Historical Horse Racing Examined

January 8, 2019

The phenomenon known as historical horse racing is proliferating in the United States, with the slot-like machines operating in Wyoming, Kentucky and soon Virginia, while proposed in others including Illinois.

Fantini Research outlines this subject in Historical Horse Racing, Examining the Potential of an Emerging Sector of the Gaming Industry, a special report.

This report by Public Policy Editor Laura Briggs describes the games, also called instant racing, and addresses the questions of how the games perform compared to conventional slot machines, where they are already legal and likely to become legal and whether the games are a stop-gap in markets without casinos or an important part of the future of the gaming and horse racing industries.

The $500 report can be purchased by contacting Alex Capitle at 302-730-3793 or ACapitle@FantiniResearch.com.

Additional information about historical horse racing is available from Laura Briggs at LBriggs@FantiniResearch.com.

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