Happy Charm Tokyo Daruma™ , Happy Charm Tokyo Kitty™ - Class III

Japan’s favorite lucky characters are here to bring a Wild fun time! Happy Charm Tokyo Daruma™ and Happy Charm Tokyo Kitty™ are both 5 reel games available on the Muso Triple-27™ cabinet. Both titles offer 20, 30, or 40 line options. Three or more bonus symbols appearing on the reels will trigger the Free Games Feature. During any game, if a glowing ring appears on reel 5, a Wild Feature will be triggered. Also able to be triggered randomly, the Wild Feature adds between 4 and 15 wild symbols to the reels. After the Wild Feature is complete, a special set of reels will spin and may add a Jackpot Chance symbol to the reels. A Prize Wheel containing Jackpot awards will spin for every Jackpot Chance symbol that lands.

Happy Charm Tokyo Daruma™ and Happy Charm Tokyo Kitty™ both feature highly animated, engaging characters who represent luck. These characters interact with the reels during the Wild Feature, shooting out wilds and becoming excited. Look for these titles and find a Happy Charm!