that we take to polish our outdoor creative. If you need assistance in generating creative and effective signage, please to us. Our Hive is buzzing with ideas to guide you in the right direction!

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you.

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The Buzz Creative team partners with your marketing team to strategically advise and perfect your advertising agenda.  Within the confines of our red barn, our busy bees provide everything from branding, social media planning, animation and so much more.  Read on and understand a few buzzworthy secrets for successful advertising.


Step number one is to research your audience.  Once you have a general understanding of who your audience is, you can start to move forward and figure out the best ways to connect with them.  Great questions to start out with: “Who is your target market? How old are your customers? What is the gender mix?”


Next, discover where your target audience is searching or what they are reading. This is a great step when picking what platforms to place your advertisements. These platforms will articulate the type of creative you will need, so this step is essential in saving time down the road.


Now that you are in front of your target audience, you need to catch their eye with a well-designed advertisement. This is where the Busy Bees take flight and flutter their wings to perfection.  When looking into your design, we make sure the colors fit the brand and demographics of the audience.  Our number one goal is to always make sure the creative is legible, and customers understand the brand.


Perhaps, the most overlooked, yet important part of the advertising process.  We have the know-how and experience to evaluate and understand what creative and placement was most effective within your advertising strategy. By working closely with your team, we’ll evaluate data and make note of any shifts needed within your advertising plan.

By partnering with Buzz Creative, you can feel confident with your advertising. For any assistance, please feel free to give Lauren at Buzz Creative a call today at 563.258.7800.

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A digital media buy is the process of purchasing advertising space online amongst the numerous platforms that customers utilize.  Digital advertising has become significantly more important in the acquisition of new customers and remaining “current” in the online world. With the internet becoming more complex, it is increasingly important to have more than a website or a few digital ads. Now is the time to put your digital media plan into action. In the text below, we have uncovered a few reasons why digital media planning is so essential to have in your budget. 

One of the most beneficial factors of a digital media buy is you are able precisely target your specific audience. Opposed to previous advertising mediums, you are also able to make predictions as to who will see your ads. This allows you as a marketing team to hyper-personalize deals in order to fit your particular target audience. This factor will also help in your efforts to track your customers’ behaviors as well.

Your digital buy will track the exact number of views, clicks, and page visits for each particular campaign, as well as your audience demographic. The metrics include what makes your audience take action, what their spending habits look like, and the friends or types of people they may have shared the post.

From a budgeting standpoint, you will know the exact costs of the advertisement and the duration you would like it to run. If the ad is running successfully and you are achieving your target results. You also have the ability to add more money on the precise dates you wish the ad to run. Digital advertising allows for marketing teams to adjust their marketing plans at any point, thereby reducing wasted ad dollars that were part of ineffective campaigns. 

Among the many advantages that come with digital marketing, digital ads align with the way people shop online and allows for a quick and effective call to action. Today’s internet user is custom to pulling the trigger quickly on their wants while scrolling online. This is why it is essential to have your page well optimized as users typically do not scroll past the first five links on a website. 

The Buzz team is more than happy to help with any of your digital buying or advertising needs.

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The Buzz Creative Group has mastered the art of Casino Advertising.  With new media platforms flourishing as quickly as the sunflowers that line our driveway, our busy hive has many minds at work combining the right amount of creativity and consistency to get the honey flowing.  We like to say that we have developed the perfect blueprint to a successful advertising plan.

Brand Builders
At Buzz, we strategize, formulate, and help execute a strategic brand procedure to best suit your casino property and clientele.  From Crawfish Boils to Car Giveaways, we’ve created it all.  We consider ourselves specialists when it comes to strategic branding and promo initiatives.
Dynamic Skills
Our hive is small; but we are mighty.  We take pride in offering many areas of expertise such as brand evaluation, target market studies, competitive analysis, strategic direction, internal/external brand execution and the list goes on!  We work alongside your marketing team to build insightful advertising because we understand that you know your business best.
Our Partnership Philosophy

Purposeful advertising is simple when you have the right tools and the right colony working for you. We believe it’s essential to build meaningful relationship with our client partners.  Without you, we are just a creative bunch in a barn!  Let us showcase our skills and we will guide you in the right direction to a successful advertising plan.  The best way to put it, we work better together.

We’d love the opportunity partner with you.