LAS VEGAS, May 29, 2019

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems, LLC, has submitted the first of its “super shufflers” to Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).  GLI will be testing Shark Trap’s Novelty-Game Shuffler, which is essentially identical to Shark Trap’s Poker Shuffler and 1-2 Deck Blackjack Shuffler other than a few minor design/operational features.

GLI’s primary objective will be to evaluate the ST shuffler for randomness.  We’re confident that the shufflers will pass GLI’s entire suite of tests because the ST shufflers are the first casino shufflers to incorporate 'true random number technology' (TRNG) instead of the industry standard, 'pseudo random number technology' (PRNG).  The advantage of a TRNG is that each seed for each random number is generated by physical phenomenon (hardware), resulting in true randomness.  The seeds for PRNGs are arithmetic-generated via software and are therefore deterministic. 

We will announce the results as soon as GLI completes the certification process.  

We are also busy completing the early design work for Shark Trap’s Round-to-Round Multi-deck Shuffler and its ground-breaking Baccarat and Punto Banco Security Platform, which offers unequaled game protection while eliminating the need for preshuffled cards!

More announcements are forthcoming as we continue our quest to offer Shark Trap’s line of “super shufflers” to an eagerly-awaiting industry.

Thanks for your patience . . . in terms of productivity, card costs, game protection, and innovation, I promise the wait will be worth it!

Lou DeGregorio