Everi to Showcase “Digital Neighborhood” Connecting Guest Loyalty, Cash Access Experiences, and Casino Solutions Made Possible by Industry-Leading Financial Technology Portfolio at 2019 Global Gaming Expo

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everi Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EVRI) (“Everi” or the “Company”), the casino gaming industry’s only single source provider of gaming products, financial technology, and loyalty solutions, will demonstrate its most comprehensive portfolio ever at the 19th annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E®), to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center (Booth #1150) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 15-17. The Company’s “Digital Neighborhood” of financial technology solutions is designed to seamlessly connect through Everi’s expansive and secure network and serves to optimize visibility, functionality, and usability for casino operators worldwide. Everi’s financial technology solutions on display at G2E 2019 bring commonality and continuity to operator workflows by bringing customer-centric features to loyalty, payments, and cage and cash operations, which ultimately serve to enhance the player experience.

“Everi’s commitment to innovation will be on full display at G2E 2019 as we demonstrate how our new player loyalty technology integrates seamlessly with our financial technology solutions to further elevate the player experience and provide higher efficiencies for operators,” said Michael Rumbolz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Everi. “Our unmatched suite of financial technology products and services are designed from the ground up to help operators operate more efficiently and maximize funds to their floors, while providing a new gateway for player engagement by tying critical player loyalty programs to back of house operations. With the addition and integration of our loyalty offerings, our solutions set is more powerful than ever and we are excited to demonstrate to operators how we can drive meaningful change across the operator’s business both in the back of the house and on the casino floor.”

Darren Simmons, Executive Vice President and FinTech Business Leader of Everi, added, “We are again changing the game through the addition of a robust marketing platform to our already comprehensive set of financial technology product offerings. Everi’s loyalty platform creates a central hub for all of our product touch points – including games, financial technology solutions, and interactive – and is a critical new way we can better serve operators and their guests alike. This ‘digital neighborhood’ of solutions optimizes the security, functionality, and efficiency of operators’ business operations. This approach also enables them to coordinate all their guest interactions across the full life cycle of each casino visit – from the time they enter the property, sign-up for a loyalty program, and access funding through their game play and cash out interactions – resulting in a seamless, exceptional player experience.”

Financial technology product demonstrations at G2E 2019 will include:

Loyalty Solutions
Everi’s loyalty solutions, debuting for the first time at G2E 2019, represent a critical bridge between the Company’s operator-centric financial technology solutions and its player-centric games solutions. The loyalty products on display, enrollment and promotional kiosks, are powered by an ever-evolving loyalty control panel. These kiosks are designed to engage new and returning players, creating an experience that is both easy and exciting while also enticing players to join the operator’s loyalty program and have even more fun on the gaming floor.

The first stop for player engagement on the casino floor is the enrollment kiosk, a self-service solution that replaces the player loyalty enrollment desk with a self-service kiosk. The enrollment kiosk drives new player loyalty enrollments, prints new and replacement player loyalty cards, and interfaces with the new loyalty app, enabling players to sign up for other Everi products such as the CashClub Wallet®. Players can also update their contact details and other information, all without the need to visit a club desk. Just as important, the enrollment kiosk prints permanent player cards, thus removing a time-consuming step from the operator’s workflow. Up to four player loyalty tiers can be printed by one kiosk, making this an efficient solution that frees up casino floor space for more games or other revenue-generating uses.

The promotional kiosk is the new place for guests to engage with the property’s player loyalty program, unifying all loyalty program guest service functions into a simple, self-service solution. The promotional kiosk offers account lookups and comp redemptions and delivers casino maps and interactive property information, while also highlighting the best entertainment on property with a custom event calendar. Players can also participate in entertaining promotional games, virtual drawings, offers, and more at the promotional kiosk. The kiosk’s control panel makes using the promotional platform intuitive for operators and guests alike. The top screen can be used to turn an idle kiosk into a real-time billboard for the latest property events and features.

Bringing the player loyalty program to guests’ mobile phones can be accomplished through the loyalty app, a uniquely designed mobile application that allows operators to interact and engage with guests regardless of their location. The loyalty app enables the delivery of promotions and offers directly to guests’ mobile devices, allows patrons to view and activate drawings and other promotions, and receive location-based rewards when they are at the casino. The loyalty app also allows guests to view their account information, including their tier status and point levels, at any time. The loyalty app supports other Everi products such as CashClub Wallet.

Payment Solutions
Led by CashClub®, Everi’s leading payments software platform, the Company’s payments solutions are designed to maximize funds to the floor, optimize how players access their funds, and enable operators to monitor and control player activity with an eye toward responsible gaming. CashClub Wallet is an interactive digital wallet that consolidates payment options for players when integrated with CashClub and the Company’s full-service kiosks. CashClub Wallet allows players to store multiple payment methods, easily move funds in and out of the casino, and manage their spend limits, all aimed at supporting responsible gaming. CashClub Wallet also creates consistency across payment types through a convenient and efficient patron interface. CashClub Wallet may be accessed via a player card or mobile app (either stand alone, integrated in the loyalty app, or via a third party). CashClub Wallet can easily move funds both onto and back out of electronic gaming machines on the casino floor if allowed by the casino’s regulatory system.

CashClub Concierge is a personalized cash access cage service for VIPs as well as table games and high-limit room players that integrates mobile tablets and mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices through CashClub. The service eliminates the need for a player to move away from gaming to access additional funds as the product brings the cage to the player. Once enrolled in CashClub, players only need to visit the cage once for transactions to be authorized, retrieved, and completed on the floor.

The Company’s CXC 5.0 and CXC 5.0 L full-service kiosks provide the player interface between CashClub and in-casino funds, offering enhanced security features including self-frosting glass and a real-time rear-view camera as well as plentiful branding and marketing space. Designed for smaller volume properties, the CXC 5.0 L provides similar services as the CXC 5.0, but with a smaller footprint and at a lower price point. Joining CXC 5.0 and CXC 5.0 L is VersatileXchange™ (VXC), a space- and cost-efficient kiosk that is optimized with non-cash transaction features like QuikTicket™. All three kiosks feature QuikTicket, CashClub Wallet, ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO), and the Everi Cares™ Giving Module, the only cashless donation opportunity available in the gaming space.

In today’s information security environment, operators need to know their cash dispensing touch points are protected from inside and outside threats. Everi’s Security Suite leverages Diebold Nixdorf’s fully compliant and certified Vynamic® Security Suite to deliver a layered software security approach that protects against threats from across the logical attack landscape. The suite offers intrusion protection from software threats such as viruses and malware, hardens the kiosk operating system, and encrypts device disks. Security Suite also provides full access protection by reducing available pathways for unauthorized outside access.

Casino Solutions
Everi powers operator cash and compliance operations through its comprehensive suite of casino solutions designed to optimize transactions, reduce cash exposure, and improve the guest experience, while providing the tools operators need to comply with growing regulatory demands. The Everi Compliance® AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solution is the gold standard for AML compliance across the industry as it provides real-time tracking for all transactions on the casino floor and integrates with all major casino management systems. The system also completes, files, and archives forms required to comply with federal money laundering requirements.

Everi’s CentralCredit™ is the industry-leading repository for casino-related credit information and reporting to determine a guests’ creditworthiness. The solution enables operators to quickly and efficiently make informed, proactive decisions for extending casino credit to guests – as the platform provides real-time and seamless access to the industry’s largest gaming credit bureau. CentralCredit has been proven to help operators grow market share and increase patron loyalty while increasing operational efficiencies.

RCS-Active™ and RCS-700™ are powerful cash recyclers designed to automate casino vault and cage operations by enabling rapid processing of notes and coins. Operators deploying RCS-Active™ and RCS-700™ save time in their efforts to count cash moving in and out of the vault, optimize cash on hand to minimize cash buys, and increase the accuracy and accountability of their cashiers and retail operators. These cash management solutions have among the highest capacity and speed on the market and feature Cash Complete Connect™, the industry’s most powerful back of house cash management software solution.

Everi’s CageXchange™ cash dispenser improves accuracy, reduces cash shrinkages/overages, and improves overall casino staff productivity. Wait times are significantly shortened by reducing tedious manual cash counting, allowing staff to focus more time on guest service and other cage operations. CageXchange helps improve cage accuracy and stores cash securely, providing additional protection of funds while reducing counting and balancing times.

Jackpot Xpress® is an award-winning, intuitive jackpot and tax forms management solution that enables floor staff to securely and efficiently process jackpots using a mobile device (Jackpot Xpress Mobile) right at the player’s gaming machine or at the JackpotXchange® kiosk. Jackpot Xpress is the only jackpot management system that combines mobile productivity, secure kiosk payment, tax forms management, and AML tracking into a single solution. The technology reduces or eliminates paper, reduces both cage lines and player wait times, improves casino staff efficiency, and allows the player more time on device.

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